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B&Q kitchens - can anyone share a good experience?

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ThePinkOne Sun 11-Jul-10 17:13:05

I've googled for reviews and found lots of bad ones but we're quite keen on what B&Q have to offer. (Except the price of the installation but I'm willing to try and hammer them on that!)

On the basis that people are more likely to post a review to complain I'm just wondering if there are any good reviews out there!

Lots of the reviews are complaining about the staff and local store and we have never had a problem with ours. The staff are all really knowledgeable and helpful.

So I just wondered what MN has to say on the matter. (Is it bad that I never make a decision without consulting MN?! wink)

cece Sun 11-Jul-10 17:20:02

I bought a bathroom from them once. Never again. Took weeks for all of the parts to arrive.

I bought a kitchen last year. Mine is from Wickes (well strictly speaking it is from Benchmarx which is the trade dept of Wickes)

ThePinkOne Sun 11-Jul-10 17:56:47

Thanks cece. Were Wickes kitchens good? Did you have it installed by them too?

SpecialPatrolGroup Sun 11-Jul-10 18:07:37

I used to manage the kitchen department of a B&Q and I would and have bought from them. If that helps.

TheNextMrsDepp Sun 11-Jul-10 18:11:10

We had a B&Q kitchen last year (Cooke & Lewis). We were very pleased with the quality, the price and the assistance in store at the time of ordering.

BUT a little watch-out if you are installing yourself (or arranging your own). When the stuff arrived there were several glaring problems/mistakes made by the B&Q designer, for example the row of cabinets overhung the window by a few inches, and the oven unit was too small for the oven ordered. Fortunately our installer ( a good friend and very able chippy) was able to use his ingenuity to get around the problems, but I found the post-delivery support from B&Q to be non-existent. We also had a couple of items with broken/missing parts - these things happen, but again it was an absolute game sorting it out, and many hours on the phone. The designer disappeared like a puff of smoke once the order was in the bag.

You might think that using the B&Q installation service would circumvent such problems, but I have heard that they sometimes just contract out the business and the installer is no more able to deal with such problems than an independent one.

But we do have a gorgeous kitchen at the end of it!

ThePinkOne Sun 11-Jul-10 19:32:30

Thanks MrsDepp and SPG.

I was intending to use the installation service just for ease of not having to plan all the different bits! The designer told me they arrange delivery of the parts to the installation centre two weeks prior to your install date so that any kinks will hopefully be ironed out. I need to ask if they just contract out the work or have thier own people. I wonder if that varies around the country?

cece Sun 11-Jul-10 19:35:22

I had a local chippy fit mine.

I am pleased with the quality of the units so far. Bought my appliances and worktop elsewhere.

MrsMalcolmTucker Sun 11-Jul-10 19:36:35

they f*cked our kitchen up so badly, they ended up knocking off loads of money and paying part of the cost of installation for us. It cost us about £50 by the time we'd finished.

So their product might be sh*te, but I can't fault their complaints procedure.

Lonicera Sun 11-Jul-10 19:38:47

we had one a couple of years ago and had no problems. The installaton was sub-contracted to a local firm and they were very efficient.

CuppaTeaJanice Sun 11-Jul-10 19:39:50

I've got a B&Q kitchen (basic range, not Cooke & Lewis), with a few doors from Howdens which make it look expensive and 'designer' - I think so anyway!!

There were no problems with quality or finish. They were a little inflexible on the delivery time which would be my only complaint. The in-store staff were really helpful, and even advised me that a sale was coming up the following week so I saved 15% off some of it.

I would recommend them, unlike Wickes who had an absolute tosser of a salesman. Never going to Wickes again!!!

JaynieB Sun 11-Jul-10 19:40:24

Mixed review from me - the kitchen was exactly as ordered and the fitting was good and quick too, with a slight quality issue with some plastering. The big problem we had was with the floor - we didn't want to change the flooring and were assured it was ok, but when installed the new units were shorter than the old ones so there was a strip of untiled floor. They really dragged their heels sorting it out and I ended up ringing the chap who came out to design it (and said the floor would be ok) on a daily basis...

JaynieB Sun 11-Jul-10 19:41:20

Forgot to add - its not holding up that well though, the tap has worked loose and the hob isn't brilliant and we've had the grill element replaced as it didn't work properly.

MrsMagnolia Sun 11-Jul-10 20:34:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThePinkOne Sun 11-Jul-10 21:00:38

Thanks everyone. Lots to think about! This whole process is driving me crazy! (Although I realise I'm very lucky to have the option to do it.)

bnqsuck Wed 22-Jan-14 23:13:04

Avoid B & Q like the plague.

They planned the kitchen incorrectly, gave us the wrong colour worktop, units were missing, wrong and damaged; the splash back was the wrong size, the over-sold us extra pan drawer dividers and didn't tell us... they sold us an oven we didn't ask for, and when we tried to get a refund, they charged us AGAIN...

My then 8-month pregnant wife and I made around 30 trips to the store in order to re-order missing parts, the correct parts, exchange damage parts etc. Each time we'd be in the store for at least an hour due to hardly any staff around, or the staff lacked the skill to complete the order correctly.

All the while this was happening, we had to put up with the kitchen staff - inc. the kitchen manager - saying they would telephone us re: re-ordered items. They never did. It became a running "joke". I even stood at the counter whilst the kitchen manager typed up a new order for damaged items. I stood there for 20 minutes watching him do this. He said he would call me when he had the delivery information. He didn't. I popped into the store the next day, only to find the kitchen manager hadn't put the order in.

When we took our splash back to the refunds desk, they accidentally gave us £40 too much. The next day we had to visit the store again to return more damaged goods, and their kitchen salesman accused us (whilst marching us around the store, and in a loud voice) of stealing from B & Q because our splash back had shown up on their records as a 'bad debt'. He then proceeded to call us bad debtors, and ranted for a few minutes until I asked him to shut up.

We put an official complaint into the store. The salesman was suspended and went through a disciplinary process. Again, a 'neutral' manager oversaw this process, and told us he would call when he had any information. He never called. We kept popping into the store, more guilty faces from the management. Weeks later, an answerphone message was left on my phone.

"We've dealt with the issue, so it's all taken care of, so... yeah..."

I went to the store again. As far as I was concerned, nothing had been dealt with from my point of view. No real apology, no compensation for being publicly humiliated and slandered. I went to the store only to the kitchen salesman was back in his old job.

I sent a complaint to the CEO, which was passed on to their complaints dept. The aptly named Mr. Dick handled my complaint, and asked for a list of 'out of pocket expenses'.

When I asked about petrol, time wasted etc., he told me to send in a claim, which I did.

For all of this stress, aggro, time-wasted, humiliation and slander?
£50. Fifty pounds. "As a gesture of goodwill".

So now I'm left with the trading standards/watchdog route. I have never dealt with such an unprofessional bunch of low lifes.

RLSouthAfrican1 Sat 26-Sep-15 12:48:47

Any new views on Lewis and Cooke kitchens please from B&Q?
They are the nicest looking I've seen- don't like the Wren / Howdens cupboards that look like fake wood?

fiorentina Sat 26-Sep-15 22:05:18

I had a Cooke And Lewis kitchen installed at our old house but using B&Q carcasses. They designed it but we paid a different fitter who was cheaper. We were pleased with it but we did sell the house shortly after so I cannot say how well it's worn.

Lagoonablue Sun 27-Sep-15 07:22:02

What about Magnet? Anyone used them?

RLSouthAfrican1 Sun 27-Sep-15 14:24:07

Thanks for that. Wish I could find something like the Carisbrooke Cooke and Lewis style but made by better company...

Tonyha1017 Sun 10-Jan-16 16:07:05

Ordered a C&L kitchen start of August. Agreed delivery of all items 5 weeks later.
Hours and days wasted returning incorrect items, on telephone to both store and central customer services and waiting in, often all day for collection & delivery of incorrect / replacement / missing parts.
Both store and customer service staff were very uninterested in resolving issues.
During this time C&L also have changed their kitchen unit design and we received two different types of units - the build of the new units being more akin to the cheaper IT range which B&Q recently sold.
We ended up having to accept an ex display unit of the better quality older type to complete our kitchen almost 2 months after initially agreed date.
During our many trips into store to resolve issues we encountered several other customers having issues with their orders, so obviously not a one off.
Definitely couldn't recommend purchasing a B&Q kitchen after our recent experience.

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