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Child maintenance for uniforms/school trips?

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annabananna82 Tue 28-Mar-17 15:08:40

Just curious

Should my child maintenance I get from my los father cover school trips and school uniform ?

I get £250 a month - he warns £35k a year so from what we've worked out it's a good amount to get?

He has her 1 night a week which suits us both so no problem there

She started school 2014 and he used to pay half for uniform and school trips but the last 6 months when I had to get new uniform and just paid for a recent school trip he's not offered

My friend said it should come from his maintenance and my other friend said it's extra?

I use £70 worth of after school club
Which I get help with as claim working tax credit but the short fall I pay, not him...he only has her when he is 'off' which is one night a week but he doesn't require club as I cover it for when I work

I pay for my los milk she also has through school

Thanks guys

ZilphasHatpin Tue 28-Mar-17 15:11:28

Child maintenance is supposed to cover all those things.

annabananna82 Tue 28-Mar-17 15:12:49

So friend one is right

Ok thanks just guess los father was maybe not in the know in year one
I wouldn't ask him for somehow for those things I just wandered 😊

Angrybird123 Tue 28-Mar-17 21:07:17

It's worth remembering that cms is the bare legal minimum and nowhere has anyone suggested that it covers anywhere near half the costs of raising a child so personally I have no.issue with the idea that you can ask for a contributon to bigger items.

annabananna82 Tue 28-Mar-17 21:25:12

Yeah that's true

I just didn't know to be honest but we aren't talking lots of money I was just curious x

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