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Laura Ashley/Creme Egg graduates - pregnant after MC

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Bakingtins Tue 26-Feb-13 21:41:37

A place to carry on chatting after a BFP and support each other through the stressful bits. I hope to see many new graduates appearing....

BettyFlutterbly Mon 04-Mar-13 23:31:34

Hi ladies.
Sorry not posting much I never seem to stop!
My sis is coming to visit me on Weds, I can't wait for her to see the bump! I suppose I won't get to UK now before baby is born which is crap.

I am self employed so my maternity leave will be a bit different I think. We only get four months anyway in Spain but with dd I just didn't work much for at least a year and just taught the odd class.

My bump is pretty big now and I have been in maternity wear for ages. Im am just little too at less than 5ft. I was all bump with dd but am already gonna have to buy some bigger knickers this time!!

Are you all sleeping on your side? I'm tossing and turning all night at the moment.

Baking how are you?

Bakingtins Tue 05-Mar-13 03:03:50

Not great. Progressed to full on bleeding and cramping so think it's all over. I'll go to the scan anyway to have it confirmed (holding on to false hope about vanishing twins and the like) but I think I'm out. Don't let it put a damper on the thread though.

Bakingtins Fri 08-Mar-13 19:35:03

Ladies, please don't let me be a blight on the thread, I want you all to keep chatting now you've reconnected.

BumpKitty Fri 08-Mar-13 20:06:33

hi everyone, there's been a few BFPs on the creme egg thread so we're all going to join you.

baking I hope the tests show something that can be sorted and we see you back here soon xxx

GaryBuseysTeeth Fri 08-Mar-13 22:26:41

Baking, I hope the next few months are kinder to you ttc & hope to hear positive news from you soon. x

Almond, I'm 18wks (tomorrow!) and in maternity wear. Didn't get into this stuff until about 28wks with DS. and like you..huge boobs.

Betty, hope you've been having a wonderful time seeing your sister!
Tossing & turning all night here, thankfully leg cramps haven't started yet.

Does anyone feel that, because you've had a mc, you're being a bad sport for complaining about pregnancy related aches & annoyances?

I feel as though I should be enjoy this more than I am, and feel like a selfish cow when I catch myself moaning about something.

Bump, Congrats! I've seen how many BFP's came out today, amazing, look forward to welcoming everyone here.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

andadietcoke Sat 09-Mar-13 08:45:54

Yes, Gary I start every sentence at home with 'I'm not complaining but...' And then feel bad.

I had my scan yesterday and all was well but they couldn't do any of the measurements (NT or EDD) because one twin was stretching and one twin was all curled up. I'd got into a right state about it, so have been off here for a few days and missed baking's news. I'm so sorry.

Bump congratulations! I can't believe there were three yesterday. I was sat in the ultrasound waiting room deciding it was a good omen smile So looking forward to having you all over here.

Bodicea Sat 09-Mar-13 08:49:49

hey marking my place tentatively on the graduate thread.
Feeling like crap today. Boobs even more enormous feel like they are about to pop and aching everywhere and feeling ratty. Might be the combination of caffeine withdrawal and being pregnant but this feels worse than the last two times I was PG. I suppose that is a good sign.
Got my to little nieces coming to stay with me for the day in half an hour. Hoping I can work up some energy.

Baking hope your tests can give you some help. They worked out a turning point for me so hopefully they will give you some answers too. I am pretty sure if you stamp your feet you can get it on the NHS x

BumpKitty Sat 09-Mar-13 12:38:45

thanks anda will you be having another scan then or do you just have to wait till 20 weeks? In any case I'm glad you got a chance to see your babies grin that'll be the naughty one that was all stretched out smile

Bod good luck with the nieces, you are a very good aunty. I have agreed to have my brother's one year old for a day in April when his nursery is shut and I'm tired just thinking about it - he literally does not keep still!

andadietcoke Sat 09-Mar-13 12:46:17

Yep, another scan on Tuesday. I thought I was going to get an extra one at 16w but I was told yesterday that wasn't the case at my hospital so I'll take any extra scans I can get! Then it'll only be 6 weeks to 20w and the next one.

BumpKitty Sat 09-Mar-13 13:30:43

Oh that's good fx they are more cooperative this time xx

shellshock7 Sun 10-Mar-13 08:49:58

Hi everyone, good to see some familiar faces over here. Just marking my place really, will prob wait to (hopefully) pass a few milestones before joining properly smile

gary I had PGP with DS and hated moaning as I was just so grateful to be PG....I've found myself thinking if this one sticks I won't complain at all...but I know I will! blush

andadietcoke Sun 10-Mar-13 09:49:38

Hi Shell, congratulations! I know exactly what you mean about milestones. Although saying that, when they went out of the window because I'm too impatient and need to talk about things nothing bad happened wink

I'm so superstitious. I've refused to buy the maternity clothes I desperately needed until after the scan, and then last night I had a bit of a panic that the NT measurements would be disastrous and so have hidden all my maternity clothes and all the bounty/Emma's diary freebies.

GaryBuseysTeeth Sun 10-Mar-13 11:51:44

Welcome shell! I stuck my fingers in my ears over this pg until the first scan, so hope you feel confident about joining in properly soon.
Welcome Bod, hope you had a wonderful time looking after your nieces.

dietcoke, I wasn't going to wear maternity until after 20wk scan, but I've been in it since 17wks...good luck for your scan on Tuesday!
It took 20mins to get this one's NT measurment, and she kept on saying 'Just a minute, just need to double check' over again, really thought it was going to be bad news! Grrrrh.

shellshock7 Sun 10-Mar-13 13:39:07

God, I was in maternity trousers at 7weeks last time shock

BettyFlutterbly Wed 13-Mar-13 00:02:15

Congratulatuions graduates!

Baking I'm really really sorry. I hope you'll be here again boasting your next bfp very soon.

When I was ttc I was desperate to have symptoms and now I feel like I really shouldn't complain about them. Tbh I think it is as much working and having a toddler that tires me out.

I'm 18 weeks today. My sis felt the baby kick yesterday, which is so nice as she goes home tomorrow and probably won't see the baby until xmas.

I must get some sleep-dd has just woken up what timing!!

Night x

IBelieveInPink Wed 13-Mar-13 07:19:06

Okay I wasn't going to join in until I more sure. I was just hovering quietly in the background. But I have to pipe up , dietcoke how did your second scan go? smile
I will resume lurking now..... At least until next week (first milestone)

andadietcoke Wed 13-Mar-13 07:38:42

Argh, I forgot to reply to your PM - sorry. It was okay(ish). Both NT measurements were under what I'd hoped for, but one twin was measured at 14w (from OPKs I can't be more that 13+4) and one twin at 12+3 so quite a big difference. I've been looking at the scan photos and the little twin is all curled up and the big one is all stretched out so I think there's quite a big margin for error in there and I'm trying not to be too worried. Have to go back at 16w to check the little one is growing. Apparently it's fairly normal for one twin to be bigger, it's just the size of the difference that has panicked me.

ibip see you in a week wink

AlmondFrangipani Wed 13-Mar-13 20:48:31

Hi Girls,

Thought I would check in. We went to Egypt last week for a last freedom holiday before the bambino! Good job we did as had 19 week scan today (thankfully all was fine) but been told to expect a c-section 32-34 weeks as I have an underlying kidney condition...yikes! I really need to get my head around the baby coming early, having a c-section, baby going into special care etc etc.

Glad to see some more 'graduates'! xx

BettyFlutterbly Wed 13-Mar-13 21:11:01

It must be double the worry having two in there to think about diet!! I'm sure they'll be fine. Was the girl the smaller baby? Girls are usually a bit smaller anyway.

Wow Almond did you know about the kidney problem before the scan? Hopefully with lots of rest and a good diet the little one can grow lots and will be home with you asap. I suppose it's good that you can prepare yourself for it all happening.

I am hoping I can get my mam over here well before my due date (13th Aug) as I really don't want my ils to have dd while Im in hospital. I know it's a bit early to worry but my fil was winding me up the other day saying that he's going to feed dd all the fatty sugary stuff I don't let her have while I'm in hosp. If my mam is here then dd can be happy at home and safe!! Omg they're awful.

Ok sorry to moan, Im going to eat and try to be in bed before midnight for once!

andadietcoke Wed 13-Mar-13 21:21:33

Betty I don't know the sexes yet, but yes, that did occur to me!!

Bodicea Thu 14-Mar-13 19:30:13

Hi peeps,
days are going very slowly. Scan next Tuesday. Will be 5 and half weeks ish - poss just 5 due to long cycle. Just want this week to disappear. Not sure if will se a heart beat but hopefully it will look like a nice sac and I can get started on the clexane.

diet coke don't worry about the sizes - are they separate sacks? - they are allowed a bit of discrepancy as if they are separate eggs they can be slightly different ages - slightly anyway . Plus if one is curled and one not, that probably explains a lot.

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 14-Mar-13 20:05:12

Lurking on the ttc thread (don't feel right posting)...oooh looking forward to tomorrows POAS-watch!

diet, hope it's not worrying you too much, and you're not googling away!

Betty, your duedate is 3 days after mine, fancy a race? grin

Almond, that sounds slightly scary (early c-section), but 'glad' they're taking it seriously & you'll get to meet your baby safely. Glad you had a lovely holiday envy

Bodicea, I know how you feel! We had an early scan at 6wks...tuesday will drag for you! Morning or afternoon scan?

Not much to report here, 20wk scan is still two weeks away, can feel it kicking away most of the time which is lovely & reassuring.

Bodicea Thu 14-Mar-13 20:49:53

Morning - first thing - and I have to hide from all my colleagues as well as dodge questions as to why I am late starting my own scan list. Just realised today my boss had booked me an extra patient earlier than the scan lists usually start - we are having a baby boom - so had to tell one of my colleagues the deal to get her to cover for me. Such a nightmare they will prob all work it out.

BettyFlutterbly Thu 14-Mar-13 22:27:10

Lol Bodicea that sounds mad!

Gary you're on! Is this our first? It's my second, so maybe it'll come a bit earlier. As long as it waits until my mam arrives I don't mind!! When is your 20 week scan? Mine is 3rd April so I'll actually be 21 weeks. I can't wait!!!!!

Managed to dtd tonight (tmi?) which we both enjoyed. Poor oh is a bit neglected at the moment. I am going to bed far too late and am shattered all the time!

I said bye to my sis yesterday and I won't see her til xmas now when I'll hopefully have a four month old healthy baby in my arms.

Fingers crossed for all of you in your first trimester. Lets hope the next few weeks go quickly. X

BumpKitty Thu 14-Mar-13 22:42:48

Oooh bod I forgot you were a sonographer! Where are you based I'm sure you could sneak us all in for a few crafty scans grin

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