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Is is completely ok to drink alcohol free beer when pregnant?

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BrownPaperandString Mon 14-Jun-10 19:41:52

Or does it have things in it that could be harmful for the baby? Does anyone know?

japhrimel Mon 14-Jun-10 19:54:38

Hope not as I've had some! smile

I just searched for details and found the link below to check the ingredients. There's nothing in there that would be an issue and the alcohol content is so low, you'd have to drink something like 100 bottles to go over the safe pregnancy limit.

StealthPolarBear Mon 14-Jun-10 19:55:19

I always assuned so - never had that much as I went off it slightly.

martini82 Mon 14-Jun-10 20:03:08

i drank lots if it when i was pregnant with ds3 and had no probs! beer and chocolate was all i craved all day every day!!!!

BrownPaperandString Mon 14-Jun-10 20:49:08


IMoveTheStars Mon 14-Jun-10 20:51:36


skihorse Tue 15-Jun-10 03:51:41


giddywithglee Tue 15-Jun-10 09:05:07

I should buy shares in Becks Blue as I've drunk so much of it!

PrivetDancer Tue 15-Jun-10 09:07:23

Wow. There's paranoid and there's paranoid!

vmcd28 Tue 15-Jun-10 10:56:48

Becks Blue is great. It's only something like 0.01%, so virtually non-existant! It's just fizzy juice, really!

notnowbernard Tue 15-Jun-10 11:00:00

If I wanted a beer that badly I would savour and enjoy a bottle of the proper stuff

Ditto wine

As long as you're sensible and not hammering it every night I really don't think it's a problem?

vmcd28 Tue 15-Jun-10 12:59:56

But becks blue is no different from drinking, say, lemonade, so there's no need to drink the real stuff uf you've chosen to stay away from alcohol.

anyabanya Tue 15-Jun-10 13:05:19

I have drunk so much of becks blue that it now makes me sick. (And was told off for it by a mate of DH who said that it still has some alcohol in it... while he was getting smashed on guiness).

vmcd28 Tue 15-Jun-10 16:36:50

It's 0.01%, which equates to 0.0033 units. You'd need to drink 300 to have ONE unit of alcohol!!!!!!!!!! I bet you only drank 3 or 4 a night at the VERY most!

PickleSarnie Tue 15-Jun-10 17:35:56

Tesco Low Alcohol cider is lovely for the non beer drinkers.

You can drink 3 pints of the stuff and it only adds up to 0.9 units in total.

I'd probably get waterlogged and spend too much drinking time on the toilet before I managed to get to 3 pints but still, it's a nice idea.

ReshapeWhileDamp Tue 15-Jun-10 17:41:31

Yes, of course! smile

I just wish they did low-alcohol real ale... sad Beer is what I miss when pregnant, not wine. But I allow myself the odd 1/4 pint - it's really not a problem if it's once or twice a month.

Waitrose low-alcohol cider is nice, too. smile I think it's about .5% or something.

minaruiva Sat 08-Aug-15 21:45:17

Just discovered a really nice alcohol free beer: Bavaria Holland. Found it on morrisons.

FrancesOldhamKelseyRIP Sat 08-Aug-15 21:48:04

Bavaria 0% Witbier is nice too. There are some beers that are nearly 0.5% which is still tiny unless you're drinking ten of them, but if you read the small print carefully it's easy to tell the difference.

ToddleWaddle Sat 08-Aug-15 21:53:41

Drinking Bavaria Holland as I type!

NoArmaniNoPunani Sat 08-Aug-15 22:04:30

I need to give this a try. I've not been very impressed with the alcohol free wine I've tasted.

Nousername2015 Sat 08-Aug-15 22:09:55

I also enjoy a bavaria holland every now and again! I did find alcohol free Scheider Weisse in a bar once and it was lovely... And £4.50 a bottle!! I second reshape, done nothing but crave pints of porter whilst pregnant, alcohol free real ale would certainly get my custom.

Blueberrybaby Sat 08-Aug-15 22:59:12

Bavaria is great. I find that Becks Blue has a yucky aftertaste and I don't enjoy it unless I make a shandy with it. Whereas Bavaria has no aftertaste and you can almost (almost!) convince yourself it is the real thing.

badgerpillow Sun 09-Aug-15 06:31:55

Sainsbury's do a very nice alcohol free sparkling wine. It's the only thing I've found that tastes even slightly like sparkling wine!

FindingNormal Sun 09-Aug-15 06:43:44

Another vote for Bavaria and also try erdinger. Couldn't actually face anything that tasted beery whilst pregnant mind you so this is based on when I was ttc x

Runningupthathill82 Sun 09-Aug-15 06:55:59

If anything, it's good for you!
Erdinger Alciholfrei even has folic acid in it.

Becks Blue is vile stuff, but there are some lovely alcohol-free craft beers and ales out there. I like Veltins and Erdinger, and Brewdog do a dark ale which is good too, called Nanny State.

I also like Stowford Press alcohol free cider.

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