Oct/Nov IVF, ICSI & FET - Let's do this!

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Marmite83 Wed 25-Sep-19 19:11:23

Hi all

I recently had a mmc from my first IVF cycle and am waiting for AF to appear (probably 3-4 weeks away) so we can do FET. I think we'll probably go for a natural cycle but am waiting for some information from my clinic to make a final decision. Had follow up consultation yesterday and will be having nurse consultation in the next couple of weeks hopefully. If anyone is happy to share their FET experiences I'd love to hear them. A little worried that a natural cycle might be the wrong choice. Anyway, if anyone fancies joining me for some support then join the thread.

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Betsyboo87 Wed 25-Sep-19 19:26:02

@marmite83 I’m with you! I’m having a FET after my first fresh cycle ended in a freeze all in August. I’m sorry about your mmc. I hope you’ve been kind to yourself and had a chance to recover.

My clinic does a controlled cycle. There’s no downreg just progynova until the lining is ready and then add progesterone for five days until transfer. So it’s not quite natural but it follows the natural cycle if that makes sense. I wasn’t offered anything else so I don’t have any input on natural cycles but I’m sure if the clinic are supporting your choice then it has every chance.

After waiting for the longest cycle to end, I’ve now started on the progynova and the transfer is pencilled in for the 7th October. After being so fed up waiting for af, it now feels a bit too soon and I’m a little daunted.

FinallytakingtheplungewithIVF Wed 25-Sep-19 19:39:57

@Marmite83 I am in the process of 2nd fet! Had to have a freeze all due to high risk of ohss! 1st fet resulted in a bfp but sadly had a big bleed at 5 weeks and was confirmed at 6 week scan that I’d lost it. So we are now on two our 2nd go!
We are doing a medicated fet started downregging on day 21 of my cycle followed by a scan 2weeks to confirm lining was thin and ovaries were quiet then started progynova I have my 2nd scan tomorrow and fingers crossed lining is now thick enough so I can stop the buserelin and start the progesterone and then transfer will hopefully be 2nd Oct

Anaesthetist83 Wed 25-Sep-19 21:46:56

I’m joining you all too - our first IVF cycle ended in a freeze all due to severe OHSS back in August. 3 Embryos in the freezer.

Awaiting my period - should be due anytime but don’t feel very Pre-menstrual. Am expecting a delay due to how unwell I’ve been.

The plan then is for buserelin from day 21.

Marmite83 Wed 25-Sep-19 22:46:58

Hi @Anaesthetist83, I want to say 'nice to see you again' but I wish none of us needed to be here!

Sorry for your loss @FinallytakingtheplungewithIVF

Thank you for your kind words @Betsyboo87. I found my transfer crept up on me too but im sure you'll be fine.

Sounds like I'm a few weeks behind you ladies. Really hoping AF doesn't take too long to appear but it will be at least 3 weeks I think as I only had the erpc last Monday so still waiting for the hpt to go negative. Hoping your experiences will give me some idea what to expect.

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orangefolly Thu 26-Sep-19 12:54:04

Oh hi again @Marmite83 and @Anaesthetist83 - it seems our timing has synched up again.

Oh @Marmite83 so sorry to hear of your loss. It's so bloody hard, this process.

I did a freeze all from my last cycle in August because we were doing genetic testing (after previous miscarriages). We got 4 'normal' embryos, which I was delighted with and this will be our first FET from that batch. Depending on when AF show up I reckon transfer will be end of Oct or early Nov.

Good luck to everyone!

Marmite83 Thu 26-Sep-19 12:59:36

Hi @orangefolly. Sounds like your timings are similar to mine, although who knows when af will arrive! That's great news about your embryos, four is a fantastic result! I have three in the freezer so really hoping there's one in there that will be 'the one'.

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Russkispy Fri 27-Sep-19 11:39:43

Hello ladies, hope you don't mind me joining you although I've just gone through DE process. After a few failed IUIs and IVF including trisomy in 18 and 3 miscarriages, we decided to take a DE route.
Our donor produced 15 eggs and we now have 12 top quality blasts in the freezer. 2 of them were biopsied and PGS tested. I just got results back and both are healthy and no abnormalities detected. A huge relief and passed another huge milestone.
Next weekend I’ll be flying to our clinic for a scan, after AF next week, to check on the cyst and also determine whether I’ll have natural or medicated cycle before transfer in 3 weeks or so. I never had a frozen cycle before and still learning about it

LillyLeaf Fri 27-Sep-19 12:38:05

I'll join but I'm not sure what I'm doing yet, either a retrieval of FET, I've got a massive dilemma. A bit of background, our first IVF resulted in MMC than a FET MC. Then pgs tested our remaining 3 embryos, all abnormal. I've just done another retrieval, 6 embryos, only 1 normal. So we're left trying to work out what to do next. Either do another retrieval (which would forfeit our access fertility funding) to attempt to 'bank' another normal embryo for a future child (that I don't even know I want more than 1). Or do a FET (still within Access fertility) maybe get pregnant, then in a few years have no back up for 2nd child (will be older, I'm nearly 37 now and obviously have rubbish eggs). Ahhh sorry for explaining all this I'm just finding it very hard to decide. Any thoughts? Basically retrieval = lots more money, FET = already paid for.

sometimesalways Fri 27-Sep-19 12:42:42

Hi all, may I join? And hi again @Marmite83 @orangefolly !

I am also waiting for period to start next FET. Going for natural cycle this time. Apparently it will be a quick one as natural ones only last a couple of weeks from start of period... it's my first of this kind though so not entirely sure what to expect! I used ovulation sticks and had my surge the day before yesterday so should be due in 2 weeks. Excited but also very apprehensive...

My last bleed after failed FET lasted a whole month (no exaggeration! 4 weeks) so had to take some time off trying to relax. And I am keen to have a 'lighter' approach with meds this time if I can..

Marmite83 Fri 27-Sep-19 13:04:25

Welcome Russkispy, I recognise you from the TTC after Pregnancy loss thread. I still can't believe you got 12 good embryos!

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Marmite83 Fri 27-Sep-19 13:27:14

Hi again @Lillyleaf and *@sometimesalways*, so sad to see so many familiar names but also glad to have some lovely supportive people to go through this with.

That is a bit of a dilemma @LillyLeaf. I'm with Access Fertility too so understand what you mean about forfeiting the FET. Is there no way round it? Have you discussed with your clinic? Could you possibly consider a freeze all cycle or maybe egg freezing rather than embyos, possibly with a different clinic before doing an FET with you current clinic or would that still be in breach of Access Fertility's terms? Surely if you don't expect Access Fertility to cover the cost of the retrieval cycle then it shouldn't be an issue for them for you to then do an FET with the existing frozen embryo?

*@sometimesalways*, I'm not sure what to expect either, at least we can go through it together, although you may be a week or so ahead of me. I'm hoping a 'lighter' approach is the right way to go too.

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mincedpea Fri 27-Sep-19 17:25:54

Hi everyone, hope it's OK to join in. We are on our first IVF cycle, had egg collection back in late May but went straight to a freeze-all due to OHSS risk. Then had a big break in the whole thing because of a polyp, which had to be removed and biopsied before a transfer. Finally got the hysteroscopy done in September and results back - all clear, phew.

Now aiming for a FET in late Oct/early Nov. It's our first one, so it's great to have some fellow FETters on here for support. Our consultant recommended trying a natural cycle, so we are going to do that and see if it works. Feels a bit strange given how many drugs were involved earlier on, but part of me is relieved to avoid them if I can. Now need to get back into healthy behaviours as I've not been as disciplined as I should be!

Sounds like a few people have had it pretty tough so far, so here's wishing us all good luck for these next few months.

WorriedButterfly Fri 27-Sep-19 18:05:23

Hi everyone, hoping to join for a bit of extra support - and hopefully to give you some too.

MMC in May at 9wks, feel so different going into this round, finished norethisterone last night and now waiting for AF and BL scan on Tuesday. Trying to be upbeat and hopeful, but in truth I'm struggling, I got so far last time and then it was snatched away, which took some of my belief away. Last weekend we were at a party and someone asked my FIL whether we'd given him any grandchildren yet - then followed up with, 'they could try harder, couldn't they!' Seriously what is wrong with people! Anyway sorry for whinging! Good luck to everyone, stay strong, we will all get through this hellish journey together! x

Russkispy Fri 27-Sep-19 18:48:19

@Marmite83 thank you! I recognised you too! Best of luck to us all! Our donor produced 15 eggs and they kept developing nicely till day 5, am and by pm 3 didn't make it. But absolutely overwhelming result after all. 2 embryos were PGS tested and came back clear and were faded as AB and BA. I'll get full list of grades on the remaining ones when heading for transfer. We will only transfer 1 at a time. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Marmite83 Fri 27-Sep-19 19:06:37

Welcome @mincedpea and *@WorriedButterfly*.

Must be a relief to finally be able to move forward with an FET *@mincedpea*. I know what you mean about the lack of drugs feeling strange.

Sorry for your loss *@WorriedButterfly*. I had a mmc at 8+3 a couple of weeks ago and one at 10+6 four years ago (not IVF). It definitely makes me feel less confident of a positive outcome but it won't stop me trying.

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mincedpea Sat 28-Sep-19 12:41:10

Thanks for the welcome @Marmite83, and sorry to hear about your loss. I can see what you mean about it making you feel less positive about things. I've never seen a BFP, so I can only imagine how much worse it would be to have one and then get it taken away. That's why I am not 100% sure about a natural cycle for the FET, but apparently the research supports it so I guess I should just trust the doctors!

I'm glad to be back into the process as it feels like one long waiting game. I know I'm lucky though, a lot of people have been doing this for so much longer without success.

@WorriedButterfly Goodness people can be so tactless. Feel free to whinge away, you will feel better for it and you're definitely not the only one having to put up with thoughtless comments like that!

sometimesalways Sat 28-Sep-19 23:00:30

Has anyone tried acupuncture? I have two friends who say it helped them get pregnant (one with ivf, one without) and thought I'd give it a try. Had my first session today... strange sensation! Not unpleasant though, nor painful. Made me feel quite tired.. not sure if I am wasting my money but thought, hey, anything that might help boost my chances

WorriedButterfly Sat 28-Sep-19 23:33:16

@sometimesalways I tried it for my first round and had a BFP, I also find it tiring, drink plenty and I sometimes have a sneaky nap afterwards! I'm continuing for this round too, I have found a lady that is really supportive, just as someone detached from the clinic, family and friends so I also benefit in that way too.

@Marmite83 thank you and sorry for your loss and struggles, this really isn't easy! @mincedpea thank you for your kind words, feeling more upbeat and as you say glad to be making progress again albeit sloooowly!

sometimesalways Sun 29-Sep-19 09:26:57

@WorriedButterfly @Marmite83 so sorry to hear about your mc - it's so cruel to have been given something and then taken back... do what you need to do to feel better! Cry, shop, go on holiday... and vent, that's what we re here for!

@WorriedButterfly I have also had my DS's nursery teachers asking, 'come on, when will you have the second?'
I mean, I am trying! I know they mean well but still annoys me a little..

And interesting to hear about acupuncture. Fingers crossed it helps us again... I think I can only afford a couple of sessions so will try and again for one more and then on day or transfer.

LillyLeaf Mon 30-Sep-19 20:36:51

Lots of familiar names on this thread. We have finally decided to go ahead with a FET instead of another retrieval. It was incredibly hard to decide but I'm happy with it. I'll start down regging with Buserelin on Sunday. I quite like doing the injections but buserelin is awful, it makes me feel so low.

Marmite83 Mon 30-Sep-19 22:16:03

Glad you've made a decision you're happy with @LillyLeaf. Hopefully the down regging will go quickly for you!

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Marmite83 Mon 30-Sep-19 22:19:05

I finally stopped bleeding a couple of days ago following the erpc and there's only a very very faint line on the hpt. Nurse consultation is booked for next Wed. Now just hoping AF doesn't take too long to arrive.

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sometimesalways Mon 30-Sep-19 22:45:24

This ivf business often feels like one long wait, doesn't it. I am also waiting for next period. If my LH surge was last week, I guess that I'd get my period in 2 weeks right? Or can that change?

Are you tracking ovulation @Marmite83 ?

Holly147 Tue 01-Oct-19 00:18:49

Hi everyone, joining in as well. Hoping to have my third FET next week.

I had a medicated cycle for the first one, and tried a natural cycle for the second, which was so much nicer! I had side effects from the buserelin and the progynova and felt really sick for a week or two. I couldn't quite believe it when the nurse said there were no drugs at all for a natural cycle grin. I know it's not suitable for everyone but don't know why it's not offered more widely.

It's also been so much quicker - I had a FET in the middle of September, then AF started 10 days later unfortunately. But I have used that as day 1 of the next cycle and hopefully will have another FET next week. I think it would have been about 2 months slower with a medicated cycle.

The only downside is that my clinic only does transfers Mon-Fri, so if my transfer day falls on a weekend, I have to do the cycle again next month instead. Also I have to be able to attend appointments at fairly short notice.

Fingers crossed it will work this time, I'm not that hopeful though as apparently all our embryos are poor quality, although the clinic haven't told us the grading, so I don't know how 'bad' they are. I have one more frozen embryo after this then will have to see about funding for a second cycle (we're having PGD).

Hope it goes well for everyone flowers

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