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Recurrent miscarriage testing and beyond.. Part 6.. Over here!

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orangebowl Fri 28-Dec-12 18:55:56

We have filled up the last thread so here is the next.. Deep breath and grit your teeth for the roller coaster of emotions that continues... Hope tea and butterfly and all find it!

orangebowl Tue 01-Jan-13 21:55:55

Just a quick one to say yes aspirin is just from the point of BFP as apparently can interfere with implantation. My consultant ha also prescribed high dose folic acid (5miligrams, usual dose when there are no issues is 400micrograms so over ten times usual dose). Off to bed now as first day back at work after 10 days off tomorrow.. Yuk Sunday night feeling magnified!

SophieBirkBirk Wed 02-Jan-13 14:45:59

Just got a letter through from the reccurent miscarriage nurse, my appointments on 7th March! So far away sad. Partner has to come to why is this? How long does it take to get results back after? X

twentythirteen Wed 02-Jan-13 15:42:12

Hi, can I join?

Sorry to arrive with questions but I just rang the epu to make my appt next week for the 6 week blood test and get the results of the kerotyping. It was a bad line and the nurse sounded rushed so I didn't keep her, but she said she was going to speak to my consultant as I might need an additional blood test. Does anyone know what this could be?

My brief history: I mc'd in november 2011 at 7 weeks, in March 2012 at 11 weeks and had an mmc identified at the 12 week scan november 2012. I've been assigned to a consultant for the next pregnancy. It was hard to recover physically from the march mc and I bled for two months but this time I've recovered quickly and am having a normal AF now so am glad about that.

I haven't tracked down the previous thread so don't really know you all but wanted to add my sympathy for Iloveblue.

Like someone else on here mentioned, it's mind blowing to have been pregnant so much (31 weeks!) in the space of a 12 month period.

twentythirteen Wed 02-Jan-13 16:13:09

My question was just answered by a call from the nurse who'd spoken to the consultant. The results of my last pregnancy show that there was a chromosomal abnormality and they now want to test both of us to learn more. I don't whether to feel glad that they found something or whether it's the begining of the end as in perhaps we cannot have a child. Any experience/knoweldge on here about this?

iloveblue Wed 02-Jan-13 16:21:04

Hi everyone

Glad to hear the scan went well school - fingers crossed it continues to go well. I'm sure you've said before but at what stage have your previous losses been?

Guppie I was on steroids for the high uNK cells this time (as well as Clexane and progesterone), but at 17% my results are high (5% is upper limit of normal) and I think the dose I was on was just not strong enough. So yes consultant suggested taking steroids to correct the nk cells before pregnancy. I will find out more when i go and see them.
I don't know if we will be trying again - I need some time off, a year ideally. And then maybe will re-evaluate.

The medical management went as well as it could have done - my body seems to be pretty efficient at miscarriage sad and I'm not bleeding too heavily now. Still feeling up and down and very tired, which is to be expected.

sophie Myself and DH both had karyotyping blood tests after our 3rd mc so maybe this is why they need DP to be there. It helps identify if there are any genetic issues causing a problem. 7th March does seem a long way away - these things do seem to drag on. At least you can use this time to get your body ready for another pregnancy, and do all the research you can.

Hi twentythirteen sorry to hear of your losses. Regarding the additional test - what tests have you had so far?

twentythirteen Wed 02-Jan-13 16:36:35

Thanks for responding Iloveblue, I appreciate you have so much more important things on your mind right now.

I'm guessing from what you wrote that I'm at the same stage as sophie but somehow missed your post S. We haven't had any other tests aside from the karyotyping. We'd been feeling comforted by the knowledge that we can get pregnant, I'm now worried that I can't carry a child beyond 12 weeks.

teaandchocolate Wed 02-Jan-13 19:20:12

Sophie I agree with iloveblue that they probably want your DP there so they can do karyotyping on both of you. I think this really only checks for something called balanced translocation where one of your chromosomes is incomplete (or something along those lines!) but the genetic counsellor I saw said it doesn't check for every possible chromosomal abnormality. Anyway I also think its a good idea to take DP anyway just so you have a second pair of ears in case any of it doesn't make sense. Although to be honest they will probably just take your full history, blood and talk about next steps.

Twentythirteen welcome! Sorry you find yourself here sounds like you've had a really tough time and I'm so sorry for your losses. One of my mc also tested positive for a chromosomal abnormality called triploidy where there are 3 of every chromosome instead of 2. Apparently it's thought to be the most common cause of mc and isn't supposed to be heredity so I have as much chance as everyone else of it reoccurring. Although I am a bit suspicious as I've had 3 mc and various tests which were clear so likely they were all chromosomally abnormal which seems ridiculously 'unlucky'. But who knows!! Anyway fwiw I had a mmc then my DD then another mmc (triploidy) then a mc. So it seems it was just luck that DD was 2nd pregnancy rather than 4th. I guess what I'm trying to say is dont give up hope! Although to be honest I can't really take my own advice on that one...!

SophieBirkBirk Wed 02-Jan-13 20:02:16

Sorry I don't know much, what is Karyotyping? My DP was going to come anyway for support. My Tutor is a part time Midwife and she said the tests they will be doing are compatibility (whether your compatible with partner), blood clotting, chromosome (we've already had this due to first late loss). Quite bizzare never thought I'd have to this but yet no-one does!

twentythirteen sorry to hear about you're losses over the past 12 months sad. It is mind blowing the past 12 months I've been pregnant with my 3 losses for 37 weeks (nearly full-term for most)! Good luck, make sure you keep trying until you get a healthy full-term baby grin thanks

I have a gross question to ask blush. I had my 3rd D&C just under 2 weeks ago , after my 2nd I got diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). I haven't bled since and i have alot of discharge (red, brown, peach, yellow) and (watery, stick and its started to be lumpy).. Is this normal? Last two times i bled a week after and AF came 4 weeks later. x

twentythirteen Wed 02-Jan-13 21:35:38

Sophie, I'm not an expert, but that doesn't sound good. I how you can get yourself checked out???

And thanks guys, I'm feeling reassured. We have just resigned ourselves to another year of trying anyway, and I feel like I've learned how to manage the losses so I'm braced and ready!

Zacsmum80 Thu 03-Jan-13 04:21:05

Sorry to butt in on this thread but some of your messages have got me thinking about my own mc and results I was given from consultant.
I had mmc at 20 weeks although my boy had gone to sleep at 16 weeks. After the delivery I was given options for numerous tests, chromosome (agreed to but wasn't done), postmortem (I declined), had lots of blood tests but wasn't really told what they tested for and test on placenta which came back showing that my blood was clotting and that was PROBABLY the cause of mc and that in my next pregnancy she would prescribe 75mg aspirin once I had a viability scan. Consultant wasn't very clear and didn't mention APS or FVL just that my blood was clotting. After reading this thread I'm concerned that maybe I do have one of the above and it just hasn't been explained to me properly.
My app with consultant was back in September but I was so upset with her that I couldn't ask questions, just wanted to get outta there....
Consultation room was in same department as scan dept which upset me while I waited.
I cried....she told me I was depressed!!
I asked to see the photos of Zac....glanced and put them back in the envelope because they were horrid and scared me and she pulled them out and shoved them in my face
She wasn't clear about anything, didn't know why the chromosome tests weren't carried out and said she would follow it up then wrote to me a week later telling me wasn't done but didn't tell me the reason why.
Sent me a copy of the letter she sent to my GP saying I was depressed, it was full of spelling mistakes and even missed a word out and then pencilled it in afterwards (which I know isn't anything to worry about but just shows how unprofessional she were)

OMG just realised I have wrote a huge rant when all I wanted do was ask what tests you guys had to determine the causes of your mc's and the conditions you unfortunately have?

Hugs to you all and I hope 2013 is a better one for each of you

Laura xx

iloveblue Thu 03-Jan-13 10:56:10

Hi zacsmum

So sorry to hear of your experience sad- that consultant sounds horrendous.
I had a similar experience - my first miscarriage was a little boy at 20wks, who passed away at 17 wks.
There is a RCOG green top paper here which is really useful. It says it is for recurrent miscarriage but if you read from p6 onwards it talks about the tests/investigations recommended after a late mc too.
It might be worth giving the consultants secretary a ring and ask for a list of the tests you had and the results - she should be able to find this info for you.

Its worth bearing in mind that blood clotting disorders are often difficult to diagnose and don't always show up on tests.
I would have thought that you should be on Clexane injections (blood thinner) next time as well as aspirin.
Whereabouts are you in the country?

orangebowl Fri 04-Jan-13 21:33:45

Hi everyone. Just checking in to see how everyone is now all the Xmas madness has passed.

How are you iloveblue? You got some time off work? Hope so.

I am fine but now have legs full of bruises from the heparin injections (not complaining) and tonight I seem to have a headache. Humph.

Night all. X

butterfly86 Sat 05-Jan-13 17:00:44

Hi school glad you are doing ok!
I'm ok mc is over now had app with my consultant yesterday, she scanned me to check it was complete which it was, we are no further foward with regards to tests etc. She said she has done them all when I asked about chromosomal tests she said she could tests the tissue if she had it which is a bit annoying as had erpc previous 2 losses and could have saved everything but I wasn't under this cons then and they wouldn't test because I hadn't had 3! Didn't mention tests on us, she said the chances of us having a live baby are still really high so as long as we have the strength just try again when we are ready, I'm dissapointed a bit that she isn't going to do more investigations but on the other hand I feel better for chatting to her I really trust her and she has a strange calming effect on me. She wants to see me again in 6 weeks not sure why but I'm not complaining gives me another. chance to ask questions!

Hope everyone else is doing ok! X

teaandchocolate Sat 05-Jan-13 22:31:14

Hi everyone! Sorry I meant to post sooner.

Sophie - karyotyping is when they check the chromosomes of both partners for abnormalities that can cause mc. I think they mainly (or only?) look for balanced translocations so even if that's all clear there can still be other issues. As you can probably tell I'm no expert but found Lesley Reagans book about mc quite helpful for a general overview. I would also say go back to your GP and get checked for an infection (maybe thrush or bacterial vaginosis) as I don't think unusual discharge is necessarily normal. Although I doubt its serious.

Zacsmum so sorry for what you've been through. I don't have any experience of tests for late mc but if youre not happy with your consultant can you speak to your GP maybe about seeing someone else or at least to find answers to your questions? Or can you see someone privately? I saw a consultant privately but then he tested me on the nhs. One appointment isn't usually too bad and you could just go with a list of questions?

School how far are you now? How are you feeling? Is it awful injecting?!

Butterfly I've had a very similar experience. I've seen about 3 consultants now in various guises and none have really offered me any groundbreaking tests over what the nhs will do. They all think my 3 mc were bad luck and were not keen for me to have more controversial tests like nk cells, despite one of the cons carrying out those tests himself. It's so frustrating isn't it as you kind of want someone to say 'right we are jut going to keep testing for things until we find the problem'! But they don't. I am glad in a way they've not found anything and also that they're all so positive but its not then that have to keep ttc, getting pregnant and losing babies!

orangebowl Sun 06-Jan-13 20:40:23

Hi everyone.

Zacsmum. I'm so so sorry to hear about what happened. Tea and butterfly have given great info and I don't really have anything useful to add to that- hope we can provide some support over the coming months.

Butterfly. I'm glad you're feeling better after talking to the consultant.

Tea I am now 7 weeks. Been a week since my scan and got another one in a weeks time (every 2 weeks). I'm getting used to the injecting now. I started in thighs but was getting massive bruises so last 2 days have done in tummy and that's much better (plenty of cushioning there!). It will be worth it if it works.. If it doesn't work I will be bruised as well as p*ssed off and upset!

We have seen heartbeat and got to 8 weeks twice before.. Furthest baby grown is to 9.5 weeks so next 3 weeks will be pretty crucial for me. My biggest fear is getting to 12 wks and it all ending in later miscarriage.. But hey let's not imagine things that haven't happened yet I guess.

First full week at work starting tomorrow so thinking I will Wr ino bed and watch a bit of rubbish tele. Night night

pebspop Mon 07-Jan-13 11:09:39

just a quick message for school i find doing the injections in my stomach (anywhere above my belly button) keeps the bruising to a minimum.

If i do legs or lower stomach i get big bruises.

orangebowl Mon 07-Jan-13 19:51:58

Thanks pebs. I'm now finding that to be true. I tried a new tactic today of pushing needle in slowly instead of stabbing it in.. Ouch that wasn't a good move!

teaandchocolate Mon 07-Jan-13 22:29:59

Hang on in there school! Keeping everything crossed for you. I know how stressful & horrible early pregnancy is and can imagine injecting yourself is probably not adding much to the situation! Especially as you can't exactly try to forget about it. But hopefully it will all be worth it.

I'm already feeling anxious and not even at the 2ww yet...keep feeling the naturally excited about ttc then remembering that its not really exciting for me as most of the time getting pregnant doesn't get me anywhere. Can't stand it!! Anyway will keep you posted on my progress!!

pebspop Tue 08-Jan-13 11:02:58

i always push them in slowly school i am too scared to stab it in!

i just kind of place it gently on my skin and eventually it goes in - sounds horrible but i am used to it now.

orangebowl Tue 08-Jan-13 20:24:36

Thanks tea. I'm just trying to think about only the next scan and keep adding in my head "and if we get through that one.." So as to try and by get too carried away. I did crack and work put my due date though.. 25th aug..

Ha pebs I reverted to stabbing like a dart (without the throwing obviously!) tonight and was much better!


orangebowl Tue 08-Jan-13 20:26:06

Sorry tea also meant to say I know that feeling of fear/dread/excitement... But I think it was you (maybe?) that once said to me you've got to be in it to win it.. wink

teaandchocolate Tue 08-Jan-13 21:19:02

Ha yes that was me! And also me that said I cannot take my own advice! Argh!

butterfly86 Wed 09-Jan-13 22:25:50

Hi hope everyones ok I haven't been on for a few days Tea I know what you mean about wanting them to do more tests I did expect her to say oh well now you've had 3 we will do x y & z but she didn't, when I go back I'm going to ask what her views are on nk cells and the like. How are you feeling now you are ttc again?

School - keeping everything crossed for you I know these few weeks are going to be tough and they will drag for you but so far so good hopefully all the injections will be worth it x

Ps did anyone see one born every minute tonight there was a girl giving birth who had had 3 miscarriages and an ectopic she said "I thought I'd never be a mum"....I cried my eyes out! As hard as it is always have faith x

teaandchocolate Thu 10-Jan-13 09:16:23

I feel a bit rubbish already to be honest. Not sleeping well and getting headaches which I think are subconscious stress - not actively stressing about it but feel quite moody & miserable and do think its all due to ttc and the fear of another mc. I think I've ovulated so on the 2ww (I think - have silly cycles due to pcos).

I can't watch obem anymore!! Too sad seeing all those yummy new borns. Got it on series link though so might watch when I'm braver..or when I fancy a good cry!

butterfly86 Thu 10-Jan-13 10:23:06

I think no matter how hard you try not to stress it's inevitable you just can't help it it's the panic of why isn't it happening like now! And when it does happen is it all going to go wrong, it's sad that the enjoyment is gone from it all it was all hunky dory when we first ttc it will never be like that again.
I couldn't watch the last series of obem so I don't know why I'm doing it to myself but there's quite often people on there that have been in our situation and I like to see a happy ending hoping it's me one day. Mind you I do cry all the way through so maybe it is just an excuse for a blub!!

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