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How do I stop neighbours' cats using my garden as a toilet?

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callielou Tue 15-Aug-06 13:26:12

I am absolutely fed up of removing cat poo from my garden - I've just cleared up 3 lots today and it's a disgusting job!!! I've tried using cat repellent granules but they haven't solved the problem.

Any advice gratefully received.

iota Tue 15-Aug-06 13:27:23

get a supply of footballs where's Twiglett when you need her?

kid Tue 15-Aug-06 13:28:21

If you squirt them with a hosepipe a few times, it puts them off coming back!

Iklboo Tue 15-Aug-06 13:29:39

Apparently scattering orange peel around works cos they don't like the citrussy smell

iota Tue 15-Aug-06 13:32:15

cat and football thread an all time classic

iota Tue 15-Aug-06 13:32:53

wrong one sorry

callielou Tue 15-Aug-06 13:33:17

I'm sure the hosepipe would work, but it always seems to happen when I'm not around!!!

I'll give the orange peel a try, thanks for that.

iota Tue 15-Aug-06 13:34:06

cat and football the original

Bugsy2 Tue 15-Aug-06 13:37:47

what are the pooing in Calllielou? Is it flowerbeds or gravel?

callielou Tue 15-Aug-06 13:50:51

Thanks for the link, Iota. I've just had a quick look at it, will read it later when there's time. Looks interesting. Just to reassure all the cat lovers, theres NO football involved this time!

The cat poo is always in my flower beds. I've just cleaned it up, raked the area (as it says on the cat repellent tub)and put on the last of my cat repellent granules.

Maybe I ought to invest in a high-powered water pistol and lie in wait!

foxinsocks Tue 15-Aug-06 13:52:15

I've stopped them pooing in pots with foil (they don't like it underfoot) now I just need to stop them pooing in the gravel/little stones that surround the sides of the house ggrrrr!

UrsulatheSeawitch Tue 15-Aug-06 13:52:27

I'm sure I read somewhere recently that you can buy a movement-activated water-pistol thing. Will google.

callielou Tue 15-Aug-06 13:54:26

Now that sounds interesting, Ursula.

It's a real pain isn't is, Foxinsocks. Smells vile and can be a health hazard.

UrsulatheSeawitch Tue 15-Aug-06 13:54:51

Here it is - £54 but can you put a price on not having to clean up catpoo?

deteracat website - loving the spikes

callielou Tue 15-Aug-06 14:00:38

Gosh, £54 is a bit pricey! I think I'll give the orange peel a go first, though I do quite like the idea of lying in wait with a powerful water pistol!

Bugsy2 Tue 15-Aug-06 14:04:37

I don't think cats like pooing in those woodchip things. Could you spread those around your flowerbeds? It would be cheaper than the spray gun!

Clary Tue 15-Aug-06 14:18:39

oh callielou I just cleaned up some more last night.

Always in the same place. I shout and shoo off any cats I see on my garden and I make no apologies. Would trhow a football too if I had one to hand.

And I quite like cats. But not when they pooh on my flowerbeds.

Will have to try the orange peel.

kittyb Tue 15-Aug-06 15:24:43

i bought a big tub of lazycook garlic - you know the ready chopped stuff. Sprinkled it all over the place and it really worked. need to leave it sitting in something for the lawn though otherwise it kills the grass (oops). And it makes the garden stink, but hey, no more pooh

Mamamoor Tue 15-Aug-06 16:13:11

I've just been told about this thread as I am having a similar problem, except that the cats are not limiting their crapping to the flower beds, (although we don't have many of those!) they are actually doing it in the middle of the lawn! Disgusting and a real hazard for dd1 who lives to bounce on her space hopper!!! May try the citrus peel thing - must get everyone eating oranges tonight!! Any other suggestions gratefully received.

bunglemother Tue 15-Aug-06 16:23:33

get your own cat!!

Mum2FunkyDude Tue 15-Aug-06 16:24:26

Cayenne pepper in flower beds, repels dogs too.

GraceB Tue 15-Aug-06 16:40:29

I had the same problem and bought one of these, Ultrasonic cat scarer and haven't had any cat poo in the garden since. They still come in, but don't hang around long!

Monkeybar Tue 15-Aug-06 16:44:26

Apparently lion or tiger poo is supposed to stop it!! (I suppose the cats realise there's a bigger cat around and daren't go in?!) I was told that by a vet, but don't know if it was a wind up

AvaLou Tue 15-Aug-06 17:08:45

Cats hate cirtus peel, so try tossing it around your borders, it's really good for the soil too!

gscrym Tue 15-Aug-06 17:13:55

When you've cleaned up the poo, lob it either in the neighbours garden or at the offending cat.

Oil of citronella works. Vindaloo curry powder helps because they walk in it, like their paws then feel the burn. Have also seen people putting plasctic bottles full of water in the worst areas. Apparantly it gives cats the heebeegeebees.

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