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It is one o clock in the morning, I need the night shift to mind my worries whilst I sleep....

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NaomiFromMilkShake Tue 17-Dec-19 01:03:21

I am 50% of the way through chemo. (second time around)(different primary)

My DS (18) has just been diagnosed with depression I think me being diagnosed again was the tipping point.

Due to above I am having to delegate Christmas, it will get done, it did before just not my way.

DH retiring in three years, should be more than enough to live on, but at the moment I am worrying (Like I couldn't worry about that closer to the time) hmm

Sausage rolls, my job, ditto mince pies.........if they don't happen my DH and my DS will suck it up. Just me worrying.

DS struggling in college and have to go to a meeting on Wednesday

So if some of the night shift would like to come and mind my ,worries whilst I attempt to sleep, it would be gratefully received.

Feel free to add your own, just writing that down has helped.

NaomiFromMilkShake Tue 17-Dec-19 01:09:55

Only me ?

Andahelterskelterroundmylittle Tue 17-Dec-19 01:11:29

Naomi , I'll be glad to mind those worries while you get some sleep.
💗💗💗💗sweet dreams xx

Anthilda Tue 17-Dec-19 01:13:02

Also awake and worrying. Money and family problems on my mind! I would love to sleep, I need to be up at 6 hmm

NaomiFromMilkShake Tue 17-Dec-19 01:13:42

Thank you lovely, I know it sounds bonkers, but once your write them done, you feel you have divested yourself of them.

allhalekale Tue 17-Dec-19 01:14:30

I'll mind them. Get some rest x

NaomiFromMilkShake Tue 17-Dec-19 01:15:28

So just leave them here, the night shift can't fix them, but they will mind them whilst you get some restorative sleep under your belt. Much love.

ToLiveInPeace Tue 17-Dec-19 01:34:31

Hope you sleep well. Good wishes to you

AlrightBabby Tue 17-Dec-19 01:37:33

This is so lovely! I'm quite calm at the moment, but it just feels good to know that there are warm and kind people who will have your back when the going is tough!

Sleep well everyone

Namenic Tue 17-Dec-19 01:46:22

I’m sure your family will plan a lovely meal. I hope you DS and DD manage to get the right support - it sounds like they are seeking it out and taking productive steps.

Horsemad Tue 17-Dec-19 01:47:17

Leave them with me, I'll mind them for you.

loubieloo4 Tue 17-Dec-19 01:49:13

I will mind them a long with my own (dh stage 4 terminal bowel cancer, have scan results on Wednesday and not expecting good news) as I won't be sleeping through said worries. Sleep well.

Difficultcustomer Tue 17-Dec-19 01:57:40

I’m hoping to be asleep soon. I forgot my medication and wondering why I was awake at 1.30 hmmHappy to mind a worry or two. Mine at this early hour is whether my job will be extended. It’s under a year contract ending at end of March and we have no idea if the project will continue. A colleague on a similar project told me that they sometimes find out a month after the official end of the contract that it has extended.

DramaAlpaca Tue 17-Dec-19 02:03:53

I'll mind a few of them. DSs with depression are my speciality, though I don't talk about it much on here, so you can leave that one safely with me. I can't fix it, but I can take it on & empathise big time.

Sweet dreams, OP.

HannaYeah Tue 17-Dec-19 02:08:02

This is such a sweet idea. I’m in the US so will gladly pick up your troubles whilst you rest.

managedmis Tue 17-Dec-19 02:09:55

Rest easy op flowers

Loubie flowers

Powerplant Tue 17-Dec-19 02:35:00

I’m working a night shift and wide awake so leave your worries with me - I’ll mind them while you sleep💐

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 17-Dec-19 03:19:47

I'll look after a couple.

KTD27 Tue 17-Dec-19 03:33:54

Would anyone hold mine? DS Is 3 and has heart surgery on Thursday at GOSH. He’s off his meds at the moment in preparation and I’m nauseated with the anxiety. Trying to keep a very brave face on it when he’s up and about in the daytime but I’m not sleeping with worry. I’d like to sleep.

Powerplant Tue 17-Dec-19 03:37:27

I ll hold yours too I’m still on my night shift. He’ll be in very safe hands at GOSH - sending you best wishes and please try to sleep💐

octoberfarm Tue 17-Dec-19 04:01:34

I'll happily mind yours @KTD27, and anyone else who needs theirs looking after. Wishing your little one all the luck in the world for his surgery and sending love to anyone who might need it. It's raining outside here (East Coast, US) and with the kids finally sleeping, it's pretty peaceful. Hope sleep comes soon thanks

MalarkeyMouse Tue 17-Dec-19 06:51:31

Heartbreaking posts. I'm usually up around 3am so can do some minding tonight flowers

KTD27 Tue 17-Dec-19 07:27:53

Thank you all. It helped. I was able to sleep some. flowers

NaomiFromMilkShake Tue 17-Dec-19 07:32:59

As soon as I did this, I fell fast asleep.

Powerplant Tue 17-Dec-19 08:17:56

As perfect Naomi. I’m now home from my night shift so off to sleep for me. I hope you have a peaceful day.

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