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Do you have a child under 18, or considering starting a family? Take our survey - £100 voucher to be won

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 05-Feb-19 12:44:04

We at Mumsnet want to find out a bit more about whether information about maternity, paternity, parental leave and adoption policies is easy to find when people are seeking work or looking to switch jobs.

This survey is open to all who have at least one child under the age of 18, or those who are actively considering starting a family.

We'd really love to hear thoughts from fathers as well as mothers, so if you’re not a dad but you have one to hand and he fits the criteria, we’d be extremely grateful if you could get him to fill it in too - perhaps by sending him the survey link.

Everyone who completes this survey will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £100 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Click here to complete the survey.

Thanks and good luck


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PhilomenaButterfly Wed 06-Feb-19 14:10:54


April2020mom Wed 06-Feb-19 22:53:52


ifigoup Thu 07-Feb-19 05:57:44


LittleMe03 Thu 07-Feb-19 10:55:23


GMtoBe Mon 11-Feb-19 10:42:22


bob1985 Mon 11-Feb-19 13:45:02


anitagreen Mon 11-Feb-19 15:19:14


TellMeItsNotTrue Tue 12-Feb-19 01:00:26


Heyha Tue 12-Feb-19 01:44:12

Done but a bit pointless when you work in a profession with standardised policies- survey could have done with allowing for public sector workers as the scenarios would rarely if ever apply.

Hotterthanahotthing Wed 13-Feb-19 23:10:28

Another public sector worker here,also when married my partner was self employed so paternity leave meant no pay.

jal1992 Thu 14-Feb-19 00:40:35

Hi ladies! So I’m still feeling very tired with morning sickness, and the majority of my morning sickness is mucus/phlegm (gross I know). I’m congested and unfortunately without really thinking about it I have taken 2 Lemsip max capsules and THEN googled it, only to find out they’re are strongly discouraged by midwives/pharmacists. Do you think I should call my antenatal dept in the morning or is this ok?! Feel so silly now for not checking! Thanks xx

Kannet Thu 14-Feb-19 18:53:49


whyayepetal Fri 15-Feb-19 12:23:52


GiveMummyTheWhizzer Fri 15-Feb-19 18:47:12

Done ✅

glennamy Fri 15-Feb-19 22:59:51


freefan Fri 15-Feb-19 23:01:46


kagglen Sat 16-Feb-19 07:28:17


janeyf1 Sat 16-Feb-19 07:58:34


hiddenmichelle Sat 16-Feb-19 09:52:20


December2018 Sat 16-Feb-19 14:52:14


moonray Sat 16-Feb-19 15:31:53


WTBE Sat 16-Feb-19 15:48:44


addverbaan Sat 16-Feb-19 15:55:20

done x

MrRichTea Sat 16-Feb-19 16:13:29


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