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OrangeCinnamon Sat 22-Sep-18 09:56:22

Hi all,
Can we have a thread for Year 10 support please? Even though Dd started in Y9 I have already noticed a massive ramping up in pressure and her anxiety sad I imagine it is a fine balance of being supportive but not a helicopter parent. How do you motivate but not nag? How do you encourage good study/revision skills without being overbearing? How can I help my Dd to be many questions hoping for some hints, tips and support along the way.

Dd is Summer born so struggles sometimes. Her main loves are Music and the Humanities subjects. She bobs along with Maths and Science and despises French. Wants to be an international popstar, historian, writer, journo or judge! She sufffers terribly with low self esteem but hopefully this term will be able to get her on a course of cbt.

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ILovePandas Thu 27-Sep-18 20:43:18

DD head of Y10 said that said the expectation was total o 6-8 hours of homework and self study per week. We also got a letter detailing this expectation.
DD doing the Ebacc plus 3 options:
English x2
Science x2

Thevelveteenrabbit Thu 27-Sep-18 22:01:45

We have had nothing from school about homework expectations! Dd seems to be getting something for most subjects each week but a lot seems to be revision/prep for tests so t least she should keep on top of her revision notes.
She is taking; maths
English x2
Computer science
She may also do statistics but don't have to decide about that yet.

YeOldeTrout Fri 28-Sep-18 08:28:45

Every year our school sends out the same very wordy 5 page letter about the value of revision for learning things. I appreciate it's use approaching yr11 but they start sending this letter out in yr7 hmm. I told DS over my dead body did I want him to follow the letter's advice (basically they suggest hours/week routine revision for months before exams).

DS doesn't learn like that, anyway, or certainly couldn't at age 11. If he took the advice to heart he'd be a neurotic wreck.

dontknowwhattodo80 Fri 28-Sep-18 15:15:25

Ooh been waiting for this thread!

My DS has just started yr 10. He's very academic but also very lazy. Think these next two years are going to be giving him a big arse kick!! He would never not do homework but is very happy to leave it until the last night. I think he just blags it as up until now he's always managed to put in minimal effort yet getting excellent results.

I certainly think A levels and Uni will be a shock to him!

He's finally settled into a really lovely friendship group too. He tried for the last couple of years to fit into the "popular boys group" but never quite achieved it. I'm really pleased that he's now found a group of friends who seem to really like him and I've seen a big change in his behaviour

dontknowwhattodo80 Fri 28-Sep-18 15:18:09

DS is taking

Triple science

myron Fri 28-Sep-18 20:57:14

After a series of talks at a GCSE info evening for parents AND this thread, I'm starting to feel guilty about booking holidays for Christmas, Feb HT & one week of Easter rationalising it as it's "only" YR10 and it's no major holidays away for all of Y11 until it's all over....

And I thought that I was not looking forward to YR11 - it seems that I should bring it forward to include YR10. It's too much..the school also trotted out the top pupils who did well in this years' GCSEs to give "tips" which included spending quite a bit of their YR10 Christmas & Easter holidays making flash cards and revision notes. Well, there's no way that I'm carting DS's school books away with us. I can just about handle the thought of 10 months of parental support/nagging/shouting in YR11 but not 2 yrs in advance. What fresh hell is this? (Only joking - slightly..)

TheThirdOfHerName Fri 28-Sep-18 22:12:50

DD and her peers are currently obsessed with whether they are doing enough extra-curricular activities. Many are doing more than half a dozen different activities every week.

I can see the benefit of participating in a couple of activities for enjoyment, sense of community and personal development, but it shouldn't feel like a requirement.

There seem to be a lot of myths circulating in DD's year group about the value of extra-curricular activities for university applications. I supported DS1 through the UCAS process last year and have started taking DS2 to some university open days (with talks by admissions tutors) so I've given DD some up-to-date information rather than myths and rumours that are years out of date.

TheThirdOfHerName Fri 28-Sep-18 22:23:16

Some of the inaccuracies DD had been told:

1. You need to have done Duke of Edinburgh if you want to apply to university.

2. Duke of Edinburgh awards can be entered as qualifications on the UCAS form and they count for UCAS points.

3. The personal statement is more important than GCSE grades or predicted A-level grades when applying to competitive universities.

4. If you have Grade 8 in the right instrument or are good at the right sport, admissions tutors will ignore low predicted A-level grades and/or give you a much lower offer, because they want you for their orchestra / sports team.

LionessAndHerCubs Sat 29-Sep-18 08:51:18

@TheThird - shock I hope you quelled all of that nonsense.

OrangeCinnamon Sat 29-Sep-18 09:44:31

@thethird it is rubbish isn't it they are under enough pressure already! I work in a Uni so I usually put Dd straight with such rubbish . It's a bit like the 'you wont get into uni if you don't have a language gcse' that gets trotted out.
Reading back some of these posts Dd is getting off quite lightly it seems..there have been no parent revision session nonsense.

We are in a none sixth form area. Just been invited to an open evening for the academy trust Dd school is with new sixth form. Everything on their website is now ringing alarm bells with me. The trust is borne out of a v high achieving school (still comp but good area/intake) Dd school came on board gets just as good results but I feel like the caring/fun ethos of her school will be lost if she transfers to the trust sixth form college. Voluntary activities seem to be compulsory and pastoral care seems to be an after thought hmm

Myron DSis took her DN away on holiday in middle of gcses he still managed to get mostly 789s
Its the nagging as you say it is soo wearing and boring having to do it 😣😣😣

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OrangeCinnamon Thu 04-Oct-18 21:11:38

How is everyone getting on?

Dd went to school crying on Monday due to anxiety and lack of sleep. She had a panic attack in science sad. Half the time she doesnt know what causes her anxiety that upsets her even more. Initial session with counsellor who does cbt on fri so fingers crossed.

She is doing double science, english x 2, maths, french, history, music and Religous studies. Does anyone elses teen have a surprise subject they love yet? Dd is RS she is predicted a great mark already and is very good at arguing and debating issues apparently. She is a self declared atheist! Music is great for her not sure where her mental health would be if she didnt have that outlet.

So please cheer me up and tell me about your Dd or Ds fave subjectsgrin

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voddiekeepsmesane Fri 05-Oct-18 20:49:34

Hi all. Ds is doing english x 2 ( though doesn't everyone do both papers?) maths, triple science, french, geography, computer science and DT specialising in mechanics and electronics.

He seems to be enjoying year 10 so far. We have over the pass few years slowly built up the emphasis on year 10 and beyond while still having his down time with his hobbies (Explorer Scouts and Formula 1/Xbox )

He is very much enjoying the new subject of Mechanics and Electronics which taps into his car interest which he has had from a very young age. That and his computer/maths/physics interest he is hoping for a motoring engineering/development career at the moment with his dream job being within a Formula 1 development team grin grin I suppose we all need dreams huh

We have made sure that since they have started GCSE (core subjects started near the end of year 9) that he has done good revision cards at the end of each module/section/area of learning that way it isn't too daunting for revision by Christmas 2019.

We will continue to monitor DS to make sure he isn't getting too stressed as we know that peer pressure can escalate and make the individual feel inadequate IMO

2BorNot2Bvocal Fri 05-Oct-18 20:57:12

OrangeC sorry to hear your DD had an upsetting start to the week. Hope the counsellor session was promising.

DS is enjoying PE the most. He is still in denial that any reading around any subject is necessary.

TheThirdOfHerName Fri 05-Oct-18 21:50:14

DD's Graphics teacher has taken in their sketchbooks for marking this weekend, which means that she will have a lot more free time this weekend.

She and DS3 both got 83% this week in their science tests (at different schools) so they are reassured that their twin powers are still working.

TheThirdOfHerName Fri 05-Oct-18 21:52:24

DS3 loves Computer Science more than all the other subjects put together.

DD surprise enjoyment subject is Classical Civilisation, which only just made the shortlist at options choosing time.

ILovePandas Sat 06-Oct-18 16:20:33

Orange sorry to hear about your DD, but it sounds like you are doing everything you can to help and support her.
DD loves music and drama.
DD also trying to sort out 2 weeks work experience for July next year. Any other DCs having to do this in Y10?

OrangeCinnamon Sat 06-Oct-18 16:41:51

Thanks all - it does indeed look promising DD wants to continue and seems more 'settled' iyswim

@thethirdofhername i'm a twin and as teens we used to have the same dreams confused, I have a nephew heavily into gaming and computer science it seems to go hand in hand with his love for maths ! I din't even know you could do classical civilisation at gcse but it sounds fab. Our local college does Ancient Hostory A Level which looks really interesting.

@Ilovepandas I am really hoping not to have to sort work experience lol - what about a local theatre for DD?

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AnneOfCleavage Sat 06-Oct-18 17:32:07

Orange sorry to hear about your DD. Hope she can have a relaxing weekend. It's hard on you too as a mum looking on and feeling helpless so big hugs all round.

ILovePandas yes we've had to sort work experience already for next June. In my day school helped find you somewhere but now it seems the DC are expected to sort it. She volunteered at a school club for a couple of terms and asked if she could do w/ e there too and they said yes. She wrote out a cv and gave that to them too and a local library also said that they accept w/ e students (DD volunteered there all summer too) so that was another idea for DD but her first choice accepted her. Forms were handed out last July so she knew the dates and could have a think over the summer hols. Lots of her friends haven't found a place yet so seems there's lots of time to sort.

BackInTime Sat 06-Oct-18 18:08:32

DDs school has not given any extra study expectations so far. I have advised her to listen properly and take good notes in lessons, spend time going over things at home, do homework well and to really revise for assessments.

I am aiming to support with nutritious food, less nagging about her messy room, hugs and generally anything to make her life easier. I am also to try really hard not to buy into the competitive parenting stuff when others tell me their DC are studying for 6 hours a night and all weekend, taking 15 GCSES for fun,doing DofE, volunteering and also being in every sports team and extracurricular club available.

My aim is for DD to get through this with good enough grades to take her forward but with her MH still intact.

OrangeCinnamon Sat 06-Oct-18 19:19:40

@backintime any healthy meal ideas for a totally fussy carbmonster...she adores pasta and would have it w/bread or potatoes on top if she could

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voddiekeepsmesane Sat 06-Oct-18 19:53:52

While I feel for those of you that have (mainly Girls) DCs with issues either academic/peer and/or emotional stress maybe this isn't the thread for me to talk about my DS in.

I wish all the best for everyone and their families through the next few years xx

OrangeCinnamon Sat 06-Oct-18 21:28:29

Sorry to miss your post voddie on my phone , best of luck to your son.

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expat1407 Sun 07-Oct-18 01:15:52

DS is on Grade 4 of Violin, hopefully he'll begin Grade 5 this year. I don't see him reaching Grade 8 at time of University application. We had bad tutors for past 2 years and it has put him behind schedule. What is minimum Grade in Music that can help in Uni applications?

@Third - That list things that your DD's school gave doesn't add up. I was reading about DOEd on MM . General consensus is that most important thing is Grades in A level. Usefulness of DOEd is debatable if grades aren't good

expat1407 Sun 07-Oct-18 01:21:59

Can all Mums please list all resources useful for GCSE. This way, we can come up with a good list

I'll start with English on Youtube

Mr Salles
Mr Bruff

I am looking for help in Geography

TheThirdOfHerName Sun 07-Oct-18 09:31:04

What is minimum Grade in Music that can help in Uni applications?
They can get UCAS points for the highest grade they have that is G6+.

Whether the number of points helps for applications depends on the sort of course/university they are applying for.

Generally speaking, the more competitive courses/universities (top half of the league tables) give offers based on (predicted) A-level grades, not UCAS points. Unless it's a music degree, they just want high grades in the relevant A-level subjects, not Grade 8 in an instrument.

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