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Is it true that the earlier you have an abortion, the less the pain?

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hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 14:55:39

Is the above true? Can anyone share their experiences? I've had an abortion before and the pain was excruciating. However, this time it will be much earlier so I'm just wondering if the pain will be the same?

SerfTerf Fri 18-Aug-17 14:56:24

Did you not have anaesthesia?

hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 14:57:15

@SerfTerf it's a medical termination. They will provide painkillers but they didn't make much of a difference last time.

ButtHoleinOne Fri 18-Aug-17 14:58:26

I had a very early medical termination and little pain. Just felt crap. How far along were you last time?

BertieBotts Fri 18-Aug-17 14:59:09

I think it depends on the type of abortion. If you have a medical one (pills) you are effectively inducing a miscarriage, which does tend to be less painful the earlier it happens.

For surgical I'm not sure but I would have thought as pp says that they would provide pain relief?

hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 14:59:41

@ButtHoleinOne I was 8weeks +5 last time. This time it will be around 5/6 weeks.

hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 15:00:54

@ButtHoleinOne a lot of people say the surgical is way less painful but it means spending your time in hospital which I can't afford to do.

SerfTerf Fri 18-Aug-17 15:00:59

I didn't realise the window for a medical procedure was big enough to allow for "much earlier".

I can tell you that in my experience earlier spontaneous miscarriages are more manageable then later ones.


hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 15:01:58

@SerfTerf phew. I'm feeling less crap now. Thanks for the reassurance.

Mrsfloss Fri 18-Aug-17 15:02:06

Sorry I'm really struggling with this

SerfTerf Fri 18-Aug-17 15:03:17

Different women, different lives, different circumstances Mrsf. Use your imagination and be nice.

Handsoffmysweets Fri 18-Aug-17 15:06:48

What are you struggling with Mrs?

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 18-Aug-17 15:10:51

Hi all,

We're just moving this over to pregnancy choices because we think it's a better place for the thread.


JoshGrobansFurryHamster Fri 18-Aug-17 15:11:14

I have had numerous miscarriages

In some instances I had to take Misoprostol..

Anyway blah blah

Only one was "bad" and was comparable to labour - and that was the 6 week miscarriage

I found the later ones at 8- 13 weeks were much easier

I don't judge any circumstances and I wish you the best of luck flowers

ButtHoleinOne Fri 18-Aug-17 15:11:56

sorry I'm really struggling with thus

hmm well handy it's the op having one and not you.

Sorry op I misunderstood the terminology, I had mine in hospital under GA, not a pill. It was easy and most of the blood and stuff was dealt with there

JessicaEccles Fri 18-Aug-17 15:12:27

I had the surgical very early on, and was able to leave the same day. It was no worse than a bad period.

ButtHoleinOne Fri 18-Aug-17 15:14:59

I was only in hospital a few hours.

hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 15:17:59

@JoshGrobansFurryHamster thanks for your support. I found my later one really difficult. I felt like I was going to faint. However, I never felt like that during labour despite being in pain for 29 hours!

hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 15:19:05

@JessicaEccles @ButtHoleinOne ahh ok. There are a lot of advantages of the surgical one.

Poppysmamma Fri 18-Aug-17 15:21:43

I had a medical at 5-6 weeks, it was very painful the same as labour, if not worse (possibly pyscological but even so).
Unfortunately I had to have another abortion at 7 weeks and opted for the surgical which was much better, I don't actually remember it but was given local anaesthetic.
If you're taking time into account, the surgical is over in minutes and I only had to stay for an hour after, whereas medical took hours and I was a wreck for days.

SerfTerf Fri 18-Aug-17 15:22:44

Is childcare the problem?

hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 15:24:01

@Poppysmamma did you have it done through bpas?

hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 15:24:50

@SerfTerf my husband will be home with me but my baby is breastfed so I will need to feed him at night. Hopefully I will feel better by then.

LifeIsGooed Fri 18-Aug-17 15:30:39

Surgical definitely not so bad. I'm having the procedure done tomorrow and I'm 6 weeks.

I chose to do surgical over medical because other women have told me the pain can be excruciating and I won't be able to feed DD (1.5) for 48 hours. She won't go that long without a feed.

hahavzv Fri 18-Aug-17 15:36:09

@LifeIsGooed confusedcan you not breastfeed if you take the pills?

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