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30 weeks today! Anyone else counting down?

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Castlelough Mon 27-Oct-14 09:12:17

Hi ladies just wondering if anyone would like to join me on the final countdown from 30 weeks to newborn?!

I see there is another thread on here but the ladies are all at the end of their journey now, so was hoping to find some other mamas-to-be to natter with over the final stretch...!

Ducky23 Mon 27-Oct-14 09:13:45

Ohhhh was hoping someone would start one of these! I am 31+4 grin

Castlelough Mon 27-Oct-14 09:55:04

Hi Ducky! grin
How are you doing?
This is %231 for me so I have no idea what's ahead of me, but I'm excited to be getting nearer to meeting my little baby! grin

Was very sick from 8w-16w but have been in flying form ever since then, thankfully!

Castlelough Mon 27-Oct-14 09:56:20

That would be: baby number 1. The hash key doesn't seem to work. blush

cheesecakemom Mon 27-Oct-14 10:01:02

Hello! 30+ 2 today - I'm more than counting down. It's getting uncomfortable. It seemed to go really fast until I hit 28 weeks!

I also can't wait smile

sallygib Mon 27-Oct-14 10:01:05

Yes please! I'm 29+2 but still counts right?

The beginnings of pregnancy impatience have kicked in this weekend. Went to the (not as hectic as anticipated!) Baby Show yesterday and got nearly all the essentials so feeling semi-prepared.

Hoping that the run up to Christmas/ NCT and work will make the next couple of months fly by!

Ducky23 Mon 27-Oct-14 10:12:06

This is number 2 for me! I had a little girl in feb who was stillborn sad I was terribly sick with her for a big chunk of my pg but this time have been fine!

Starting to get difficulties with sleeping at night though with pain in my hips, toilet trips and heartburn! Luckily I am already on mat leave though!

Will be being induced around 37-38 week mark. Scary!

How's everyone else feeling? Does everyone know what they're havig?

Cheesecake weren't you on our TTC thread? Seems like only yesterday doesn't it!

TeaRex Mon 27-Oct-14 10:36:12

Hi! I was hoping someone would start one too smile i was too chicken.
I'm due Jan 2nd so 30+3 today if you go by scan dates though I thought I was due around the 7th of Jan. I've got a DD (who was overdue and induced so I'm assuming that's where I'll be heading with this one) and I had a MMC in January of this year.
Ducky I'm so sorry to hear about your little girl flowers It can't be long for you left until you meet this baby if you're being induced!? Very exciting smile though understandably scary for you x
I'm sleeping terribly, bad hip pain/restless legs and good old pregnancy insomnia. I go on mat leave on Dec 4th though so cannot wait! Don't really feel like I've had any time to get ready for this one as so tired so very much looking forward to having a couple of weeks to waddle around the house and prepare smile

SpruceSpringClean Mon 27-Oct-14 11:37:40

Hi Everyone

I'm 29+3 with no 3. Don't know what the gender is but my youngest son would like a dinosaur. I think he may be disappointed!

Physically this pregnancy so far has been easy but emotionally hard as I've had 3 previous mcs and I spent the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy expecting it to happen again. Also in the process of trying to sell our house along with thinking about relocating too. And if that wasn't enough I'm dreading seeing the pils when the baby's born which I'm trying not to think about too much.

Ducky, wishing you all the best flowers

Ducky23 Mon 27-Oct-14 11:54:10

Tea sorry about the mmc sad bet you can't wait for mat leave! 6 weeks to go for me! Scary stuff!

Spruce a dinosaur! grin That made me chuckle! Sorry about the mc's... It's an awful thing to have to go through. How come you are worried about pil? I have the mil from hell so am worried what she will be like when ds is born, he lives quite far away and expects us to travel to her all the time... I can also see Christmas arguments happening with her soon! grin

katiegee Mon 27-Oct-14 12:15:18

Ducky - so sorry to hear that about your little girl.

I'm 33 weeks with our first baby and definitely getting impatient now. Only another five weeks of work, can't wait to get finished. We don't know officially what we're having but both thinking a boy. I have a scan on Friday morning as baby has been measuring big from 20 weeks, if he's still big I'm looking at either induction or a c section. I'm absolutely terrified of having a c section and feel like such a hypocrite as I'm an anesthetist and have looked after many women during their c sections. I'm a terrible patient though!

Ducky23 Mon 27-Oct-14 12:17:43

Thank you Katie! Your working until late! Have you been feeling ok? I'm terrified of c section too! confused

Bugaboom Mon 27-Oct-14 13:04:04

I'm 30+ 3. Seriously counting down. 6 more weeks at work. Exhausted, spd, and an energetic 2 year old to deal with!

Hi ducky I was on a TCC thread with you smile
Spruce share your pil concerns. My mil was hard work when I had a newborn the last time.

Ducky23 Mon 27-Oct-14 13:11:51

Hi boom!! grin

Do you know what your having?

What do you mean about mil? Mines a nightmare anyway so am gettig scared! grin

katiegee Mon 27-Oct-14 13:14:31

Ducky - I know, I've had patients tell me I'm insane for working that late! But my thinking is, I generally feel okay and I'd rather have the time off once the baby is here. If that changes over the next few weeks I'll finish up a bit earlier.

Restless legs here too, and haven't been sleeping the greatest but can't really complain. The constant need to pee is unreal though! I think I was up four times during the night on Friday. My mum takes great pleasure in tellling me my bladder will never be the same again!

Bugaboom Mon 27-Oct-14 13:20:06

No I don't know what we're having but everyone is guessing girl and DS keeps saying sister.
MIL is usually ok, but we're not particularly close. She's just quite opinionated on parenting and was quite critical of everything the last time. She also expects to hold baby all the time (even though I breastfed) and I found it really stressful that I had to ask for him back. Especially when her response was "he doesn't need a feed he just needs comfort". Which is pretty much the same thing in my book! Luckily they live quite far away but it does mean we have to have them for a few days which is intense

cheshirem2b Mon 27-Oct-14 13:25:37

Hurray! A 30 week bus! I'm 30+4 and most definitely on the countdown. I'll be honest, I've had an easy pregnancy - no ms, sleeping reasonably well, etc etc - but have recently been diagnosed with GD so I'm missing my chocolate now and have my first GD clinic on Wednesday. I'm due 1/1/15 however GD might mean baby is born earlier than that and now I've got my heart set on having a baby for Christmas! This is DC#1! Excited!

chiruri Mon 27-Oct-14 13:26:10

Hi ladies!
29 weeks exactly today with number 1. Getting a bit impatient already! A whole 7 weeks left at work, too!

liesal79 Mon 27-Oct-14 14:01:10

Hi All - I am 31+6. Leaving work in 3 weeks as I have GD and am being induced early!
Ducky - sorry to hear about your lost - that is my worse fear - after successfully managing to get past the miscarriage stage. This is pregnancy number 7 for me, no children as yet! sad

Bugaboom Mon 27-Oct-14 14:03:04

liesal flowers. When are you being induced?

SpruceSpringClean Mon 27-Oct-14 14:09:15

Ducky - Re Pils, basically the last time they visited I lost my temper, just the level of drinking that goes on whenever they come and I'd just had enough, especially as I have a teenage son. They still think getting pissed in front of their gc is perfectly reasonable. They vowed never to visit again but I'm sure this will change when dc3 is born.

tomanyanimals Mon 27-Oct-14 14:23:18

Can I join I'm 32 weeks today dc2 another boy been ok apart from early labour which thankfully stopped and I liked passing out all the time up to 28 weeks so glad that's stopped now and can't wait to meet the little munchkin

Ducky23 Mon 27-Oct-14 14:53:24

Oh liesal how awful sad it was the worst thing I have ever been through but it isn't very common. Hopefully your being monitored closely due to your GD?

Ooohhh im dreading the mil now! confused

Toomany that sounds scary! Glad your feeling better now though!

sallygib Mon 27-Oct-14 15:21:23

So good to hear from others in the same position and fingers crossed for everyone!

Currently on half-term then going back for 6 weeks which I'm dreading as I could definitely get used to being off work! Just can't wait till I've got the little one to share it with.

First pregnancy and everything is new as also the first out of my friends to have a baby. Currently finding sleeping a struggle as I wake up tense and uncomfortable and find it hard to get back to sleep. Have been trying doing some of the techniques we do in yoga when I wake up but guessing broken sleep is just something I'll be getting used to now!

How prepared is everyone feeling so far? hospital bags packed etc?

TeaRex Mon 27-Oct-14 15:24:48

Liesal I'd missed that you were being induced early on the other thread, chin up and stay positive, not long to go and you'll finally be able to breath out and relax hopefully flowers

Forgot to say that I'm having a boy, feels very strange as I have a dd I guess I'd just assumed I'd have another girl as couldn't picture having a boy iyswim, but we really didn't care what we were having, we were just too impatient to wait to find out smile

Just to put a spin on things my FIL was actually worse than my MIL smile they're both lovely people but they were just so excited that it became about what they wanted rather than what my dd/i needed. Manged to distance myself a wee bit and let a lot wash over me and it did get better/easier so if your IL's are generally lovely I'd advise to try and grit your teeth for a bit and hopefully all will be okay x

Cheshire that's good you've had an easy pregnancy but I feel sorry for you not being allowed chocolate! think I'd go mad!

Quite a few ladies here being induced early, they'll be babies arriving quite soon then smile exciting! xxx

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