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SW London girls independent/grammars 2020 PART 2

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ColaPip Mon 02-Mar-20 10:47:41

I'm not sure Autumn is around during the day, so starting a new thread to maintain our lifeline smile

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givemesomewineplease Mon 02-Mar-20 10:58:37

Brilliant @ColaPip - I need this lifeline right now smile

abc79 Mon 02-Mar-20 15:08:25

Great news @ColaPip! Eagerly waiting PHS WL movement so need all the support we can get!!

Autumnnightsaredrawingin Mon 02-Mar-20 17:50:47

Thanks for starting the thread @ColaPip!

So offers day from state and grammars today- has this affected anyone’s decision? Specifically LEH/Tiffin? We didn’t do Tiffin, so not relevant to us.

Hope everyone got what they wanted.

@givemesomewineplease do let us know your final choice and well done for turning down the LU place xx

Autumnnightsaredrawingin Mon 02-Mar-20 17:55:17

@abc79 keeping EVERYTHING crossed 🤞 for you with PHS x

givemesomewineplease Mon 02-Mar-20 19:21:48

Just found out dd got Tiffin. But I think the difficult journey means we won't go for it. So still between LEH and G&L - will let you know what we decide!

ColaPip Mon 02-Mar-20 19:28:53

@givemesomewineplease a massive well done to your DD on her Tiffin success! And good luck with your LEH v G&L deliberations.

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Autumnnightsaredrawingin Mon 02-Mar-20 19:31:45

WOW @givemesomewineplease that’s amazing- you have one clever DD there! Good luck with the final LEH/G&L choice x

Mustainzs Mon 02-Mar-20 19:46:46

Why are people still deciding between offers that came out mid Feb?
The right thing to do would be to let the schools know.

Autumnnightsaredrawingin Mon 02-Mar-20 20:03:02

@Mustainzs we let our schools know very quickly which we’d be accepting and declining. Within a couple of days. Some people need longer to decide or are waiting for the state and grammar offers to come out, which are today.

However, I do know of people who are still holding 5 or 6 private school places even though realistically they know they won’t send their child to two or three of them. That I don’t understand at all. But I totally understand people needing a bit more time or needing to wait for her state offer.

I have declined our state offer immediately as would like another child on the WL to get a place ASAP.

Autumnnightsaredrawingin Mon 02-Mar-20 20:04:30

Also, people may be waiting to see if they get a place off a wait list at their preferred independent school before the deadline.

Mustainzs Mon 02-Mar-20 20:13:01

But you’re still deciding between G&L and LEH? I don’t understand

Autumnnightsaredrawingin Mon 02-Mar-20 20:14:35

I am not still deciding between G&L and LEH. My daughter didn’t sit G&L. That is another poster who has her own reasons for waiting to make a final decision, including I believe visiting both schools last week.

fatarse Mon 02-Mar-20 20:21:56

Hoping for advice. We have today had our state school offer of Lady Margaret School. We have an Indy offer for PHS and IPS but have ruled out IPS because it’s co-ed. Question is, PHS vs LMS what would you do. Money isn’t an issue. I hope everyone got good news today. x

ColaPip Mon 02-Mar-20 20:22:13

@Mustainzs - I think the G&L offer holder tour was only last Thursday. Not sure about LEH though. For some, I think the opportunity to revisit a school is a key factor in decision-making.

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Autumnnightsaredrawingin Mon 02-Mar-20 20:51:40

Re PHS vs Lady Margaret. I don’t know the latter well, but only that it is very well regarded. I would look at all the extras on offer. Does PHS offer things LM doesn’t? For example, PHS is very strong in something my daughter is also very strong in and that was one of our deciding factors. Distance and travel/commute time too. Good luck choosing- and not long to do it!

Allyoudoiscriticise Mon 02-Mar-20 21:27:08

fatarse (love the name) if you can afford it, and are considering private, then go for PHS for all the reasons people choose private if they have the money (extra curricular, smaller class sizes, pastoral care etc)

fatarse Mon 02-Mar-20 22:09:37

Thanks Autumn, and Criticise, we haven't experienced Private and I think that it what is making me nervous. We have just paid the deposit anyhow so I guess decision is made, good to have some input that PHS is the better choice.

Autumnnightsaredrawingin Mon 02-Mar-20 22:14:41

Congratulations on your decision- will you take the forms over tomorrow morning? My daughter is also going to Putney in September. smile

givemesomewineplease Mon 02-Mar-20 22:17:15

@Mustainzs, I totally get what you're saying and in theory I agree. However in reality the offers came out on Fri 14th Feb, which is 4-6 months after many open days and having been to so many it all becomes rather a blur, and we had to wait until after half term to get any tours to refresh our memories. And then when unexpected scholarships are offered, it rather changes the landscape. I was also away all weekend so unable to discuss it properly and our last tour was only on Friday.

I know many decisive people would have it sorted but I'll admit I'm not decisive and love both schools. I think we're leaning towards G&L but at almost £6k per year more expensive compared to LEH with scholarships I'm nervous if this is madness. We've released all her other offers.

And I'm just so proud that she got Tiffin, she's really astonished me with her achievements, I'll admit I didn't know if she would get any of these schools. At least we live far enough that I can be decisive on that one wink!

fatarse Mon 02-Mar-20 22:22:00

Yes Autumn, DH dropping them in the morning. Congratulations to your daughter, I hope both our girls will be happy there.

AtomicRabbit Tue 03-Mar-20 09:36:46

You will hear a variety of opinions on all schools when you are this question. Some parents are happy, others are not. It's so variable. I've heard good and bad things about LMS, likewise PHS.

For the more factual side of things there is this:

You'll get a greater range of ability at LMS than at PHS. Is that important?

The quality of teaching though I believe would be stronger/outstanding at PHS. You will also have access to a wider variety of things simply due to funding. Instead of getting approx £5k funding per child (LMS) you'll be giving £18k (PHS) per child. I don't know the exact numbers. But you get the picture.

PHS is also part of GDST network which may provide some other opportunities.

We went from state to private for Year 7 and DC hasn't looked back. If you can afford it, I'd go private. Why wouldn't you give your child the very best?

tiggermummy70 Tue 03-Mar-20 12:35:46

I think today was the hardest for me.
we declined DD2 's state school offer.

we actually spoke to the school last week as we thought if we let them know early she just wouldn't receive an offer from state school.
So we are all done and set for September.

ColaPip Tue 03-Mar-20 13:15:04

@tiggermummy70 - well done on making your decision! I remember feeling so thrilled for you when I read your DD's wonderful FHSS news. I totally understand it being a tough day, but you're all done now smile

@AtomicRabbit - we are in a quandary about LMS and WHS, so will keep this in mind as we think it over.

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borisboris Tue 03-Mar-20 13:26:15

@colapip- we had the same choice a couple of years ago- went for WHS and no regrets. Know lots of happy girls at LMS though! DDs friends would there would say less sport, trips etc and possibly a few more 'behavioural' issues but also £20k a year less!

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