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Window cleaners: How often does your come?

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Northerner Tue 29-Aug-06 13:22:10

Atm mine comes to do my windows every month. We had to wait 6 months to find a window cleaner as they were all so busy when we moved in last year. Dh has today decided we don't need them cleaning every month and that every other month is more than enough. So as he was in today when window cleaner called he has ended up pissing him off as window cleaner was trying to explain he won't do every other month as he has a waiting list of people.

So dh paid him and told him not to come back and that we'll find someone alse. Grrr.

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MaloryTowersIsSlimAndChic Tue 29-Aug-06 13:23:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fattiemumma Tue 29-Aug-06 13:25:30

My dad used to own his own Window Cleaning company. he would visit once a month....usually about every 5 weeks.

the reason its not every other month is that by the time they return they are SOO dirty they take twice as long to clean and yet they only get the same amount of money as they would if they cleaned once a month.

Jackstini Tue 29-Aug-06 13:25:34

Not surprised you are Can you get hold of him and apologise and get hime to come back?!
fwiw mine comes every 3-4 weeks, think that's pretty normal

fattiemumma Tue 29-Aug-06 13:25:50

i didn't go to private school BTW

Furball Tue 29-Aug-06 13:31:01

I always have mine done every other month

sorkycake Tue 29-Aug-06 18:22:33

Every other month, he didn't seem happy, but tough luck. Course he has only been twice this year so maybe it's his way of protesting . Good job they're not too bad really.

Finbar Tue 29-Aug-06 18:39:47

Sorry - the title of this thread just made me think " oo err!!"

Joolstoo Tue 29-Aug-06 18:40:12

about once a month

geogteach Tue 29-Aug-06 18:40:53

Every six weeks here. I've just got a window cleaner earlier this year and we had lived here 5 years he must have hated me the first time!

wheelybug Tue 29-Aug-06 18:41:21

once a month

AnelaSunshine Tue 29-Aug-06 18:56:38

Mine hasn't been since July 2004.
Does that mean I have to pay a new one double as they're so dirty?!

trinityrhino Tue 29-Aug-06 18:57:04

I don't have one

themoon66 Tue 29-Aug-06 19:34:28

Oh I'd love a window cleaner... if only

FloatingOnTheMed Tue 29-Aug-06 19:36:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Tue 29-Aug-06 19:36:46

I'm with Finbar. I came in for a <<snurk>>.

sleepysooz Tue 29-Aug-06 20:17:47

I have my windows cleaned every 4-5 weeks, whenever he turns up basically!

Apparently there is a new law coming out where they have to used distilled water through a pump, all our local window cleaners use this system now, (something to do with them not getting insurance) health and safety and all that stuff!

Mine cleans my windows inside (not all of them) free of charge in place for a well needed cuppa, had him for 20 years now!

sleepysooz Tue 29-Aug-06 20:18:44

I mean he's been coming for 20 years!

sleepysooz Tue 29-Aug-06 20:19:10

Think I'd better stop digging myself a hole

boomie Wed 30-Aug-06 17:31:49


Going slightly off track but how much does your window cleaner charge? Thanks.

sleepysooz Wed 30-Aug-06 17:32:56

£3.50 each time and a cuppa

MrsFio Wed 30-Aug-06 17:35:13

no-one will clean ours

sleepysooz Wed 30-Aug-06 17:50:29


NomDePlume Wed 30-Aug-06 17:54:09

About once every 4-5 weeks, does a shitty job and then charges us £18 for the priviledge

sleepysooz Wed 30-Aug-06 18:01:53

how come its so much, do you live at buckingham palace or something?

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