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Does your baby wake up happy?

(29 Posts)
onemumtwocountries Thu 11-May-17 10:32:18

I hear tales of babies waking up in their cots babbling to themselves, laughing etc.

DS is nearly 9 months and always wakes up crying. Always. Even if he's sleeping with me/on me. He goes from deep sleep to sobbing/screaming. He's not a good sleeper but goes down ok. Yet at every wake up he's sooo upset.

Should I be worried?

OhDearToby Thu 11-May-17 10:37:34

Dd2 does normally.

Dd1 never did. She would wake up crying until she was about 2.5. She's 7 now and she's still not a morning person!

Funnyface1 Thu 11-May-17 14:06:21

My ds always woke up happy. My dd is 8 months and if she wakes up upset then I know she's still tired and I put her dummy back in. If she's had enough sleep she wakes up happy and "talks".

MoonlightMedicine Thu 11-May-17 14:08:14

Both mine woke up crying until they reached around 3 years. Both are happy kids.

DarkFloodRises Thu 11-May-17 14:50:07

Mine always woke up crying at that age.

MuffinMaiden Thu 11-May-17 15:02:23

For naps DS is always groggy and upset. First thing in the morning, happiest kid I've ever seen!

Bubbinsmakesthree Thu 11-May-17 15:12:11

My DS always woke up with a loud cry - can't remember exactly when he stopped but certainly since toddlerhood he generally wakes up happy and sometimes chats to himself for a bit before he bothers to call for us. Much nicer when you don't have to jump out of bed to soothe them the second they wake!

MrsGB2225 Thu 11-May-17 15:14:24

My Used to always wake up crying, as he's getting older it's getting better. He mostly wakes up growling now!

chopsticky Thu 11-May-17 15:23:30

My dd is 18m and has woken up chatting about twice, all other times she's been crying, often proper tears crying.

casualobserver Thu 11-May-17 15:25:07

My dd (now 8) would wake up happy in the mornings, but when she woke after a nap she would cry and be really grizzly for a while.

glueandstick Thu 11-May-17 21:22:06

Always always happy. Which is lovely. But the odd 5am toy hurled at you with manic shrieking of excitement is just tooooo much.

RNBrie Thu 11-May-17 21:24:05

My third dc is just coming up to 11 months and has only just stopped waking up screaming. She now babbles and rolls around in her cot. Being able to roll well seems to have happened around the same time so maybe they're linked?

donajimena Thu 11-May-17 21:24:30

ohdeartoby:funny you should say that. My eldest is still a miserable fecker in the mornings and has been since birth. The youngest is happy as a lark to wake up.

LauraPalmersBodybag Thu 11-May-17 21:25:59

My dd woke up crying most days until I put teddys in her cot after she turned 1. More often than not, she now wakes up and chats to them and waits for one of us to get her.

MrsChopper Thu 11-May-17 21:29:25

DS wakes up really happy every day! If he has a nap, he sometimes gets confused as to where he is ( i.e. in his pushchair in a shop) and he gets a bit upset then but is ok as soon as he sees us

Cineraria Thu 11-May-17 21:34:15

DS suffers from a bad case of the wake up grumps. He really isn't his usual lively self until he's had something to drink preferably a boob, no, make that a double! I think perhaps his mouth gets dry and feels uncomfortable when he wakes up from night sleep or naps.

theothersideoftheworld Thu 11-May-17 21:36:35

My yongest wakes up babbling and laughing, my eldest used to wake up with a blood curdling shriek that frightened the crap out of me. Every. Time.

ElleDubloo Thu 11-May-17 21:54:05

When she was a baby, DD1 used to wake up crying. I can't remember when exactly it changed, probably around the age of 2. Now she wakes and chats to herself then happily calls out for us to get her.

onemumtwocountries Fri 12-May-17 13:02:35

Thanks everyone. He has a teddy and can roll/sit up/stand himself up, but perhaps he doesn't like the dark!

I'll wait patiently for things to change...

LauraPalmersBodybag Fri 12-May-17 20:07:15

Whatever's causing it, op, I don't think you have reason to worry. I think sometimes the shock of being awake and without company just means they call out for you with a few cries. I'm sure they'll all grow out of it.

skyzumarubble Fri 12-May-17 20:15:17

Dts woke crying from every single nap and every morning until they got to almost one. They were just grumpy when they woke up (like their father!)

Metalhead Fri 12-May-17 23:20:23

DD2 (17 months) wakes up crying every morning and after every nap and it's really starting to grate on me and DH. I mean, I'm not a morning person either, but seriously, if you're still that tired you need to complain so much just go back to sleep for a bit!! hmm

allthegoodnamesalreadytaken Sat 13-May-17 06:00:12

My DD is 9 months as well. Sometimes she wakes up crying sometimes she wakes up happy. I find that when she wakes crying it's usually because she wants to go bs k to sleep so I gently rock or bf her back to sleep. When she wakes up chatting and gurgling i know she's truly awake and wants to be up

Bubbinsmakesthree Sat 13-May-17 09:09:56

I wonder if the babies who cry when they wake up are more likely to have been 'Velcro babies' needing a lot of physical contact with caregivers? Mine certainly was and I think he stopped crying on waking when he was developmentally ready to do so, not because there was anything I did or could have done.

soimpressed Sat 13-May-17 09:14:46

I remember the shock of seeing a friend's baby waking from a nap and just lying happily in her cot! MY DS cried every time he woke up (and everytime he went down for a long time).

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