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Sprayitall Mon 13-Apr-20 12:38:48

Hi all, starting this thread to continue from preppers thread 16. Because we are amidst a pandemic now, I have changed the title to prepping amidst pandemic than “for pandemic”. I hope all of you keep well amidst this and get all the help, support and hope needed to cope during this challenging times. Feel free to add your thoughts, preps and ideas here.

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Oxyiz Mon 13-Apr-20 12:57:48

Thanks for the new thread

Today I've bought washing machine cleaner, and I'm making a new kind of face mask which is described here (although we can't get the fabric sadly):

Neome if you're reading, I'm thinking of you. flowers

bellinisurge Mon 13-Apr-20 13:05:14

Sowing veg seeds and gardening. It tires me out nicely. It's outside in my little garden. It might yield positive results after last year's dreadful gardening year and the great one of the year before.
When I feel strong enough mentally, I think about how to deal with the virus once it eventually hits our home. Both grateful that others are treading this horrible path before we are and sad about the same thing.

Chrisinthemorning Mon 13-Apr-20 13:39:07

I am grateful to the Brexit prep threads and especially bellinisurge for getting me well prepped for this- lots of loo roll, lots of medicines, lots of tins, a spare freezer.
We haven’t needed our stash much except for loo roll but hanging on to it, and want to increase it for winter.

ifonly4 Mon 13-Apr-20 16:09:10

DH said to me the other day, I think we need to make a plan. I asked what for. In case we have to self isolate and what we'll do about food[hmmm].

Admittedly, he hasn't seen the box of stuff upstairs, but he's aware we've got a good supply under the stairs and three bagfuls of food in the dining room. What does he think I've been on about since China went into lockdown, and why if we run out of something a new packet magically appearsconfused.

Sprayitall Mon 13-Apr-20 19:40:43

Does anyone have this pointer - rough guess of finding how many positive cases in the area for every covid death reported? I’m sure I read it somewhere but I couldn’t recollect!

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lexloofah Mon 13-Apr-20 21:01:22

sprayitall did you mean this?

Sprayitall Mon 13-Apr-20 21:43:12

@lexloofah not this one but thanks for the link though. very insightful. I read it somewhere for every death there is 1000 or 10,000 infected in the population or something. I just wanted to confirm if it’s 1000 or 10000

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MarshmallowManiac Tue 14-Apr-20 10:58:36

Thanks for the new thread Sprayitall, and hope you're all coping in this horrendous situation. Also want to thank Bellini and co for all the help re preparing on the Brexit threads, and getting me to prepare for all the situations life throws at you like sickness (who could have known confused ), bad weather, and lack of money. Also extremely grateful that I bought my spare freezer, and will definitely continue in this vein to prepare for the horrific situation that is Brexit at the end of the year!

Funkycats Tue 14-Apr-20 17:49:32

Hello. Thank you for the new thread. As always, I am so grateful for these threads. We are OK, and have been able to help friends and foodbank.
I do wish I'd bought some new glasses though. My lenses have the anti reflective coating flaking off sad

Weedsnseeds1 Tue 14-Apr-20 18:07:11

Neome, sorry to hear your news.

Weedsnseeds1 Tue 14-Apr-20 18:11:54

I lost this thread for a while, but found you all now.
The great yeast experiment.
From left to right raisin, sourdough and fig.
So raisin winning at the moment!
Spratitalk the yoghurt was amazing, best I have ever made - double cream is definitely the key. If you used to have curd from buffalo milk, that is higher fat (10% to 4% in cows, milk) so might be a good match.

Oxyiz Wed 15-Apr-20 08:31:58

Morning all!

Is anyone here an expert on home made masks?

I'm wondering if this would do as an internal filter but don't want to poison us! cooker hood filter

Weedsnseeds1 Wed 15-Apr-20 08:32:18

Raisin yeast this morning. Its a little excitable.
The other too are plodding along nicely, but not like this!

Weedsnseeds1 Wed 15-Apr-20 08:34:23

Oxyiz I know nothing about masks but the charcoal element in that cooker filter is there as an odour neutraliser, so can't imagine it does much for viruses!

Oxyiz Wed 15-Apr-20 08:46:43

Yes good point! I think I'm clutching at straws grin

We actually had lots of FFP2 and FFP3 masks, bought a few years ago that were due to go out of date in June. The hospital near us did an appeal for any spare masks so I took them over there.

Since then I've been using home made cotton ones when we need them, and from everything I've read online they're better than nothing at all, but it would be nice to have extra internal filters if possible.

Barbararara Wed 15-Apr-20 08:54:13

Can I pop in and say hi. I’ve lurked on these threads and am very grateful for the tips I’ve picked up. I’m following the yeast experiments with interest.
It’s been over four weeks since I’ve been out but my preps are depleting fast. It’s been a long time since I’ve opened anything without another one or two in reserve and it makes me seriously anxious. If everyone in my family were as flexible as I am we could manage another month or six weeks but I have a ds with asd who is just not able to manage change. Even as it is the taste of our regular milk has changed and he can’t bear it and is now refusing cereal.
@Oxyiz this article suggests using vacuum cleaner bags and also goes through a few things not to use that may contain materials like fibreglass that you do not want to be breathing. It’s US based so I’m not sure if the same materials would be allowed over here.

Weedsnseeds1 Wed 15-Apr-20 10:18:56

Yes, you can get HEPA filters here, which would be a reasonable level of filtration. It's what they use for high risk areas in foid factories, on the air handling units. Or F7.

Oxyiz Wed 15-Apr-20 11:11:43

Yes I'm terrified of accidentally inhaling fibre glass. We had work done in a bathroom once and it was everywhere. Tiny shards of glass really freak me out!

Do you think ordinary hoover bags here are safe then?

Weedsnseeds1 Wed 15-Apr-20 11:27:40

If you know what brand then you should be able to find the safety data sheet (MSDS) on line, so you can check the components and any health warnings

Graphista Wed 15-Apr-20 15:47:16

@Neome so very sorry for your loss thanks

Thanks for new thread op. I've not posted for a few days as struggling mentally. Some anniversaries relating to non covid losses and also people I know very sick in hospital.

Hope everyone otherwise doing ok.

I've deliveries booked next couple weeks but despite checking several supermarkets daily no new slots opening up. I had hoped things would be easing up slightly by now, apparently not.

I'm ok food wise it's other stuff I'm having trouble getting.

Graphista Wed 15-Apr-20 21:38:36

Geez hope I haven't killed the thread!!

LeGrandBleu Wed 15-Apr-20 22:01:34

On this DIY PPE open Facebook group created by a doctor and with addition from many doctors in the USA< there are a tons of models of homemade facemarks and even analysis and tests on which materials to use. In several of the posts, the issue of risk from HEPA bag was addressed
The group:

Shortcut to the analysis on materials

CovoidanceMechanism Thu 16-Apr-20 01:47:18

Hello lovely friends and fellow preppers.

Today I’m feeling tired and sad but I do feel all the prepping has made a very difficult time less of a nightmare.

bellinisurge Thu 16-Apr-20 06:58:37

I agree. Lots of things getting to me here and there from time to time but food supply isn't one.
And then I keep reminding myself that the things getting to me are wonderfully trivial and I'm lucky not to have more serious challenges.

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