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Page 40 | Starting Yr11 Gcses 2020 Support Thread [Edited at OP's request]

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OrangeCinnamon Sun 30-Jun-19 22:28:00

A continuation of a Year 10 support thread
previous thread

Last thread was great and supportive as some of us tried to navigate year 10 and some very helpful peeps steered us through.

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ProggyMat Sat 04-Jan-20 15:19:47

No formal exam timetable from school as yet. I think they are issued after mocks. Having said that, I did have a quick flip through a link posted on this thread to see what DD would be facing but didn’t note anything down,
DD has several days during mocks which entail 3 exams- four and a half hours worth.
75% before half term is really rough!
From memory (!) I seem to think DD’s exams looked quite evenly spread but I could be wrong.
I can remember she had Latin and Greek papers on the same which I mentioned to her as I would not like that at all. DD thought that was okay hmm

Wh0leCl0ves Sat 04-Jan-20 18:29:25

How many practise papers are there and do they really need notes if using CPG?

OrangeCinnamon Sat 04-Jan-20 23:03:29

Just about to type DD to the family google calendar.. the one that only I seem to use
We have the joy of trying to fit in a theory exam (6 marks off a pass) and grade 7 vocal exam too.

Any DC doing NCS Dd is refusing to consider. I've told her she needs to consider doing something voluntary. We have a lovely holiday she help plan in July and I'd rather she kept herself a bit busy than moping and worrying about her results. I know she will be anxious.

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OrangeCinnamon Sat 04-Jan-20 23:58:24

Only just cottoned on to fact that early May bank holiday is a Friday this year for VE day.

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KingscoteStaff Sun 05-Jan-20 10:58:20

That Friday Bank Holiday is fixed in my and all other Year 6 teachers’ minds as it’s the Friday before Sats and I fear many parents will take a long weekend and not bring the kids back for the first test on Monday morning, or bring them back very late on Sunday night. Even worse in our school, as we are off on the Thursday too because we’re a Mayoral Polling station. I reckon it will have a considerable effect on our results.
Sorry to derail...

MurielTheCamel Sun 05-Jan-20 12:47:09

DS's timetable is not too bad
Week 1: 1
Week 2: 3
Week 3: 5
Week 4: half term
Week 5: 6 including 3 on the Friconfused
Week 6: 1
Week 7: 1

ealingwestmum Sun 05-Jan-20 13:57:39

Happy New Year everyone! Full of cold in our household (as per usual over holidays) but DD cracking on with studying for mocks from 8th but socialising also to balance.

I had NO IDEA that doing what Muriel has just done would lift her spirits so much. Clearly a condensed timetable works for her (for now).
No clashes either.

Week 1: 2
Week 2: 5
Week 3: 4
Week 4: HT
Week 5: 6
Week 6: 1
Week 7: 0

OrangeCinnamon Sun 05-Jan-20 15:28:06

DD has 20 but nicely spread over the two weeks before and after half term - all done and dusted by 12th June, no triples or clashes

French speaking still to be scheduled

Sorry for the reminder @Kingscote

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KingscoteStaff Sun 05-Jan-20 16:17:22

DD starts on 4th May - Cambridge IGCSE
Week 1: 4
Week 2: 4
Week 3: 9 inc one triple!!!!
Week 4: 4
Week 5: Half term
Week 6: 2
Week 7: 3

ealingwestmum Sun 05-Jan-20 16:47:49

I have an A level options question for those of you more experienced, teachers, older DC etc if anyone can help...

DD has been struggling with her 3rd choice A level. Already decided upon English and Spanish (with Maths AS two years, plus EPQ/Extended essay). Wants to do A level History as 3rd, but will not have GCSE History. HoD is ok with her taking, but will wait for GCSE results to see how she does in English - wanting an 8, preferably a 9 to accept her. No issues with not having covered GCSE (as I understand there's no cross over), more about her essay writing skills.

Or should she just go with Politics as a new A level, though I think not having GCSE History would have more of a negative impact here due to there being gaps in her knowledge that will apply more to the Politics curriculum?

Any experience/advice much appreciated. Yes, she was asked several times why she didn't take it at GCSE (opted for Geography instead). There was more a let's toss the coin indifference back then...

KingscoteStaff Sun 05-Jan-20 17:16:58

Any ideas as to what she might read at University?

ealingwestmum Sun 05-Jan-20 17:47:02

Get's a little more complex there Kingscote. She wants to study undergrad overseas, probably North America, hence retaining Maths, albeit at a lower level. The majors are more general and they can choose later, but her aspirations are more disposed to the Political Science, European Studies type programmes that incorporate a wider mix of language, history, economics, politics components leading to Int. Relations/Diplomacy and Civil Service type opportunities.

Obviously I am also trying to cover both bases by having her consider UK fall back options, where the entry requirements and courses are more transparent and straightforward, and hence lack of History is biting her now, should she decide to stay here. She has ruled out attempting, for example a PPE application at Oxford due to the amount of dual preparation needed for 2 different application processes, and whilst we are under no illusion that the quality of academic education could be far stronger here (at UG level), the actual UG experience for her may be better, socially due to her extra curricula and more general interests. Scotland is also a good option for the same reasons.

OrangeCinnamon Sun 05-Jan-20 18:40:17

@EalingwestMum have you considered the Liberal Arts courses here in the UK ? Happen to know a fab one written for Notts.

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PaddingtonPaddington Sun 05-Jan-20 18:53:49

Just had a look at DDs exam time table starts 12 May:
Week 1: 5
Week 2: 5
Week 3: HT
Week 4: 6
Week 5: 5
Finishes 12 June. Doesn’t seem too bad

Mocks start 9th Jan and finish on 21st ish

ealingwestmum Sun 05-Jan-20 19:26:58

I think it's great that the UK are developing more on the Liberal Arts front Orange, and DD won't discount the great courses available here. I am being very up front though, in that there still remains a huge amount of negativity around liberal arts (including from the likes of DD's US based cousins), unless it is gained from a more established 'brand' with a longstanding history of delivery.

This is not my personal view, but do see and hear the prejudice. I do not have HE experience, but have past experience in how employers in a number of sectors view graduate applications, though hopefully this may start to change as they recognise the need for wider skill-sets beyond intense subject matter at UG level. The additional attraction of US for DD is that she may get to participate at varsity level in her sport and continue to have a healthy music life. All of these things that can be done here too (though less on sport), but based on her anecdotal experience of returning uni friends (which are high due to her ECs), the overall college experience always seems more positive from those overseas vs those studying here.

I will keep quiet know before I fill the end of our thread with DD's not so important issues in the scheme of things...we got to get through this year first anyway smile

ProggyMat Mon 06-Jan-20 13:34:39

I've had a look through DD's exam boards and if I've got them right (!) her time table is looking like:
Week 1: 8
Week 2: 7
Week 3: HT
Week 4: 7
Week 5: 4
Week 6: 2.
Finishes 18th June if I've got FM board correct.
Don't know when French speaking is and didn't note times of exams. Soo, she may have triples and/or clashes.
Will know better once school issues her time table.

MurielTheCamel Mon 06-Jan-20 16:09:56

Gosh Proggy 28 papers in 6 weeks looks quite busy! DS is lucky in that he took some in Y10 so only has 17 this year and over 7 weeks.

He has his speaking assessments for languages in April I think, plus science practicals are coming up in January.

ProggyMat Mon 06-Jan-20 17:56:30

Muriel you could say that!
DD’s school don’t allow them to sit early unless it’s a ‘mother tongue’ language.
She’s sitting 11 GCSE’s and FM.
Couldn’t decide between Geography and History. We have discussed dropping one humanity after mocks and neither teacher is happy grin
Quite a lot of mock papers, starting tomorrow, so we will have another discussion after the results are in,

crazycrofter Mon 06-Jan-20 19:28:20

That is a lot! We’re down to 9 GCSEs now (Latin was dropped in Oct!) and it feels much more manageable. Just 18 exams I think. The week after half term is the worst.

Hope the mocks go ok!

ProggyMat Mon 06-Jan-20 19:50:08

crazy it seems like a lot but when you consider Maths, English x 2 and 3 Sciences that amounts to 6.
Then consider humanities and she couldn’t decide - She was up to 8
Latin is on time table as is French/ that’s 10.
Greek is extra curricular- hence 11
FM is compulsory for top set maths.
Attainment grades are much of a muchness across them all.
We will ‘pick over the bones’ once the mocks grades are in

ProggyMat Mon 06-Jan-20 20:12:24

Apologies! Thank you.
Juggling a lot of stuff at the moment!
How is the dreaded Prom dress shopping going?
Most of DD’s friendship circle have theirs and have done for bloody months shock
I’m a crafty shopper and want minimum outlay but good quality grin
I’m trying to steer her towards a dress that could be trotted out at uni and then I would review the budget.
Her friend in the year above (now Yr12) managed it but sadly the shop is no more.
Dunno what’s worse at the moment, mocks or ‘the frock’ hmm

Tumbleton Mon 06-Jan-20 20:59:52

DS started his mocks today. Biology was "OK" and English Lit was "alright". 😆

crazycrofter Mon 06-Jan-20 21:19:59

@ProggyMat she’s happy to get something from Ever Pretty which I’m very happy about as there’s loads of choice for about £30-40! The only problem is she can’t try them on..,

ProggyMat Mon 06-Jan-20 22:12:24

crazy Not being able to try on is a problem for us too.
Another is , DD wants a full length blingy creation grin
Nowt wrong with that as long as it can be worn again says me!

Tigerswife Mon 06-Jan-20 23:51:27

DD not planning on going to prom as doesn’t want to, so we have booked a weekend away at Thorpe Park after exams for a treat.

Anyone had any success in getting teachers to let DC do foundation papers instead of Higher. She is struggling with higher in three sciences and failed mocks higher by 1 or 2 points, so would prefer to do foundation papers for science so she should get a good 5, but so far teachers are not keen. Suffers from anxiety too so less stress is good.

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