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has anyone had their kitchen doors and worktops replaced? instead of an entire new kitchen?

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nailpolish Tue 01-Apr-08 10:51:59

i have had lots of quotes now for a new kitchen. i cannot afford any of them.


i am now thinking about those companies who replace the doors and worktops. i might even get a new oven depending on price

i know this is dull but i wonder if nayone could give me an idea of price?

ta muchly

donbean Tue 01-Apr-08 10:56:50

oh not dull, will watch this thread cos i want mine doing......

TantiK Tue 01-Apr-08 11:04:45

I bought new doors for my kitchen at B&Q, this obviously will only work if your cupboards are a standard size. It worked out really cheap and with a new worktop - looked great. We were doing it to sell though - it was a tiny kitchen and needed to be nice so as not to put people off - it didn't seem to as we got over the asking price for the house in the end (this was a year ago tho!).

My Dad is a carpenter though so was able to fit them all for me, but hiring a carpenter to fix the doors may be cheaper than one of those companies who do it all - but I really don't know about this.

Would definitely recommend it. Hope this helps.

Dropdeadfred Tue 01-Apr-08 11:05:44

My mum and dad just had a new sink and worktops installed and painted their existing wooden cupboards and moved a few cupboards around. Oh and new tiles...Looks amazing. Cost well under £1500

nailpolish Tue 01-Apr-08 11:09:06

ok ive booked a free estimate from local company

wish me luck!

will update you donbean

nailpolish Tue 01-Apr-08 11:10:18

wow! thats great dropdeadfred i could afford that grin

am feeling a bit deflated about the price of kitchens so thatnks for that

Dottydot Tue 01-Apr-08 11:10:21

Yes - we replaced the door fronts and handles in our old kitchen and painted over the tiles - cost £200 and looked tons better.

nailpolish Tue 01-Apr-08 11:23:57

thanks dotty
i need some further stuff done like worktp replaced - and some addtional stuff - dont think i could do it myself

mumdebump Tue 01-Apr-08 11:33:10

Only worth doing if the layout is exactly as you want it now and the cupboard and drawer casings are really good. If the drawers wobble when you pull them out, the cupboards are manky inside or you have to do several laps of the kitchen to make a cup of tea, you will feel cheated by having shiny new fronts and still want a new kitchen.

nailpolish Tue 01-Apr-08 11:34:55

hmm yes i agree

but it all comes down to cost!

Psychomum5 Tue 01-Apr-08 11:42:40

I am thinking of doing this, altho I will also have to replace my drawer stack as the kiddies have made it into a type of ladder to climb up to get at the biscuit cupbourdhmmangry!!!!!

Plus, the cupboard doors on the bottom are looking manky with water damage!!! (especially by the sink from when the kiddies and DH splash and don;t wipe, as I am perfect and would never do that....wink).

as and when I do go for it tho, I will keep the worktop as it is fine, but replace the back splash with tiles, re-paint, buy new window blinds AND rearrange the cupboards about too......will feel like a completely new kitchen then, and I will watch and giggle when no-one can find anythinggrin, (altho they may watch and giggle when I cannot find anything eitherhmm).

new tea towels and a new colour scheme (of sorts) make a difference too

nailpolish Tue 01-Apr-08 11:44:27

i quite like the layout - just HATE the doors and worktops

Psychomum5 Tue 01-Apr-08 11:46:08

would the worktops look so bad tho if you just changed the cupboards, or vice versa??

MsDrMonkeybird Tue 01-Apr-08 11:50:21

I did it in a kitchen in an old house of mine. The companies who replace them for you are dead expensive. You can buy them from DIY shops or even get MDF cut to size. You then need a router to drill out round holes and then you can fit kitchen hinges yourself. Bish bosh - easy (well, it was for DH grin Then paint...

We updated our kitchen doing this, cost less than 200 quid in total and looked fab. Are thinking of doing it again in our new house as cupboards are sound.

MrsBadger Tue 01-Apr-08 11:52:59

we replaced our doors and it wasn't too expensive - think it was less than £1k for 22 cupboards and 11 drawers (small kitchen, lots of cupbords).

we fitted them ourselves though which cut down the cost quite a bit.

We thought about replacing the worktop but it looked so much better once the new doors were on we decided not to bother as it is a real pain to do.
Did get a new floor though which was def worth doing as vinyl off a roll is v cheap, and new lighting (halogen spots on a track) made a colossal difference.

nailpolish Tue 01-Apr-08 11:52:59

the worktop is in bad condition and the doors are just hideous!

nailpolish Tue 01-Apr-08 11:53:46

thanks mrsB

did yo udo it yourself or did you pay someone?

brookeslay Tue 01-Apr-08 11:56:06

My SIL partner works for Kitchen Magic they advertise in the Times on Sunday full page ad. They supply new doors and worktops and have redone her best friends house. I would get three quotes and ask for a detailed quote not a line quote ie one price. You want some one who seems interested but don`t be tempted by any hard sell from a company walk away.

brookeslay Tue 01-Apr-08 11:58:08

If you want to give me some details nailpolish I don`t mind getting you a rough quote from them. As you have helped me before. I`ll give you my email or you can click contact if you have the mumsnet service.

MrsBadger Tue 01-Apr-08 11:59:50

lots of our doors were non-standard sizes so we got them custom done by these people who also drilled the easy hinge holes - dh did the awkward ones eg the folding door for the corner cupboard.

Handles we bought in 10pks from B&Q, I marked up the doors where the handles were to go and DH drilled them, then we fitted them between us.

Issy Tue 01-Apr-08 12:01:08

Our kitchen was, I think, put in sometime in the early 80s. Well made standard carcasses and drawers with bright orange pine handmade drawer fronts and doors and badly knocked around laminate surfaces. We sanded and painted the drawer and door fronts and replaced the laminate with oak work tops. We bought the work tops from an online company, Barncrest, then got an excellent kitchen-fitter recommended by Twiglett to fit them. Looks fabulous!

nailpolish Tue 01-Apr-08 12:03:44

worktop i need is 323cm (one length) and 160cm (2nd lenght)

16 cupboards - 3 with drawers

nailpolish Tue 01-Apr-08 12:04:10

cupbards are standard size i think

nailpolish Tue 01-Apr-08 12:05:36

ohj and need sink and hob/oven/extractor

do you need more detail brrookeslay? i can CAT you if you like smile

brookeslay Tue 01-Apr-08 12:08:51

Could you have a joiner make them ?. I know you can buy plain mdf doors and paint them in farrow and balls colours then make it more glamourous with a more expensive worktop.

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