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Home visit from a compliance officer, what's that about?

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ehidontgetit Sat 23-May-09 10:34:35

I got a letter today saying I'm getting a home visit from the Income Support Compliance Officer, I need proof of my id, passport etc?

What's this about? I am really worried!

I don't understand as IS have all my info?

ehidontgetit Sat 23-May-09 14:05:37


GypsyMoth Sat 23-May-09 14:08:32

sounds like someones reported you for benefit fraud!

google it....thats what i've seen on these boards for this. or have you missed your work focused interview at jobcentre?

me23 Sat 23-May-09 14:22:37

Have you recently had a baby, when I was on benefits a man from income support came round when dd was 4 months I think to make sure i was telling truth about claim.

RambleOn Sat 23-May-09 14:47:12

My friends visit was to check that there wasn't anyone living with her as a couple.

She could hear him rummaging in the bathroom cabinet shock

MANATEEequineOHARA Sat 23-May-09 15:04:09

This does sound similar to when my ex made up a charming story about my new bf (who did not exist but according to him, was living with me!). But I did not have a home visit, I was called into the offices. If you have nothing to hide their is no need to worry.

stripeypineapple Sat 23-May-09 15:12:48

It's very standard.

When I was on benefits I had two of these visits.

They will just go through a few details with you and check that your situation hasn't changed.

You have not been reported for anything, if you had you'd be called into their offices for an interview, they wouldn't do you the favour of coming round.

The first time the woman came round and we she went through a new form with me the 2nd time the next woman didn't even do that, she just asked me if anything had changed, it hadn't so that was it.

You'll need to show her your bank account statements you get your IS paid into so she can see it's your bank account. Your passport or other ID so you are who you say you are and you'll need to sign a declaration to say your situation is the same as it was since the last time you claimed and you aren't being fraudulent.

ok smile

ehidontgetit Sat 23-May-09 18:21:59

Thanks, I'm just worrying excessively!

x-h is around alot to see DD, he only stays and sleeps on the couch if he's babysitting or visiting and I'm away.

He has been around a lot recently but only stayed once in the last month and before that once the month before.

I'm just panicking because he has occasionally brought me stuff, but that's not regular.

I'm freaking out, but he's got his own place where he rents a room, we are not together.

He does use my car sometimes for the car seat and ease, if it's his weekend with her, if I'm not using it.


I'm getting paranoid now as I feel like I've done something really terrible! And I'm imagining that I'm being watched all the time. Its horrible.. I hate being on benefits.

jamestkirk Mon 25-May-09 00:08:14


i had a couple of visits from the customer compliance officer when claiming IS as a single parent.

each time it was trying to prove fraud as they'd been informed i was allegedly working and not declaring it to the dss.

i looked up the customer compliance team on the net as i'd never heard of it. at the time it had just been set up to persue fraudulent benefit claims. you may want to google them.

GreenGables Mon 25-May-09 00:27:02

Hi, I just found this on MoneySavingExpert:

ehidontgetit Mon 25-May-09 09:07:40

THat's got me worried now - although I've nothing to hide, it just makes me worry!

Did you find out who had made up the allegations against you, did they tell you who it was?

I'm wondering whether its a little bit of retaliation, as I've had to complain to the council about the downstairs neighbours, and the council asked me if I knew anything about the neighbours and their living arrangements (i.e. because it had been alleged they were doing things they shouldn't have been regarding housing benefit)....

I know ex-h is here alot but he's only stayed overnight a handful of times, if that, and normally when he comes over, I go out, or into the garden, or am busy doing my own thing, and for goodness sake, he rents his own room in a flat, where all his belongings are!!!!! Ridiculous! I feel like I'm being watched by the neighbours now, and it's awful!

I'm going to call them tomorrow and ask what its about, will they be able to say?

shelleylou Mon 25-May-09 09:13:32

They wont tell you who made the allegation against you. Although the officer i had in feb told me the details that they were given which did make it a lot clearer who it was (vindictive ex). If you phone them they will tell you, i did that as i didnt want to sit worrying for a week about what it was.

shelleylou Mon 25-May-09 09:14:14

If someone has reported you they do still come to your house. Its to clear up information as there isnt enought to just investigate apparently

MANATEEequineOHARA Mon 25-May-09 09:20:21

When I called them before I had the meeting they said it was just to check details, then I got there and they said "actually...". But DON'T worry, as you said, you are doing nothing wrong.

Although they don't say who has reported, with me it was obvious, ex was paranoid about me having a new bf (as if it was his business if I did!), and when I called him after to yell at him the fuckwit said "Well, I told you I would get you out of the house one way or another!" (That was 2 years ago and I am still here!).

expatinscotland Mon 25-May-09 09:21:05

That's nice how the government can pay people to rummage around in peoples' bathroom cupboards when tehy're claiming the pittance/week that is IS, but MPs were free to cream off tens of thousands in tax-free taxpayer monies every year in complete privacy until recently.


and they had the nerve to label people on benefits scroungers who should be forced to work no matter what (to pay for their moats and tennis courts and horse manure).

oopsagain Mon 25-May-09 09:25:09

Yo, expat. Too true.
I have been saying "moat" alot recenlty in a shocked, but mot so shocked manner.
And OP, just be truthful- and good luck!

ehidontgetit Mon 25-May-09 09:37:16

Thanks guys.

I'm going to call them tomorrow to find out, so I will let you know. I do not want to waste a week worrying (and I do worry alot) about it.

I hate being on benefits in the first place, I hate getting tarred with the "benefits" brush, but the reason I'm on benefits for the hopefully short term is because I need assistance - I worked up until I had DD and was a SAHM. Until my h left (he worked and supported us) the only assistance we got were tax credits. So because he's left and I'm now on benefits raising my DD, I feel like, well it's hard to explain, but I feel like I can't have a life. I can't wait to start earning and get off benefits!

I hope it is just a routine check. The indignity of someone searching through your home! I understand why they do it, but please, I do have some sense of pride and do at some point want to start providing for myself and my DD. Stupid XH leaving! I blame him

Or of course, it could be a routine visit and I'm getting worked up!

ehidontgetit Mon 25-May-09 09:40:40

Also, by the "benefits brush" i mean that some people assume all who are on benefits are scroungers. And that annoys me.

shelleylou Mon 25-May-09 09:51:16

I think them searching depends on the officer and what info they have been given/if they believe you. As i was told about them haivng a look round. Even said to the officer he could have a lok and he declined.

MrsBonJovi Mon 25-May-09 09:54:45

Standand reasons compliance visit approx 3-4 months after claim processed when claim is because of seperation.

Nothing to worry about as if he is maintaining a seperate household you will be fine.

Also reasons for them to visit is new baby born, esp with a different surname yet lone parent claims no contact/maintenance.

Living on less than personal allowance due to benefit sanctions.

All pretty standard stuff and no one should rummage through anyones cabinets, in fact most officers dont even like to accept cups of tea/use toilets whilst visting. If officers are being nosey/rummaging they should be challenged and reported cos it aint on.

ehidontgetit Mon 25-May-09 10:10:48

That's put my mind at rest, it would be about 3 months since my claim was processed, so that would make sense.

Maybe, just maybe, they should look at the wording of their letters......

I'm guessing Mrs that you work for the jobcentre or similar...
Thank you for putting mind a little at ease...

Although there is still that element of what if!

MrsBonJovi Mon 25-May-09 12:36:31

Sounds like it is just a standard visit then if you made claim that recently. They will just make sure you havent reconciled and not notified. they will also notify you of Maintenance and part time earnings rules.

Sounds like the contact you and your ex have is just amicable and friendly for the children which is much better than all out war.

I wouldnt even volunteer the info re overnights stays unless asked. buying a few bits of shopping is fine also but to be honest I would try and get a regular maintenance arrangement set up. You can receive £20 per week without it affecting Income Support (although you should still report it)

If they have serious allegations to put to you they would have called you in to do an interview under caution and not be calling round to yours like stripey said.

Put it out of your mind and dont worry.

mumsygem Fri 13-Aug-10 19:58:17


Im in the same situation huni. I have a 2 yr old and a baby on the way to the same guy (im due next month) we had tried to sort things out at x-mas but it didnt work so was left pregnant. The kids dad has all his post at his mams but is living in wales. He comes to visit 1 or 2 weekends a month depending on work. When he visits he stays with us as with it being a regular thing for the kids it to much to folk out on hotels all the time. my son has a great relationship with his dad and iom not about to ruin that for them. anyways i have a compliance officer coming round on tuesday. I asked him why and he told me he had info my sons dad was living with us.I told him that it would be hard as he lives over 400 miles away in south wales. An i can get an address and give him my ex phone number to confirm. he said it wolud help me if i could do that. im worrying, not because i have anything to hide but the fact that someone is trying to get me in trouble and i dont know who or why??? i keep myself to myself and i am always nice to ppl living next to me. the compliance officer seemed nice on the phone and told me not to worry. i have not eaten propa or slept cos of this. so anyways can anyone tell me if i am doing anything wrong by having a civalised relationship with my son's dad and for letting him stay 1 or 2 weekends a month and that only for couple of nights. when he is here we do things together with our son as we dont want our split to affect our babies, is that against the law am i being fraudalint?

jamestkirk Fri 13-Aug-10 20:10:25

hi - just explain it all as you have here.

tho you do now have to prove your innocence.

the law was changed very quietly a few years ago under labour. the old 'innocent until proven guilty' set down in the magna carta was scrapped - they just didnt bother to tell us lol hmm

and it does mean youve been grassed up - not a good feeling i know - one of my neighbours did it to me twice - tho fortunately before the law changed.

jamestkirk Fri 13-Aug-10 21:55:37

oh - and just so i dont show any political affiliations - the new cons/lib alliance are introducing new measures to tackle benefit fraud.

credit reference agencies will investigate benefit claimants to check if theyre spending more than their benefits. this was already done by the benefit fraud people - they just weren't very good at it. agencies will be on commission ( or is it a mission?)

so if anyone gets cash handouts from ex's/family etc be sure to spend it on invisible items - nothing that will show on statements as they will be used aagainst you.

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