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Love Actually...

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MrsFozziwig Tue 13-Dec-16 22:21:38

It's nearly Christmas, I have wine, I'm watching in tears as usual

Just feeling sorry for myself that it's never going to happen for me...

That's it really!

Ah well.

Belleblush Tue 13-Dec-16 22:24:38

That film makes us very's a Xmas classic. I'm sure it will happen for you. As the best ever author said, "Those who don't believe in magi will never find it" (R.Dahl) xxx

Cakeycakecake Tue 13-Dec-16 22:27:49

Ugh it's not just me then! Instead of wine I have a baby in one arm and his bottle in the other. Can I have some 🍷 please??

MrsFozziwig Tue 13-Dec-16 22:28:32

Very true!

I do love it. It's my guilty Christmas movie pleasure.

But I do cry from about the point Colin Firth's cleaner is wrapped in a blanket after diving into the lake and they have a 'moment' until the end.

It gives me hope...

Bloody ridiculous really! grin

NapQueen Tue 13-Dec-16 22:28:51

Even sadder since Alan Rickman left us.
I'm limbering myself up.

MrsFozziwig Tue 13-Dec-16 22:29:50

You absolutely can, Cakey smile

It literally breaks my heart. I don't even like romcoms...

The only film moment that comes second to it is when Belle walks down the staircase to the ballroom...

Scrappysmammy Tue 13-Dec-16 22:30:05

I love Love Actually and can usually find an excuse to watch it at any time of the year.

MrsFozziwig Tue 13-Dec-16 22:30:44

Yes, Nap. Me too sad

Been such a sad year.

MrsFozziwig Tue 13-Dec-16 22:31:25

Really, Scrappy? I only allow myself to watch it at Christmas! I must watch it about twice a week in the run up...

GeillisTheWitch Tue 13-Dec-16 22:31:48

I want to scream at that American woman to stop being such a bloody martyr and ignore her phone sometimes. You'd think her brother's carers would stop him from harassing her constantly.

Randytortoise Tue 13-Dec-16 22:33:32

Never made it past the first 20min for various reasons, anyone care to summarise?

Eve Tue 13-Dec-16 22:33:41

In a hotel room (away with work) with wine! Bad combination.

DrFoxtrot Tue 13-Dec-16 22:46:39

Love this film, the bit where Emma Thompson's character realises her husband has bought the necklace for someone else sad heartbreaking.

ittooshallpass Tue 13-Dec-16 22:46:51

Emma Thompson is spectacular in this film. The scene where she prepares to go downstairs and face her family when she knows her husband has cheated is just hearbreaking. I lose it completely Every time.

NoCapes Tue 13-Dec-16 22:49:53

Eurgh the bit where she straightens the bedsheet fsad

Paddington68 Tue 13-Dec-16 22:52:25

gets me every time.

acornsandnuts Tue 13-Dec-16 22:52:30

Just watching Emma Thompson scene. Heart breaking and so relatable.

MrsFozziwig Tue 13-Dec-16 22:53:11

I know... sad

RandomMess Tue 13-Dec-16 22:56:23

Yeah for different reasons, takes me back to the utter devastation of my marriage falling apart sad

MrsFozziwig Tue 13-Dec-16 23:05:19

That's very sad, Random.

I think what makes me the saddest is that, in the whole film, I've can relate to Emma Thompson's character more than any of the actual love.

I can't imagine what it must be like to have someone love you. And it just makes me sad to watch it.

Hate the bloody cheesy postcards at the door scene. But it kills me. Every time grin sad grin

Scribblegirl Tue 13-Dec-16 23:08:37

I was planning on coming on this thread to share the Jezebel review of it - which runs down all the awful, mysogenistic and generally shit ways relationships are portrayed in the film.

But fuck it, I'm here watching it too, so merry Christmas! If it's any consolation I'm in a happy relationship but the Joni Mitchell moment makes me wonder/worry if that will ever happen to me - so it never goes away!

Scribblegirl Tue 13-Dec-16 23:09:23

Sorry OP, X-post. At least the Good King Wencleslas moment is coming!

MrsFozziwig Tue 13-Dec-16 23:11:05

Scribble I'm well aware of the all the sexist crap. It's in most things. But I am prepared to let much of it go in this film because it's the only thing that ever makes me yearn for the happily ever after....

MrsFozziwig Tue 13-Dec-16 23:11:37


Scribblegirl Tue 13-Dec-16 23:15:01

Oh me too, fozzi, but we all love it grin

To out myself, one of my friends was once chatted up on the nightbus in London by a 20-something who claimed he'd 'been the octopus in love actually'. <claim to fame face>

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