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Does anyone know how much a loft conversion costs?

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AngelEyes46 Mon 06-Aug-12 20:02:58

We have a 3 bed house - 2 good size rooms, 1 small. Have 3 dcs. Thinking about getting the loft converted into 2 rooms and possibly a bathroom. Stairs would probably have to go through smallest room therefore losing a room. Has anyone had this and how much was it. Also, any other thoughts/ideas welcome in that different ways of doing it without moving.

Itchyandscratchy Mon 06-Aug-12 20:05:13

Ours was done 10 years ago. One large bedroom & ensuite cost £21k. Expect I would be considerably more now depending on where you live.

blabalalalablabla Mon 06-Aug-12 20:08:34

For a basic room budget around £30k. Add a bit more for an ensuite.
I want to do this but saving up for it so probably will be more by the time I've saved enough.
Get someone round to do a quote and see if you can do it without losing a room.
As itchy says depending on where you live it may well be considerably more.

Tansie Mon 06-Aug-12 20:18:05

Hampshire. 4br estate house (12 years old).
Final room to measure 9m x 6m with an ensuite taken out of a corner.
Removing the W shaped roof supports, installing 2 huge steel beams, 6 upmarket Velux windows, properly floored inc sound insulation. Shifting the megaflow boiler a couple of metres.

Finished to skimmed plaster and bare floor, no bathroom suite (but plumbed) or tiling.

We would lose 1/3 of the smallest bedroom in the process.

Price? (from a reputable local loft conversion company)..

So we didn't grin.

House would sell for £340k, so there's no way we'd add £50k to that! Also, it would have unbalanced the house, effectively 4 1/2 bedrooms, one being huge; 2 ensuites, but one living room and one integral (and only) garage. Top heavy. Around here you expect 2 garages and 2 living rooms in anything bigger than a 4 bedroom house.

AngelEyes46 Mon 06-Aug-12 20:21:21

I live nr Purley, Croydon if there is anyone in my area.

Mandy21 Mon 06-Aug-12 21:26:18

Hi, I think it depends how much head height you have and what you want to end up with. I think the quote of £50k above sounds expensive, but that it quite a big room.

We have a standard 3 bed semi, stairs are at side of house then turn at the top for 3 steps. Front bedroom and small room at the front, rear bedroom and bathroom at the back. We had a couple of companies in, very good, both gave the same ball park figures :

1. Stairs to loft go between front and rear bedrooms (which means stairs would be in the middle of the loft room) - loft room would have limited head height but good enough for a child's bedroom. £15-£20k.

2. Stairs to loft go over existing stairs - would mean we'd have to have a dormer on the side of the house but would get a good double bedroom. £25k-£30k.

3. Stairs to loft go over existing stairs - side dormer, but then dormer at the back too to accommodate en-suite and large double bedroom. £40k+.

Hope that helps.

pippala Tue 07-Aug-12 01:11:18

12 years ago bedroom downstairs 12x 12 converted to study with stairs to upstairs.
bedroom one with limited headspace 22 x14
bedroom two 12x12 with ensuite bath/shower toilet and sink 12x5
bedroom three 12x8
Has put at least £50,000 on the price BUT over the last 10years.
I guess you spend the money to make your house meet your needs rather than an investment.
If we moved to gain and extra two beds it would of cost us so much more than that with EA costs coveyancing,stamp duty etc
Money spent making your home better for YOUR family is never money unwisely spent in my book!

pippala Tue 07-Aug-12 01:12:28

Sorry to say my room measurements are in foot as I am old !!

MissPollysTrolleyed Tue 07-Aug-12 08:09:55

We're also in the South East and had ours done six years ago for £30,000. We have a Victorian terraced house and made one large room with a dormer window out the back and two veluxes at the front. We don't have an en-suite but have a small annexe off the room which could have been an en-suite but we had issues with routing soil pipes so it's a teeny office instead.

mrswee Tue 07-Aug-12 08:24:28

I'm being told by two different experts that for our smallish loft that would become one small double and a shower room with a velux window not a dormer would cost us £35,000. Manily due to the expense of sticking to building regs.
You have to factor in things like replacing your down stairs doors with fire doors as well as up stairs work.

If you can do a lot of the work yourself then you could probably nip £5,000 off that.

I was really surprised at the expense to be honest. We have decided to just make our loft a useable space for chilling/playing/storage or a studio/workroom so we don't have to stick to such strict regs and that will still cost around £15/20,000. we are staying in our house for a long time and as long as we do things properly it won't bring down the price of the house. Spending £35,000 in our case would be a bit of a waste in some ways because we could never add that much value to our house by doing it. PLUS we don't have the money!!

DaveGrohlsgirl Tue 07-Aug-12 08:27:25

We had ours done last year (Milton Keynes).
1 room, 2 velux windows skimmed to plaster plus obviously stairs and replacement of all internal doors to fire doors.
Cost £22,500

Tansie Tue 07-Aug-12 09:53:56

Check the regs re fire doors. I think they've changed.

We had to have a door between the loft and the 1st floor, either at the top or bottom of the new stairway, that was it.

I think they were finding that there were issues with self closers on fire doors in that people just propped them open all the time.

ogredownstairs Tue 07-Aug-12 10:43:16

Yes, we had ours done recently, about £35k for a London Victorian terrace (but had to add on bathroom and decoration.) Building regs on doors did seem a bit less strict than when we did the same thing in our old house 7 years ago. No door closers, just fire doors to the top floor and in our case fire proof paint to all the others, so we kept our original doors. Depends on borough and whether your builder uses a private building regs firm I think.

Candiicakes Tue 07-Aug-12 16:44:44

From what I know of our loft conversion, the price will depend on several factors. One being the size of the property and how much you need to alter the roof. The number of rooms and whether you have a shower room are all relevant. You will also need to factor in planning and building regulations fees. I suggest you contact a loft expert as their initial surveys are normally free. I would recommend you call Paul of Modernattics who did our loft which we are very happy with. The number is 07590 193351.

AbeerNaseer Fri 18-Apr-14 16:22:24

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Sunnyux81 Wed 10-Sep-14 23:07:19

Hey there try
A great company and based in London

scrimper Wed 10-Sep-14 23:56:13

Hi. We are currently arranging quotes to have ours done. We had "ineedmorespace" come round on Monday and they said to stick to building regs we will have to have our ceiling to our current bedrooms lowered because there isn't enough head height and they can't go up so it has to be down.

We are still waiting for the full quote but he gave us a guide of around £40k WITHOUT any internal stuff like proper flooring, a bathroom etc. So basically just a shell for us to go with. Although it did include the plumming and electrics I think.

We are having more quotes done this week and next.

This is for a 3 bedroom end of terrace (So need the roof extended at the side as well as the rear as our current roof slopes inwards).

omama Thu 11-Sep-14 08:25:49

Ours is currently a 2 bed victorian semi that has been cheaply converted into a 3 bed by dividing the master bedroom. The 3rd bedroom is accessed through the 2nd bedroom & both are very small - not ideal.

We are just about to start a loft conversion & will gain a large master bedroom with en suite, with a large rear dormer & velux windows at the front. We will lose existing bedroom 2 in order to fit the staircase & enlarge bedroom 3, so on paper are not gaining any extra bedrooms, but layout & room proportions will be much improved. Plus we will end up with a window & tons of understairs storage on our upstairs landing which is a bonus.
Cost of build £34k - this includes re-roofing (slate). We will still have to pay extra for white goods for en suite & for decorating & carpeting, but for us, its still much cheaper than moving.

Sunnyux81 Thu 11-Sep-14 09:20:52

Sorry, my last post evaded your question. If your home is in London you're looking around the £40k mark, this would be for quality work and a 10 year guarantee with luxurylofts - but as others have said this depends on the type of loft conversion you are looking for and for your location in Purley.

Tadla Thu 11-Sep-14 11:15:01

we are quoted 32k for a small 3 bed, well 2 double and a box room 1930s semi detached. we are in midlands

savingmoneyeveryday Mon 28-Sep-15 11:25:16

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grantybe Mon 01-Aug-16 11:37:50

Hi There,
Can you tell me which company you used In Milton Keynes please?
Have you a number?
I live here too and that's roughly my budget.

natblan Wed 17-Aug-16 00:44:56

It can be around $5 key, give it or take, I found it here,

0hCrepe Sat 20-Aug-16 11:33:09

We've had a quote for £33k + vat for a house similar to yours it includes changing roof to gable end, so basically a new roof, steels for the floor support, raising ridge tile to gain head height, dormer across the back with Juliet balcony and bathroom window, velux in front, eaves storage space built in. Render etc to match existing outside. Oak fire doors throughout.

I asked about 2 rooms plus bathroom but they'd all be a bit small so it's for a bedroom and bathroom. Bathroom fitting and tiling included, all electrics etc included. The staircase will start in the smallest bedroom which we'd previously made bigger by knocking through to the separate toilet. They said it won't actually take out too much space from the room as the stairs will turn and rise quite steeply and they'll do built in storage underneath.

It should take 6 weeks.

ScaffoldTowerHire Fri 26-Aug-16 11:41:32

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