Low AMH Level - anyone had success with IVF?

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Sarah110683 Wed 04-Jul-18 11:12:32

Hi there,

I'm on the waiting list for IVF treatment, and about to start it soon, but i got the letter regarding my AMH Level test.
It said it's below 0.5 and that i had to be aware that IVF might not work because my ovarian reserve is very low, so they may need to abandon it.

I'm absolutely devastated. I was praying that my levels would come back medium at least, but low, and the thought of abandoning IVF has just left me numb.

I had never imagined a future without children. I'm only 34. I just totally feel broken at the moment. (sad)

Has anyone had success with low AMH Levels and IVF?

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hoping2018 Wed 04-Jul-18 17:35:26

Hi @Sarah110683 ,

I'm sorry to hear your news.

I had a high FSH for my age (12 at age 32) and I was in your position completely freaking out. my AMH was the low range of normal for my age (it was 8 which I appreciate is a lot higher than yours) however they didn't think they'd get many eggs and gave me high dose drugs. I surprised them all and got 22 eggs and mild OHSS. On the second cycle they reduced the drugs and I still got 20.

My point is that AMH is a guide - in our follow up the doctor even suggested it's not that accurate.

Knowing your antral follicle count would help too? But to be honest the best test of how many eggs you have is them giving you the drugs and seeing how you respond - you just never know, you may surprised them too.

Best of luck

hoping2018 Wed 04-Jul-18 17:36:39

Also when they got so many more eggs than they expected the consultant shrugged and said "it's because your young"

So age is very much on your side and means the eggs you do get are better quality. Better to be in your situation that late 30's with a higher AMH - your chances of success are still better!

Chattycat78 Wed 04-Jul-18 21:50:40

My fsh was 12 age 34, so I too was in
The same boat. I was freaking out as well. My amh came back as 2.8 so very low too.

However i then got pregnant naturally but unfortunately it didn’t work out. Soon after we did ivf as recommended because of my low amh. I responded really badly and only got 2 eggs. However, one of those eggs became and embryo and 2 weeks later a bfp. He’s now 3.5. The point here is that egg quality - not quantity - counts the most.

As an aside, I got pregnant again when the ivf baby was 9 months old, so natural conception isn’t out of the question with low amh either.

Sarah110683 Wed 04-Jul-18 22:25:16

Thank you @hoping2018 and @Chattycat78
You have given me hope. smile
I've never been given my FSH. Hmm. confused
I'm waiting to get my high dose of Gonadotrophins through.
I had originally been quite excited about starting ivf, but the low amh levels had totally thrown me.
You have both restored my faith.
Thank you so much for responding. smile
I needed to hear some positive news. xxxxx

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PipsM Wed 04-Jul-18 22:30:39

My story is very similar to that of chattycat. My fsh fluctuated in 4 months from 9 to 14. Acupuncture got it down to 4/5 within 6 weeks to meet nhs requirements for ivf. My AMH was 2.8 which I found devastating at 37. Started ivf and got 2 eggs. Both fertilised to blast, only one good enough to be implanted. He’s now 6 1/2 weeks and sleeping next to me in his cot.
Good luck- it only takes one good quality egg! (And I highly recommend fertility acupuncture!)

Sarah110683 Thu 05-Jul-18 09:50:01

Thank you @PipsM for replying. It's given me hope. smile

I was looking at starting acupuncture. I definitely will now.

You've all helped greatly, because after the result of low AMH - I thought there was no way i can have children now. I was feeling very depressed. You've helped lift that. Thank you. smile xxxxx

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Chattycat78 Thu 05-Jul-18 13:54:43

I did acupuncture also during ivf. Couldn’t say if it helped or not but I don’t believe it did any harm.

Itonlytakesone Tue 10-Jul-18 21:55:15

I also have a similar story. Was 34 when it was discovered I had low amh 3.1 and fsh of 9. I have Have low Follicle count 4-6 eggs at start of month. Iv just undergone a cycle of ivf icsi (I’m now 35) out of 8 follicles 7 eggs collected 7 were mature 6 fertilised. Only 4 made it to day 5. Unfortunately they were quite low quality so they transferred 2. Currently on my 2ww not hopeful confused! Test on Saturday I’m already thinking of where I’m going to go from here and what to do next. Any ideas on how to improve egg quality (other than diet because Iv been on a fertility diet for 6 months) any help appreciated!

Guio Wed 11-Jul-18 07:08:38

Hello, I am going to start my first cycle after summer. I have endo and amh 7 which is considered low and i am 35...I take ubiquinol which helps with egg quality.can I ask you which fertility diet are you doing?I try to eat healthy,don't smoke,no alcohol and I exercise regularly.

Itonlytakesone Wed 11-Jul-18 08:21:34

If this cycle fails I'm going to try more supplements like ubiquinol and possibly dhea (although I'm slightly scared about that one) I can't have repeated failure it's torture so going to take action ASAP if i get a negative test result.
For 6 months from December Iv been eating 3 meals a day lots of veggies low amount of carbs no alcohol lots of protein, olive oil, tomatoes, avocados, salmon (lots of) like a Mediterranean diet..researched foods for low egg quality and ate the same foods most of the time.
Took an actimel, cold liver oil, vitamin e also royal jelly supplements per day. Also lots of water 3 litres per day.

Not sure how my eggs would have been if I'd not done this but to get 7 eggs and all 7 mature and 6 fertilised then 4 made it to day 5 i thought was quite an accomplishment. However the quality was still not great so I'm feeling negative but won't give up i can only try harder next time (unless a miracle happens on Saturday!) it only takes one x

Sarah110683 Wed 11-Jul-18 09:45:06

Hi @guio and @Itonlytakesone

My AMH levels are below 0.5, so mines are really low. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and trying to remain positive that i might get some eggs. The hospital did say that the IVF may need to be abandoned, because my ovary reserve is so low, so keeping fingers crossed that doesn't happen, because i'm not really sure what i'll do if i can't have children.

I'm just trying to be reasonably healthy - fruit, vegetables, yogurts, don't smoke, cutting down/out alcohol. I am still having the odd coffee, and exercise regularly. Also have started acupuncture as well.

Did you cut out exercise during the ivf? I wasn't sure whether to cut out high intensity stuff for the egg quality?

I'm due to start IVF when my period comes, so kind of exciting knowing something is happening. I'm trying to remain positive, although it's hard knowing that i've got very low amh levels, but determined to keep a positive vibe going. smile x

Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you @itonlytakesone. smile

@guio what is ubiquinol? Were you recommended that by someone?


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Itonlytakesone Wed 11-Jul-18 11:39:47

Hi I wish you lots of luck for your upcoming cycle. It certainly sounds like you are putting the effort in smile
I didn't exercise really at all while stimulating because my ovaries were quite tender i was on the highest dose of Meriofert 450iu confusedalthough it definitely worked on the few eggs i have, although none were good enough to freeze. I was devastated to find out i had low amh but don't give up. Concentrate on your daily diet including folic acid and you might be surprised how much it can help. I had my amh levels checked 2 months apart and the levels had risen so it's definitely worth a try you have nothing to loose! Google what foods to eat on an ivf Mediterranean diet, to be honest it's all really yummy foods anyway. Just rest your body needs it, Iv been watching Wimbledon most days, don't feel guilty for sitting down resting the drugs really take it out of you ! x

Sarah110683 Wed 11-Jul-18 12:20:38

Thank you @Itonlytakesone

I'm going on the highest dose as well. Have you really found it/ the hormones takes you out of you?

That's good to know re your AMH levels, i almost wished i'd had those tested earlier, at least i would of known why I haven't been falling pregnant.

Thanks I'll have a look into the ivf Mediterranean diet, I'm usually rubbish with eating healthily, but with IVF etc it has really spurred me on to try as hard as possible. Although i have been eating bad things at the weekend like chocolate etc sometimes. Have you been really strict and cut all bad stuff out?

Thank you again for replying. It's nice to hear from someone else on their journey. smile x

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Itonlytakesone Wed 11-Jul-18 13:24:40

The hormones have made me more emotional than anything else just keep crying a lot and I'm normally so happy! I got bloated after a good few days on the injections. Think i wasn't putting enough saline in my injection to water it down and then after asking the hospital, they told me to up my fluid to 3 lts per day and this eased.

No Iv definitely not completely cut out nice things, I sort of do a 90% good with 10% nice (naughty) things. Figured if you are really good most of the time you're more likely to keep it up for a long time.

When is your start date? I'm so nervous about Saturdays test day, but i know i have a plan B I'm not going to stop trying while i still have eggs even if that's not many. Especially when i read other people's stories of them being successful with low amh smilewhether through ivf or natural.

Sarah110683 Wed 11-Jul-18 14:52:43


That's the spirit! I pray you get the result you want on Saturday. smile
It must be awful the 2 week wait. Have you taken time off work for it? Is this your first round of IVF?

I start on the nasal spray next week, so pretty soon. I'm quite excited about it. Trying to keep positive. smile

That's good to know re the bloating and emotional. I shall keep an eye out for it. How have you found taking the injections? xx

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Itonlytakesone Wed 11-Jul-18 15:08:18

Yes I've taken time off work and if negative I'm having a bit more time off (I imagine the period after being like hell)

They put me on norethisterone to start with then a scan then stimulation for initially 9 days then it was extended to 11.

Yes it was my first round. Injections were pretty scary to start with but you do get used to it and less nervous as the days go on. I used a numbing cream from boots/Superdrug an hour before it certainly helped me! (Especially cetrotide the needle is thicker)

I keep expecting my period to come but nothing so far guess the cyclogest is stopping that from happening for now. I have days when i think i could be pregnant but other days when I'm very certain im not. It's torture.

I'm glad you are keeping positive as this is easier said than done! I will always answer any questions you may have when you start stimulating. I wish I'd had someone to ask when i was doing mine! (My fiancé work away in the week)confused

Guio Wed 11-Jul-18 15:13:42

Hi Itonlytakesone and Sarah110683 Ubiquinol is a substance used in cells that helps produce the fuel for mitochondria which is is the source of energy for eggs.i read on the internet that it is important to take if you have low amh and you are in your 30s.I think I eat quite health but as you said sometimes I fancy a pizza out and I am going on holiday soon and I want to enjoy them!I didn't hear about cod liver and royal jelly.what are they good for??

Sarah110683 Wed 11-Jul-18 16:29:39

Thank you @Itonlytakesone
I'll take you up on that offer - i'll send you a wee message when it's all happening. smile. It is a very daunting experience when you don't know anyone that is going through it. Especially with your fiance away during the week as well. That must be hard.
I'll keep fingers and toes crossed for you on Saturday. You'll need to let me know how things go. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. smile.

Yes it must be weird sometimes thinking you are, i really hope you are. I think because we don't know what to expect it's difficult to tell what are bodies are going through.

Sending lots of hugs and well wishes for Saturday. smile bear xx

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Itonlytakesone Wed 11-Jul-18 17:21:42

@Sarah110683 @Guio
Royal jelly supplement i bought in Holland & Barretts it's a nutritious substance that contains significant amounts of protein important for cell growth and reproduction it's good for fertility. I opened up the capsule & added it to my actimel. Cod liver oil is just great for omega 3 if you don't eat much oily fish.

If my cycle fails I'm getting more royal jelly going to use with ubiquinol, folic acid, cod liver oil, vitamin e & possibly dhea (pending more research)

Thanks so much @Sarah110683 for wishing me luck it's just so daunting! Longest week ever. Ask me anything anytime. Wanting to equally know how you will get on with your treatment smile

Iwantaunicorn Thu 12-Jul-18 20:56:02

I found out I had low ovarian reserves during ivf, and was devastated. I needed a couple of extra days of stims, and got 6 eggs out, of which 4 fertilised. I had 2 embryos put in, because I was utterly convinced only 1 would stick - my DTs are 5 months old now!

I followed a pcos diet before and during ivf, and was popping ubiquinol/conenzyme q10 for 3 months before starting (read somewhere that cells need 90 to regenerate or something!) and right up until egg collection and pregnacare.

I’ve read on here that there’s no medical evidence of q10 being positive for ivf, but I checked it wasn’t harmful so figured that it was worth a shot - I just wanted to feel like I was actually doing something.

Good luck with your cycle, and send you lots of baby dust! ✨

Itonlytakesone Thu 12-Jul-18 21:24:43

Oh wow thank you so much that has given me such positive thoughts tonight.

So you have twins now?
How old are they?
We're your eggs good quality?

...Sorry for all the questions winkI'm so pleased that it worked for you and thankyou for the baby dust...I'll need it! Having a low reserve is so devastating but you are proof that it can have a happy ending.

Hoping to get good results this weekend smilealso preparing for the worst just to protect myself.

Iwantaunicorn Thu 12-Jul-18 23:58:20

@itonlytakesone, I do indeed have twins now, (boy and a girl), they’re 5 months/22 weeks today. My eggs were pretty good quality, I just didn’t have many - one of my ovaries wasn’t responding very well/didn’t respond at all. I was absolutely terrified at that point, because I’d been reading the internet and had seen a billion posts saying ‘oooh, I got 872 eggs out’ (slight exaggeration, but that’s what it felt like at the time!), but as your username says, it only takes one!

I got 6 eggs out in the end, 2 didn’t make it in the first 24 hours (dr said if it was in the first 24 hours, poss 48 hours it’s the egg that was the issue, 48 hours poss 72 hours it’s the sperm) and I was on absolute tenterhooks waiting to see if the other 4 would make it, which they did. Then came the dreaded 2 week wait!

I had a massive plan of what I was going to do if neither of the embys had stuck, which I actually got quite excited about, which helped me prepare for the worst because I had a plan. I like plans!

Needing ivf in itself was horrible, but when I found out about the low ovarian reserve I was truly devastated. Mine had declined quite rapidly, we had started the testing for ivf late in 2015, and started it again in 2017, and it never occurred to me that it could happen. Knocked me for six if I’m honest!

It can have a happy ending, and I really do wish you all the best with your ivf journey, and I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you getting your results, and your BFP! I can’t remember masses of the process, but if you have any questions/want to rant at someone who gets it, send me a message! ✨

Itonlytakesone Fri 13-Jul-18 11:47:38

Yes totally know what you mean about reading how many eggs everyone else managed to have harvested and i was worried sick if they would even get one. I was amazed and grateful to get 7 i was over the moon.

So since end 2015 to start of 2017 you went into low ovarian reserve, that did happen fast, were you ok when they checked you in 2015? Scary isn't it.

I'd been to my Gp had bloods done, all tests came back 'fine' they just said 'keep trying' however i then had some private investigations done myself and with my shocking results got the gp moving very fast on my referral, suppose they can't argue with the in depth results. Sometimes you have to do what is best for you and i deep down i knew something was very wrong. Iv come a long way since then! The hospital told me i can't waste any time.

If i think of anything i need to know about I'll drop you a message..but for now I'll patiently await tomorrows test results although i can't do my test until later on because I'm godmother at a christening tomorrow confusedthanks again for your helpful reply

Itonlytakesone Sat 14-Jul-18 19:03:30

@Sarah110683 @Iwantaunicorn got a BFP result this evening I'm over the moon i can't believe it what a tough journey. A long way to go still but small steps and I'll get there smilexx

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