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Anyone had cyclogest

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RJM17 Thu 21-Mar-13 10:47:15

Has anyone else been given cyclogest in early pregnancy??
I went for an early scan yesterday and because I have had previous miscarriages they have put me on aspirin once a day and cyclogest pessaries of an evening. And I just wouldn't if anyone else had had the same thing? Just that I had never heard of this until I went for the scan yesterday but the nurse said it will strengthens womb and give me a higher chance of a successful pregnancy.
Any advice or information on using these would be much appreciated. Xx

HappyJoyful Thu 21-Mar-13 10:51:00

I had IVF and cyclogest.. on my 5th (and successful cycle) I also had a soluble aspirin once a day.
My colleagues wife sadly had a number of miscarriages and eventually she was prescribed cyclogest and aspirin - they now have a 3yr old daughter.
I wouldn't hesitate in having it.
Good luck and fingers crossed it's the magic ingredient for you too.

RJM17 Thu 21-Mar-13 11:40:19

Thank u that makes me feel a lot better about taking it. They didn't really give me much information on it and just said it would help so I wanted to check what others thought x

leniwhite Thu 21-Mar-13 11:47:12

I took cyclogest, aspirin and gestone by injection and got pregnant on my second cycle of ivf. My doc actually said it wouldn't stop miscarriage if was going to happen, but that it just helped boost hormone levels to support the pregnancy. It certainly doesn't hurt to have it that's for sure!

RJM17 Thu 21-Mar-13 17:29:20

Thank u. I am going to take it as anything that can help my little pea grow I will do!! Where u given any other advice of what to do to help give baby a good chance? X

Kelly1814 Thu 21-Mar-13 18:48:32

I've been using cyclogest since I had some early bleeding at about 6/7 weeks. I'm now 10.5 and there's Ben no bleeding since, still using them.

400 mg each nght before bed.

Doc said to use them until 12 week scan and then will re assess. Deff worth it, despite the horrendous constipation the pessaries seem to give me!

dizzy77 Thu 21-Mar-13 18:54:40

I was prescribed from 21wks due to shortened cervix (29wks now), will have to take till 34 if I make it that far. I was told they reduce muscular contractions generally hence the lovely digestive side effects. I've had a rotten cough for the last few weeks and finding them hard work pelvic floor of steel shoots it out after sustained coughing and asked if I could have them orally when renewing my prescription yesterday but no dice.

TattyCatty Thu 21-Mar-13 19:01:44

I had Cyclogest, Aspirin and Clexane in the early weeks of my pregnancy due to a blood clotting disorder that gives an increased risk of miscarriage. Stopped the Clexane at around 8 weeks, and Cyclogest at 10 weeks, but continued with the Aspirin until around 34 weeks.

Dizzy - I totally sympathise with the combination of a cough and trying to keep the beggers in. You might want to try the, ahem, back door rather than front door method..... The mere thought of it freaked me out when I was pregnant, but once I'd had DD and was then prescribed Cyclogest again for PND, there was no way that my destroyed pelvic floor was going to hold 'em in!

RJM17 Thu 21-Mar-13 19:06:15

Thanks everyone. I have been told to use them until 12 week scan but only on 200mg per night and one aspirin a day which they said I will take until I have the baby.
I have another scan in 2 weeks to make sure everything is still ok so I'm a nervous wreck waiting for that x

OddBoots Thu 21-Mar-13 19:08:07

I'm another who had them post IVF, they are much less messy by the rear.

4everhopeful Thu 21-Mar-13 20:19:10

Another one here had them for recurrent miscarriage (6), 200mg morning and night til 18wks, along with 75mg aspirin once a day til birth... Did the same with our miracle DD who's 3 in May, and I'm currently 23+3.... so far so good, fingers crossed! confused Good luck OP! smile

dizzy77 Thu 21-Mar-13 21:35:14

tatty grin thank you for the, ahem, suggestion! I had considered this and have decided on balance that given the increased blood flow to the whole area down there if they just nestle some nights they'll be effective enough. Not completely averse but bathroomless at the moment due to a refit so it's another joyous pregnancy indignity I can share with my DH in our bedroom we've been together 16 years and I think this is the first time he's witnessed me changing a pant liner, sigh.

RJM17 Thu 21-Mar-13 23:02:03

Sounds like it helps so I will persevere and hopefully it will have the desired effect!! X

Pudgy2011 Fri 22-Mar-13 02:02:21

I had to have them up until 12 weeks along with baby aspirin.
I had PCOS and high risk of loss and the OBGYN put me straight on cyclogest as soon as I peed on the stick.
I think it will be the same the next time round too.

RJM17 Fri 22-Mar-13 10:08:07

Yeah that's how long I'm on them for I think. But to be honest I would do anything if it gave our little pea a better chance x

Havingkittens Fri 22-Mar-13 10:26:26

I was on them until 16 weeks. Definitely preferable up the "tradesmen's"! Far less fallout during the day. I took them in conjunction with a wide array of other meds to keep my immune system in check and am now 37 weeks.

RJM17 Fri 22-Mar-13 10:54:10

I only have to take them of an evening so I don't have the problem of them falling out as I just put them in before I go to bed x

Pocket1 Fri 22-Mar-13 22:49:37

Hi RGM17 congrats on your pregnancy.Progesterone levels are key during early pregnancy - your placenta will take over at about 12 weeks but prior to that, we sometimes need a bit of a boost. I had cyclogest for recent ivf treatment - you can put them in the back or the front. I was told to lie down 15 mins or so after to let them do their thing. You will get used to them. Good luck!

Queeni5 Thu 13-Nov-14 18:18:35

I'm five weeks pregnant and my dr put me on cyclogest.200mg for the next two weeks but only 1 per this right? can someone please give me a relieving answer please ladies...

TheScenicRoute Sat 15-Nov-14 11:27:10

I'm unsure, what were the circumstances in needing it in the first place? I was on 200mg twice daily from egg transfer (IVF) to 12 weeks. Don't worry about its safety. Are you worried about the spaced out doses? Many be its being prescribed for some completely different and that's why the dose seems differently?

LadyStinky Sat 15-Nov-14 17:18:44

I had two miscarriages this year, I have PCOS. I read an article about a lady in a similar situation who was prescribed progesterone, so when I found out I had fallen pregnant again, I went straight to my GP and demanded asked for some!
I stopped taking them at about 13 weeks.
I went up the, ahem, front entrance as that seemed a bit more natural than up the rear, just like inserting a non applicator tampon... A bit messy when they begin to melt, so be sure to use a panty liner otherwise you're left with a greasy puddle!
I'm currently 20 weeks, and so far so good.
Good luck with your pregnancy!!!

chestylaroo Sun 16-Nov-14 14:01:10

I'm 4 weeks... Been taking cyclogest since day 18 but 400mg twice daily... Seems a lot but it's what they gave me... Had a mmc in August so begged for it as I'm also on clomid... Fingers crossed it helps this one stick !

Chudders2012 Tue 22-Sep-15 20:15:13

I did a lot of research in to progesterone for early miscarriages after suffering two myself. There is an outline of the Cochrane review in to the matter here:

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my first child after showing the research to my doctor and demanding he prescribe progesterone so I believe it works.

Extraawesome Mon 06-Mar-17 01:09:51

Hi everyone! I know this is an old thread but I'm hoping you guys could give me a second of your time to answer a question. I suffered multiple miscarriages and so was prescribed cyclogest to hopefully help my then 5 week pregnancy to full term. It worked! I now have a 3 year old boy but at 2 years old he was diagnosed with Mosaic Down's Syndrome. I'm wondering if the cyclogest could have played a part in creating the extra chromosome. So my question to you ladies is.. has anyone else given birth to a child with downs after being treated with cyclogest? Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change my son for all the world but it would be good to understand what happened. Thanks in advance smile

Blueroses99 Mon 06-Mar-17 08:39:43

No that's not possible. Extra progesterone given in pregnancy (via Cyclogest in this case) helps the mother's body support the pregnancy. It has no affect on the DNA or chromosomes of the baby, which were formed weeks before the mother even knew she was pregnant and started taking Cyclogest. The DNA is formed at the moment of conception. If you had done IVF with PGD, the extra chromosome would have been picked up prior to implantation in the mother so nothing that you do subsequently could have affected the chromosomes.

I've gone through IVF a few times which puts conception into a very clinical, factual perspective.

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