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November 2012 - Poor sleep-deprived mummies (and daddy)

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StuntNun Sat 06-Apr-13 22:25:47

Previous thread:

Pikz Fri 12-Apr-13 17:48:07

Ooh Dixie where will kiddicare be?

Det I too am struggling to give LO water so will listen eagerly to any advice. In terms of puke whilst rolling I just put towels down.

PR dinner sounds ace and lenses can fuck off.

LO has become very loud these last two days. Squawk screech squawk

StuntNun Fri 12-Apr-13 17:52:27


ChasingDaisy Fri 12-Apr-13 18:04:42

Ace title grin

VQ I meant to ask, how are you feeling in yourself? You mentioned a while back you were feeling a bit low.

TheDetective Fri 12-Apr-13 18:06:27

Chasing Yes it did, thank you!! I thought I had let you know, stupid brain!

I'm pee'd off though, as those dummy teethers are really hard to get hold of. We melted one through bloody sterilising it while away, so I need a pack, and they are ridiculously priced. Hmpf. But when I find them for a normal price, I'll be getting a pack for me, and a pack for O2 grin. They are really loved here!

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Fri 12-Apr-13 18:51:35

PR can we all pitch up for tea? Hope the spicy food works, you really have had more than your fair share of illness.

chasing my DS is the opposite - if hungry/tired/cross/inexplicably upset then a bottle is always the answer.

Saw a couple of school friends with babies of a similar age. One is bfing and her LO is dropping centiles week by week. Her HV advised her to start on baby rice to up his calorie intake and help put weight on. Her LO is still only 16wo. I didn't say anything as not my place, but I always thought more milk was the way to go?

PetiteRaleuse Fri 12-Apr-13 19:01:00

I'm just hoping it's not the start of my hayfever. A week after it stops freezing overnight that would be a bloody record angry

Dixiebell Fri 12-Apr-13 19:05:43

pikz and purple, I only found out about kiddicare hedge end as I pulled in there last time I was driving back from my dad's and ds1 decided he wanted to take his jumper off. Just on right at junction 7 of m27 going east. I though ooh that looks new, I'll go when ds1 is at childminders. Didn't realise it was so new it wasn't even open yet! Perhaps we could manage a quiche meet up there? I wonder if there's a cafe?

Lily311 Fri 12-Apr-13 19:24:53

We are always busy it seems. Hard to catch up with this thread.

detective have you sorted the xbox out? It's always a lottery buying things on gumtree or facebook, i only sell there but never buy.

pr it might be hayfever. Mine always flares up in April.

chasing hope Oscar is ok.

Not sure who asked but I received the sunshine kids car seat bag for my BjCm. They actually sent me the newer version for the old price and it fits perfectly the buggy. I can put up a picture on facebook if you want. It doesn't have wheels but have shoulder strap.

O had a taste of carrots today. She loved it. She looks so cute inher high chair.

ChasingDaisy Fri 12-Apr-13 19:32:03

He has gone to bed having taken 14oz all day sad

StuntNun Fri 12-Apr-13 19:34:02

J got a face full of water in the bath and started spluttering. Now I'm panicking about secondary drowning. Stupid paranoid mummy brain.

PetiteRaleuse Fri 12-Apr-13 19:35:17

He might be coming down with something Chasing - offer feeds little and often. Could be teething even (Drs' catch all diagnosis at this age....)

Pikz Fri 12-Apr-13 19:35:28

Stunt you watty? LO rolls in bath all the time and gets face full of watershockshock

PetiteRaleuse Fri 12-Apr-13 19:36:47

Don't worry Stunt I remember DD1 slipping out of my arms in the pool and felt awful. It was forgitten in minutes. Scondary drowning vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv unlikely smile

PetiteRaleuse Fri 12-Apr-13 19:37:28

My name is PR. I drop babies. blush

ChasingDaisy Fri 12-Apr-13 19:42:33

<googles secondary drowning>

There are only a few windows of opportunity where he will actually take a feed - usually when he has just woken from a nap and is still drowsy. Sometimes just before a nap when he is drowsy. But not overtired. Basically if he is awake and alert he won't feed - unless completely starving. I guess if there was something causing him pain he would be fussy with all his feeds. He feeds fine at night with no fussing which makes me think he gets distracted during the day.

TheDetective Fri 12-Apr-13 19:47:16

Stunt I dunk O at swimming. I think a faceful of bath water is cool!

But I don't know wtf secondary drowning is, but if I think about it, I can work out what you mean...!

Can someone please send me duct tape and a baby jail please. Fucking rolling. Fucking hell. He can not be put down with out a roll occuring.

Lily Yes thank you! We did! I messaged the group manager. I remembered, she is SIL's friend and next door neighbour, so she has deleted and blocked him from the group. After I posted on there not to buy from him! A guy messaged me who saw this, and he fixed it for a fiver. Excellent. Turned out the knob had taken it apart and put the drawer back in wrong buggering it up, so it just needed a new part. Took 30 minutes to do.

DS1 very happy now!

TheDetective Fri 12-Apr-13 19:48:25

Chasing, my O is very similar. It is only these last 2 days he has finally started feeding larger amounts and taking at least 4 feeds in the day, and one at bedtime.

ChasingDaisy Fri 12-Apr-13 19:53:18

See, that's what worries me Dwtective as your O has reflux issues and it makes me wonder if I'm missing something.

Good news on the fixed Xbox!

Glad to hear O enjoyed carrots Lily I really cant wait to start! He has really started watching me eat now so I don't think we will make it to 26 weeks as planned. Maybe 24.

TheDetective Fri 12-Apr-13 20:00:10

He has always taken between 3-6oz since bottle fed pretty much, he has always fussed more in the day too. So it isn't just since the reflux. The reflux just added to the problem lol!

ChasingDaisy Fri 12-Apr-13 20:02:22

Ahh ok. O has never been a big feeder. And he has jumped up the centiles weight wise so I will try and relax.

TheDetective Fri 12-Apr-13 20:04:01

Yep, my O has too! Gone from 2nd, to 9th, to 25th, and now at 50th!

ChasingDaisy Fri 12-Apr-13 20:09:07

O was born at 9th, went to 25th and now 50th! They are very alike.

TheDetective Fri 12-Apr-13 20:11:41

They are indeed!!! Little twins! Except one blonde, one dark! grin

PurplePidjin Fri 12-Apr-13 20:13:02

Yes, Pikz and Dixie we neeeeeeeeeeeeeed a Kiddicare meet! I tried to organise a meet at the m+s there but no takers. Kiddicare might be the incentive us southerners need to get our arses in gear grin

Lily311 Fri 12-Apr-13 20:13:49

Good news on xbox.

I need a travel cot, thinking about the samsonite pop up bubble. It needs to be light and portable. Any other recommendations? I don't want the normal ones as they are heavy. I am watching a couple on ebay and messaged a couple on gumtree although with very cheeky offers.

Also question. I will be out for 24 hours when we fly on 3rd May. Do I take 7 sterilised bottles with me or is there an easier solution? I don't have 7 bottles so i would need to buy more. Can I wash and sterilise somehow when out and about in a country where I don't speak the language?

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