Some of our young people are half way through their degrees (2019/20 intake): lockdowns on repeat, light at the end of the tunnel with vaccinations (?) and the legacy of COVID-19

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NewModelArmyMayhem18 Thu 14-Jan-21 16:01:29

Previous thread

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose is all I can say!

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simbobs Thu 14-Jan-21 16:33:13


Zandathepanda Thu 14-Jan-21 16:39:36

Hello new thread

Jano69 Thu 14-Jan-21 16:46:14


bigTillyMint Thu 14-Jan-21 17:16:59

I’be never done dry anything and I’m not starting in a lockdown grin

VanCleefArpels Thu 14-Jan-21 17:41:14

Hello all, placemarking!

Actually here’s something we can discuss: care packages for those of our students who have gone back. I know there’s gazillions of cake/brownies/sweets etc companies but wonder what else you’ve been sending the little treasures for treats? I was thinking about sending a pile of trashy magazines (all girl house!)

justasking111 Thu 14-Jan-21 17:47:55

Cadburys website just sent him a bunch of oreos and hot chocolate drink. It is very cold and heavy snow there.


mum2eim Thu 14-Jan-21 17:47:58

My cleaner sent my DD a parcel of bits last term - chocolate, some hand cream, a candle, cookies and other bits. It was so lovely of her.
Ive posted a parcel off today of some flapjack that my DS made from the recipe book she gave him for Christmas as well as some biscuits and jelly babies that she said reminded her of my mum.

Xenia Thu 14-Jan-21 18:29:47

Good plans although no food causes depression more than sugar so perhaps avoid anything sweet if you want to keep your child sane. Sugar is the devil's work.

justasking111 Thu 14-Jan-21 18:32:54

Dry January ???

icanbewhatiwant Thu 14-Jan-21 19:12:39

I don't drink. I could do with giving up chocolate and cheese though. I'm
Getting too fat (obviously I don't eat them at the same time!) I don't know which one is my favourite.

boys3 Thu 14-Jan-21 19:14:37

Vegetable box?

Just think of the time they (well some of them) could wile away trying to work out what the variety of strange objects are. smile hours if not days and weeks of distraction.

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Thu 14-Jan-21 19:21:40

I was going to send DS one of the Morrisons boxes but he is fussy about vegetables so I decided against it. Am thinking of doing a goodies box but haven't really thought about the contents yet. Deliveroo/Nando# vouchers? That's about as much of a 'treat' as is possible at the moment.

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bigTillyMint Thu 14-Jan-21 19:39:24

Last term I deny both of mine a big bar of chocolate which went down well! As DS is at home atm, I have paid for an online food shop for DD and doing another this weekend. She seems pretty happy with that (especially as remainder of Masters loan is a lot less than basic maintenance loan!

bigTillyMint Thu 14-Jan-21 19:39:47

Deny? Sent!

Zandathepanda Thu 14-Jan-21 20:04:31

I denied my Dds my Christmas chocolates my Mum bought me so I could eat them all myself! grin

Piggywaspushed Thu 14-Jan-21 20:48:10

I kept getting kicked off the previous thread! No matter how many times I randomly posted or clicked watch, it hid from me.

Please allow me on this one...sad

VanCleefArpels Thu 14-Jan-21 21:03:07

@boys3 a veg box - sorry while I laugh my head off 🤣 One of the better things about the student going back is that I don’t have to tolerate watching her push a few lonely peas and a carrot around her plate before reluctantly eating them.

boys3 Thu 14-Jan-21 21:22:54

@VanCleefArpels clearly at a more advanced evolutionary stage, if pushing them around and eating them. I’d call that definite progress. grin

Actually I think I can take my - not wholly serious - veg box suggestion a stage further. Veg box plus hidden camera, mic and tracking device to allow a real time view of their faces and accompanying spoken word as said veg box is delivered and the realisation of what it is dawns on them. Potential YouTube sensation.

Zandathepanda Thu 14-Jan-21 21:42:13

Last term I sent Dd this (for a ‘tasting’ evening with her flatmates):

And also this:

For a scoffing session with her flatmates. Xenia - don’t click you won’t be impressed. They loved it.

VanCleefArpels Thu 14-Jan-21 21:44:44

@boys3 I like your style!

Zandathepanda Thu 14-Jan-21 21:47:02

Love the veg box idea plus camera. A rogue fruit item decomposed in their kitchen last term causing insect chaos. I have a feeling the veg box may end up infesting the kitchen too!

Baytreemum Thu 14-Jan-21 21:52:15

Thanks for the new thread xx. I also sent food! - a big grocery order complete with gin to keep spirits up! No dry January here either!

Parker231 Thu 14-Jan-21 22:14:18

Not sure mine would have thanked me for a veggie box. I use to look up a local bakery/cake shop and have a box of treats delivered to their flats. Another successful idea was a monthly beer subscription for DS and gin for DD - these were also popular with their flat mates. I think someone posted earlier - you can’t beat Cadbury’s chocolate - the huge bar was a brilliant treat.

sergeantmajormum Thu 14-Jan-21 22:25:02

This made for a fun evening in my DDs house last term and was apparently tastier than many restaurant pizzas.

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