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do your boobs pass the "pencil test"?

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ThatVikRinA22 Thu 10-Oct-13 01:47:18

there is a no bra wearing day coming up for breast cancer at work that day and would have someones eye out if id didnt wear a bra!

i never understood the pencil test thing. i thought id failed because i couldnt hold a pencil - but it seems that i got it the wrong way around.
im a 34 D. it just so happens that mine point forward instead of down - so pencil test is a no no for me - i cant hold them.

is this a good thing? my boobs apparently still point forwards instead of going narly 42 so am sort of counting this as a good thing! im about to have surgery on my stomach so i am guessing i will lose some weight and my boobs are always the first to go....

ExasperatedSigh Thu 10-Oct-13 02:12:16

It is a good thing. I could hold a fountain pen and mechanical pencil set under mine. In a presentation box.

No bra day sounds like a bit of a gift to perverts though hmm

ilikeFISH Thu 10-Oct-13 02:28:14

Exasperated I'm with you on both points!

Op congratulations it is indeed a good thing.

froubylou Thu 10-Oct-13 02:41:14

Could get a crayola caddy under mine. Hth!

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 10-Oct-13 03:03:42

One doesn't grin

Lifeisontheup Thu 10-Oct-13 05:55:06

I can but am not huge 34B. I'm 48 with three DC's all of whom I breastfed for a minimum of 9 months.

changeforthebetter Thu 10-Oct-13 05:59:53

no bra day shock shock shock shock shock shock

I could fit my pc under mine.

I will not be participating in Norks Akimbo Day! grin

Oblomov Thu 10-Oct-13 06:03:32

Not headed south? How have you managed that? Mine have passed Lands End, I think!!

RobinSparkles Thu 10-Oct-13 06:10:12

Pfft! No!

Not even when I was 14 sad. I tried. Although, on the bright side, they've stayed exactly the same since then.

But no bra day? No chance, not even for charity.

tumbletumble Thu 10-Oct-13 06:21:58

Mine are 36E. I challenge you to find a woman with size E boobs and 3 breastfed DC who passes the pencil test. I think mine are relatively perky but they could still hold several pencils!

However I see the OP is a D, so not exactly small-breasted herself. Impressed!

cupcake78 Thu 10-Oct-13 06:24:56

38 E, you must be joking grin

PuddingAndHotMilk Thu 10-Oct-13 06:28:58

No bra day?! What fresh hell is that?! Thought up by pervs somewhere... As a 32FF I can hold WHSmiths whole stationery display and would NOT be going braless for any purpose! I am proud of my Niels but they need to be tethered in public!!

Also, doesn't going braless add to the pencil holding 'problem' confused

PuddingAndHotMilk Thu 10-Oct-13 06:29:34


JollyScaryGiant Thu 10-Oct-13 06:35:24

The no bra day is a facebook invention. It's not supported by any cancer charities.

Just checked and I can hold my kindle under mine. In its case.

JollyScaryGiant Thu 10-Oct-13 06:35:46

I'm in my 20s too.

Bunbaker Thu 10-Oct-13 06:40:27

I am 54, BF DD for 6 months and would pass the pencil test with flying colours. But that is because I am a 32B and would look like a boy without a bra sad

coffeewineandchocolate Thu 10-Oct-13 06:42:20

32gg not a chance. I could lose ds in them! I shall be doing my bit for society and keeping mine on!

jasminerose Thu 10-Oct-13 06:46:28

Im same as you. Im a 30dd and mine just go out not down.

AwkwardSquad Thu 10-Oct-13 06:47:22

Just spent an idle few moments tucking random items under my boobs to test their storage qualities... So far, pencil, paintbrush, specs case and packet of Night Nurse (not all at the same time), but not the iPad.

'Go bra-less' day? Stroll on.

Pachacuti Thu 10-Oct-13 06:49:15

I don't think mine have ever passed the pencil test since I acquired them several decades ago.

And there isn't a no bra wearing day coming up "for breast cancer awareness" any more than posting cryptic nudge-nudge-wink-wink statuses on Facebook does anything for breast cancer awareness [curmudgeon].

marriedinwhiteisback Thu 10-Oct-13 06:50:54

I could 25 years ago! I most certainly can't now. My 36DD's would be most put out wink.

Ihatemytoes Thu 10-Oct-13 06:54:44

32DD, 46 years old, 2 BF DC, and yes they pass. But 32dd isn't that big.

SundaySimmons Thu 10-Oct-13 07:28:26

I have similar boobs to you op, I am a 34c and my boobs are round shape with no droop and I am in my very late forties.

I know breastfeeding for some makes larger boobs less full over time but I was lucky as I was a 32a before having children and I breastfed my son for a year then my daughter for two and a half years, went up a dress size to a size 10 which is better as I was skinny before and my boobs have retained their fullness.

I often used to not wear a bra and only wear one now because at my age it's not appropriate to see the outline of a nipple under clothing, but I wonder if not wearing a bra has strengthened muscle in keeping them upright!

Genetics play a big part and my mother has similar, high, round bibs and her mother was Malaysian and very, very petite and had the figure of a young girl all her life.

TallulahBetty Thu 10-Oct-13 07:30:49

No way envy 34F/G here and fail miserably.

MrsMaryCooper Thu 10-Oct-13 07:30:59


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