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Has anyone used AO (let's go!) for an appliance?

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KittyBeans72 Wed 29-Mar-17 09:30:54

I need a new washing machine. I would normally go to John Lewis for anything big like that but they don't have what I want. AO does. but i've been so scarred by the Currys and Dixons and Argoses that I suspect everyone is a bit shit. AO any good?

80sMum Wed 29-Mar-17 09:33:10

Yes, lots of times! AO is excellent! I definitely recommend them.

VeryPunny Wed 29-Mar-17 09:33:27

AO were fab - our last washing machine packed up on a Saturday, we ordered that evening and the new one turned up the next day, on a Sunday too. Good price and super efficient.

DorcasthePuffin Wed 29-Mar-17 09:34:29

AO is fantastic and not remotely like Currys - cheap, efficient, take all the packaging away with them etc. They are really very good.

FourToTheFloor Wed 29-Mar-17 09:35:10

Yes and they were good smile

TheMasterNotMargarita Wed 29-Mar-17 09:35:16

Yes. They were great..fridge freezer which wouldn't fit though our door. The guys were ace and helped DH take the door off to get it in.

ShatnersBassoon Wed 29-Mar-17 09:35:17

AO is the only place I'd go for appliances. Good prices and even better service.

Gamtanner Wed 29-Mar-17 09:35:30

Yep. Great. Massive thumbs up from me. I always use them now.

HaveCourageAndBeKind Wed 29-Mar-17 09:36:05

AO are brilliant. We had a fridge from them and price, item and service were all some of the best we've had.

ExplodedCloud Wed 29-Mar-17 09:36:12

Yes I've used them a couple of times and they are fine.
When we were having our kitchen done the guy was a bit funny about us ordering stuff over the internet but when I said I would use AO he was fine. He wasn't getting anything out of it!

HemanOrSheRa Wed 29-Mar-17 09:40:06

I've ordered a tumble dryer and a fridge freezer from AO. They were fantastic. They really do have an excellent delivery service. I'm not sure what their customer service is like in the event of an after sales issue though.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Wed 29-Mar-17 09:40:19


We have an awkward access, and awkward doors, they have never been anything but lovely, refusing all bribes of cake or bacon sarnies ...steps and a long steep path deserve some reward.
And the site is very easy to use, and delivery is well organised and they turn up when they say they will and keep you informed.

Also excellent at taking away the rubbish, even if you haven't asked them! or paid for it

Bubbinsmakesthree Wed 29-Mar-17 09:41:05

Yes, they are brilliant! Next day delivery and they turned up with a dishwasher and washing machine when I was in the middle of an important work call - I just waved them towards the kitchen and within minutes they'd sorted out the new appliances and taken away the old ones. So painless!

AllFurCoatNoKnickera Wed 29-Mar-17 09:42:09

Love AO! Fridge delivered and installed within minutes on a next day delivery. And the delivery guys were friendly. Would definitely use again!

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 29-Mar-17 09:42:53

I had a fridge freezer from them and they are excellent. Fast delivery and they give you a slot which they stick to. They often have voucher codes and offers too.

Firstaidnovice Wed 29-Mar-17 09:44:32

Another to say AO are good. Easy, cheap, very reliable. Exactly as all delivery services should be. My only (small) gripe is the follow up call that pretends to be to check everything went well, but is actually a sales call to try and sell you an extended warranty. But they are polite enough about it. The last man even had the good grace to admit that a £30 warranty for a £40 microwave was a bit ridiculous grin

metalmum15 Wed 29-Mar-17 09:47:35

Always use AO. Have had new fridge, freezer and dishwasher through them. Washing machine broke down December 30th and a new one was here by 9am December 31st! Excellent prices and service and the delivery men are always polite and helpful.

MrsJayy Wed 29-Mar-17 09:50:40

We ordered a washing machine on a friday afternoon delivered the saturday they were brilliant and a great price

DimplesToadfoot Wed 29-Mar-17 09:50:49

I bought a washing machine from them, it didn't work properly, AO didn't care one jot, Hotpoint sent an engineer after a facebook rant .. the charming engineer told me to get the manual out and then asked me if I could read or would I like him to read it to me, he then told me I had to get to know the machine as I didn't use it enough, I didn't use it as it didn't bloody work!

Anyway I got no joy from AO or Hotpoint, took the machine to the tip and kissed goodbye to my money

Clickncollect Wed 29-Mar-17 09:54:08

I've used them and thought they were fab - great price and quick delivery. Lots of people recommended them to me at the time.

Agree with PP regarding the follow up call masquerading as making sure everything was ok when really they wanted to flog warranty but they took no for an answer with no drama.

Also, if you are buying a tumble dryer, don't do what I did and pay for installation of £10 which involved the delivery guy plugging it in for us!

HemanOrSheRa Wed 29-Mar-17 09:55:02

I've read and been told that their after sales service is pretty shite Dimples. Such a shame as their delivery service is so good.

neonrainbow Wed 29-Mar-17 09:57:27

Same as everyone else. Possibly the best online company ive ever used. And i do a lot of online shopping! Every single time they bring a big heavy appliance down the back garden because our front door is too narrow.

Ive had a washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, cooker and fridge freezer and no problems whatsoever.

KoolKoala07 Wed 29-Mar-17 09:59:17

We had no issues with ao and would use again.

KittyBeans72 Wed 29-Mar-17 10:19:39

this is all very helpful, thank you. do they take the old appliance away?

KittyBeans72 Wed 29-Mar-17 10:27:40

sorry, ignore that question, i've found the right page on their website. thanks everyone.

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