A white knuckle ride of a thread about PEARL BARLEY

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Slubberdegullion Wed 02-Feb-11 21:26:08

[Florence & The Machine Inspirational Music Intro]

Pearl Barley

[Shots of young people doing parkour on walls with graffiti]

Right I have 375 g of pearl barley left in my 500g bag and unless I get some VERY EXCITING and dramatic ideas of what the chuff to do with it the dds will be clearing it out from the top back shelf in 40 years time when I have snuffed it.


Thank you

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jooseyfruit Wed 02-Feb-11 21:29:42



starfishmummy Wed 02-Feb-11 21:31:51

Lamb casserole

Chaotica Wed 02-Feb-11 21:33:03

<<base-jumps into conversation>>

I second risotto - but keep it cooking for a long time.

Or, there is some mongolian recipe where you cook it with mushrooms and make a sort of cake out of it.

<<double-back-flips out of thread>>

alarkaspree Wed 02-Feb-11 21:33:35

What did you do with the other 125g?

I think I would use it for a rain stick or similar craft activity.

Eleison Wed 02-Feb-11 21:37:03

<anoraky voice> Lamb shanks.

Not exciting, but delicious.

Pearl barley is delicious whatever you do with it. No need for fancy parkour. It is down wiv da yoof intrinsically.

Slubberdegullion Wed 02-Feb-11 21:37:18

Chaotic get back here. A cake with mushrooms? Que?

alarka I did a thing with chicken and tarragon it was quite nice.

Oh and RAINMAKER??? I am 35 years old, with both children in school and do not need to making soothing rain noises to entertain myself.

I want to EAT IT.

yy ok risotto stuff could work

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Slubberdegullion Wed 02-Feb-11 21:39:17


Is it really down wiv da yoof? With lamb shanks? I do like lamb shanks. What just shove it in the casserole with all the rest of it?

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Eleison Wed 02-Feb-11 21:42:15

It is certainly down wiv my yoofs. I love it heartily. It is so comfy on the mouth.

<Steezy stompin in>

I put a handful in pretty much every slow cooking low temp casserole I make - lamb shanks, beef, chicken, pretty much anything and everything - the longer you cook it the more moisture it absorbs and the bigger it gets. Dull but true.

<Aciddrop out>

Eleison Wed 02-Feb-11 21:44:15

Doesn't it cure cistitis too?

Slubberdegullion Wed 02-Feb-11 21:47:18

This is not dull.

I think I am having a carbohydrate epiphany. I am so bored with rice and pasta and spuds.

I can just chuck a handful of pearl barley in. It is trendy and comfy on the mouth.

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Slubberdegullion Wed 02-Feb-11 21:48:10

Does it?


Medicinal properties too.

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Yes! Googled and apparently is good for cystitis too - who knew? (well apart from Eleison?!)

doricpatter Wed 02-Feb-11 21:51:03

PMSL at parkour and rainstick and aciddrop

I fucking love you lot grin

And to get you started some recipes (incidentally for pretty much everything we've all said) are here

onepieceoflollipop Wed 02-Feb-11 21:56:24

I would chuck it on the basis that dh is a coeliac (gluten free) and I wouldn't want to accidentally cook it in a meal for him. wink

Congratulations on this most interesting and informative thread btw.

I almost started one some sort of seeds that I bought, I used half in some cookies but no one liked them (I ate them though as they were healthy)

I daren't start my own thread as someone is bound to accuse me of starting a thread about a thread.grin

Slubberdegullion Wed 02-Feb-11 21:58:03

Excellent dinosaurs. Thank you. Rabbit one looks good.

So do you measure yours out or is your handful a casual handful?

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Definitely a generous casual handful - 2 if it needs thickening/too much liquid in the pot.

And they absorb liquid quickly so keep an eye on it!

LittleBoxes Wed 02-Feb-11 22:00:49

It would have been really nice in the lamb stew I've just eaten.

mummyosaurus Wed 02-Feb-11 22:01:56

I second, or third? lamb casserole.

coldtits Wed 02-Feb-11 22:03:34

Bung it in with beef stew. DELICIOUS.

It thickens it a lot though, so use plenty of port stock

MarineIguana Wed 02-Feb-11 22:05:45

It's horrible, if I eat stuff with pearl barley in it just feels like padding – like stuff you have to wade through to get to a nice bit of meat IYSWIM.

Soup with it in is indeed the worst offender. Bleuch.

I would use it to make bean bag animal of some kind.

(Which will be fine until someone spills ribena on it and it starts to germinate)

Just remembered that I've used it in spag bol, slow cooked all day on the hob, when I didn't have quite enough spaghetti. It has a similar texture to fat pasta cooked too long but with far better taste to it.

It is horrible if you use too much though and it absorbs all of the liquid - you'll need to practice - less is more probably.

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