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Do those all day sunscreens like P20 work?

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Fluffycloudland77 Sun 27-May-12 09:41:59

DH is burnt but is being all blokey about not wearing sunscreen.

I have literally had to chase him with factor 50.


boredandrestless Sun 27-May-12 17:22:33

I've put the P20 on DS today and yesterday and it dried/soaked in really quickly CmradeJing, give it another go!

That's interesting bishboschone - don't know if I dare risk it abroad on my fair skinned DS but very tempting as practically all other sunscreens really bother his skin.

smokinaces Sun 27-May-12 17:27:28

We use Piz buin once a day factor 30. Bloody fantastic. It works. No red bits, one application. Great stuff.

turkeyboots Sun 27-May-12 17:34:09

Pale red head here. My mother used to plaster me in P20 and it worked everywhere from N.E Ireland to Turkey in August.

I use ultrasun or Boots Soltan Once on me and DCs. Can't abide the smell and stickiness of P20 now!

Fuchzia Sun 27-May-12 17:36:28

I used p20 once never again. All my clothes went orang and I missed doing my cleavage which got horribly burnt. As I understand it P20 only stops the UVB rays not the UVA so doesn't protect you at all from the ageing etc risks of being in the sun. It does give a nice tan but I think it gives you a false sense of safety in the sun.

MistyRocks Sun 27-May-12 17:36:34

i use piz buin once factor 30

takes about 10 mins to dry and feels greasy while its drying but once its dried its great

Northumberlandlass Sun 27-May-12 17:52:23

I'm not keen on P20. It really smells & it stains as mentioned before.
We use Ultrasun as a family. Its a much thicker consistency which, for some reason I find more reassuring!
DS and I wear factor 50 & DH factor 20. Used in Greece in August last year & none of is got burnt..i didn't even get prickly heat!!

bishboschone Sun 27-May-12 17:53:28

I am blonde and very fair . As a teenager I always burnt even using factor 50. With p20 I have never burnt . Yes it allows in some stuff and you tan ( which is nice after years of burning and peeling , ouch!!) but that is better than burning surely?

CMOTDibbler Sun 27-May-12 18:12:45

I use Soltan once on ds and me. Works great

janmoomoo Mon 28-May-12 22:03:10

They have reformulated the P20 so it doesnt stain clothes now. Its also not so oily as it used to be and goes on nicely and dries quickly. You can go in the sun ten mins after putting it on.

I used to use it and found it brilliant. DH swears by it, but it doesnt seem to be high enough SPF for me now so I think I will try one of the other ones this year. You need to put a bit of effort into the application in the morning to make sure you have covered all your bits and use plenty of it too.

rookiemater Mon 28-May-12 22:34:42

I swear by P20 - swore at it this weekend as managed to get some on my new not yet worn top and am praying that the washing machine has got it off but it was a couple of years old so it may be the new application.

Anyway I put it on in the morning, but will also put on factor 50 during the day on shoulders and bits that are likely to burn. I find the P20 great because you know you have a base cover but of course if you sit out in the sun for the entire day with no other protection you will still burn.

PeggyCarter Mon 28-May-12 22:39:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

maximum4 Mon 28-May-12 22:47:39

Have used P20 for 10 + years on all 4 of my children. They have never burn't and although it is quite expensive I would say it is good value. My children are not keen on it but know the drill. In the UK, I rarely use suncream (screams of horror I hear!) if we are on the beach all day and it is scorching then I do, but the odd hour here and there - I prefer that they build up a natural tan. My children are all fair and blue eyed, 2 of them tan readily, 2 of them take ages to get any kind of colour! I use UV tops when not using suncream and when I think they have enough sun. When we are abroad, I cover them top to toe in P20, they have to wait until it has dried (10-15mins) and then they put on their swimsuits/trunks. I only ever apply it once before we leave hotel room in the morning! I am allergic to all creams including P20 so I allow my self to tan slowly building up a tan and covering up when I am starting to burn or going in the shade. Unfortunately my DD is going the same way and reacted the first time ever to the P20 on our holiday last month. She had really bad eczema as a baby and was always fine when I used P20. The only thing they ever complain about is that it stings if you have a cut or a sore. Also you need to avoid the eye area as very uncomfortable to the eyes!

maximum4 Mon 28-May-12 22:54:55

Just read all the posts - I didn't realise that they had changed the formulation - perhaps that is why DD reacted to it for the first time ever!

3rdnparty Tue 29-May-12 09:48:23

boots soltan once 8hr is spf30 ok for UK ds slathered this weekend and was fine - didn't irritate his skin either as others often do... highly recommend..

bacon Wed 17-Jul-13 12:05:37

I've been using P20 SPF30 over the last week with the family and its fab what I love is the fact you can spray it on on it glides on the skin easily, dries instantly and no residue. I do this in the morning and feel so confident of coverage. However I would use a SPF50 after 5hrs if in constant sun.

I would still get a t-shirt on the children after long hours in the sun.

Great stuff. Great on my sensitive skin too.

fififolle Wed 17-Jul-13 12:48:16

My 35 year old non sun worshiper husband has just had a malignant melanoma taken off his neck.
Wear high factor sun protection, it's a no brainier.

BadRoly Wed 17-Jul-13 13:02:31

I use the Piz Buin once spf30 instead of moisturiser on my face and cleavagey bit all summer. It seems to work as I haven't burnt since I started using it 3 years ago.

The children are happy to wear it too as it smells ok and rubs in well. I tend to put it on them thickly in the morning/before going out then top up with regular Boots sun cream (currently SPF50 as that's what I have left).

We spent all if Sunday on the beach (11am-6pm) and none of us went even a little pink. They do wear UV rash vests though.

I did have the P20 last year. Dh and I loved it but the dc hated it so I haven't used it so far this year.

bulby Wed 17-Jul-13 13:08:21

Boots/ soltan once is ace. Comes in in loads of factors up to 50+ and is a dam site cheaper than branded. Just be aware that the 'invisible' ones stain white clothes although I suspect that's the same with all lotions.

Quodlibet Wed 17-Jul-13 13:15:09

I used P20 last year on a job where I was working outdoors all day in 35 degree Med heat. Great stuff - didn't burn once and I only used half a bottle in a week so it lasts ages.

DO NOT GET IT IN YOUR EYES though - I did and it stung like fuck for about 6 hrs. Wash hands after applying so you don't rub sweat off your brow with p20ed hands.

Cheddars Wed 17-Jul-13 13:21:26

I've been using this one. It seems to be doing the job on my dc's and is a higher factor than the P20 one.

Furball Wed 17-Jul-13 13:28:24

I usually have Piz Buin all day. But have recent bought and prefer (it goes on sooooo easy,) the one in cheddars link - calypso and will buy/use it from now on

MrsJohnHarrison Wed 17-Jul-13 13:31:14

Um not wanting to be a spoilsport, but you know a tan is already damaged skin?
As in the skin is trying to protect itself?
Tans look nice, but aren't too much better for your skin than sunburn.
That said, my DD tans through SPF50 sunscreen and I've no idea why. DS wears the same stuff and doesn't. He's typical pale freckly skin and reddish hair, she's blonde and has a slightly darker skin tone anyway.

Lottapianos Wed 17-Jul-13 13:35:55

I use La Roche Posay Anthelios factor 50+ or Bioderma 50+ on face and neck and both seem to last all day. Have never had a hint of pinkness when I've used them, and I have fair rosy skin which burns easily.

ILikeToClean Wed 17-Jul-13 14:31:49

I have always used P20 for all of us, here and abroad, it's great for hot school days as I just apply to DDs before they go and I know they're protected all day. However, this year I bought the Tesco's equivalent, called Calypso, half the price and nobody has burnt even in this heat wave! I would probably buy this from now on, think it comes in different factors too.

boots soltan once 8hr is spf30 ok for UK ds slathered this weekend and was fine - didn't irritate his skin either as others often do... highly recommend.. I too use this and its great, spray on first thing, forget about it smile worked on hols in Brazil. I have also used piz buin all day that comes in factor 50 too. since I discovered it years ago none of us has ever been burnt except DH who missed a bit sad DS2 uses the Boots one as its not as 'gloopy' <proper scientific word> as the other and he outs it on before college when he is planning to go out in the sun, he is out by the lido today swimming and chilling and it worked last time, I did tell him to spary on some of the ordinary stuff after swimming but don't know if he has. I just love the fact that I don't have to spend the day trying to remember what time I last applied and repeating it all day.

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