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Cancer support thread #72 - come in, we're here for you

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Bloodybridget Sat 21-Sep-19 09:48:23

Welcome to the new support thread for anyone who has cancer, at whatever stage of treatment, is worried about symptoms, or is waiting for tests or results.

This is the place to worry, moan, ask questions, share experiences and good and bad news, and celebrate milestones!

If you've got a loved one with cancer then your best place for support is probably on the Life-Limiting Illness board.

Our previous thread is here

Current members, please do introduce yourselves smile

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Bloodybridget Sat 21-Sep-19 10:56:08

I'll start the intros - diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May this year, stage 2, grade 3 as although detected early it's a rare and aggressive tumour (carcinosarcoma). I had " everything out" surgery late May, recently had 4th of 6 chemo treatments, after which it will hopefully just be monitoring.
Apart from the bloody cancer, I've always been very healthy!
I'm 65, live in London with female DP, getting fab support from friends and family.

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meercat23 Sat 21-Sep-19 11:48:58

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. Surgery almost immediately, clear margins no spread to lymph glands. Oestrogen and Her-2 receptive. Chemo- 9 weekly sessions of Paclitaxel. 18 sessions of Radiotherapy and now on 3 weekly infusions of Herceptin until next April, six monthly Zolodronic Acid, and daily Anastrazole for how ever many years. (Don't think they have told me that yet!)

Side effects from Chemo and Radiotherapy were not pleasant but not extreme. Coping OK so far with the side effects from Herceptin and Anastrazole. If they don't get any worse I should be able to stick with them. Zolodronic acid was horrendous for the only dose so far but it is only once every six months.

I am 72 and like Bridget have always been healthy except for , in my case, arthritic knees. Live in Hertfordshire with a very supportive DH and children and grandchildren living near.

I have found these threads to be the most amazing practical and positive support from people who do actually know what it is like.

Trumpton Sat 21-Sep-19 13:10:04

67 years old , fit and healthy .
Routine mammogram early July showed some calcification in breast duct so vacuum biopsy done mid July .
That showed DCIS and so wired guided excision done on the day after we got back from working a festival in France .
The biopsy from that showed there was not a clear margin and took me from grade 0 to grade 2.
Repeat operation and sentinel lymph nodes taken early September still waiting for results from that .
Meanwhile the arm pit has proved troublesome and burst open during night ! Eep !
Refused to stop trickling so armpit got manky . Now restitched and back on Monday for aspiration of fluid , Wednesday for results ( please ) and Friday for physio as some cording .
It’s the gift that just keeps giving !
Will need 15 sessions of radiotherapy given over 3 weeks in Liverpool so will have to stay away from home for that .
Waiting to hear if I need chemo .
Great support from family but this thread is invaluable especially for the terrors in the wee small hours !

wineoclockthanks Sat 21-Sep-19 14:07:32

Thank you fo the shiny new thread Bridget

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, had chemo for 6 months, bilateral mastectomy and rads. Finished active treatment in 2014 and have just moved to taking letrozole after 5 years of tamoxifen.

Quick question please; I'm stupidly nervous about changing drugs as I knew where I was with the tamoxifen and a whole new list of potential side effects is really stressing me out. Anyone have any experience of swapping, good or bad please?

Hugs to anyone still having horrible treatments. I'm never sure if it's ok still to post but I know when I was going through it all, I liked hearing from Those that had come out the other side.

Skap Sat 21-Sep-19 14:38:34

I'm 61, retired and live with DH and have two adult sons in their 20s.
I was diagnosed with grade 2 invasive breast cancer in July after finding a lump. Routine mammogram a year earlier had been clear. It's ER negative HER2 positive. I had a wide local excision and sentinal node biopsy four weeks ago and I am due to have chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy. Don't know exact details yet.
This tread was great when I was first waiting for appointments pre-diagnosis and has continued to be a huge source of support and information.

WTF99 Sat 21-Sep-19 17:31:58

Checking in from the last thread (where I've just posted) and thanks for the new one bridget

I'm on cycle 6 of 7 cycles of FEC-T chemo for a 2cm grade 3 her2+ lump which was removed by wle on May 1st. No evidence of spread and lymph nodes were clear.
I'll be having rads and on going herceptin into next year.
I have previously had DCIS in both breasts resulting in 2 mastectomies, a year apart, and had implant reconstruction. Was a bit surprised this year to get a lump in my non existent breast, so ready to be done with cancer now to be honest. We' ll see. ..

I live alone but have great support from dp, family and friends.....and great support/info on this thread.

Bloodybridget Sat 21-Sep-19 17:50:02

wineoclock very good to hear from you. No experience or advice re switching from tamoxifen to letrozole, but a friend is just doing this, she took tam. for maybe 9 months after her mastectomy (no chemo) but felt so bad on it, once it was established she is post menopause consultant agreed she could try let. instead. I can ask her how it's going but it's very early days for her. Hope someone else can be more helpful.

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Minxmumma Sat 21-Sep-19 19:38:28

Evening lovely peeps,

I am 43, live with dh and 4 dc aged between 22 and 2. I am a youth volunteer and carer for dps.

I had thyroid cancer in 2012, so the whipped it out, followed by stg 2 breast cancer in 2014, lumpectomy, 6 cycles of chemo and a month of radio. Rediagnosed(?) In July this year with breast cancer and had a mastectomy in late August so still healing from that.

Waiting for a 2nd set of genetic screening later this year.

Love being able to post here for a bit of tlc, support, advice and the inevitable giggles.

Where else can we discuss poo, pain and more with complete freedom from judgement!

Borntobeamum Sat 21-Sep-19 21:22:08

Hello. I’m 57 and was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in February this year. I had surgery in March and the outcome was good. 37 lymph nodes all clear, good margins and no mets.
Therefore I Needed no further active treatment but 5 years surveillance.
However I’ve also recently been diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome which means I am more susceptive to cancer and will need extra surveillance. It’s also genetic so once I know my mutation, my children will need to be checked as they have a 50% chance of contraction LS from me.
You are all in the right place! X x

SnowsInWater Sun 22-Sep-19 03:18:01

Thanks for the new thread Bridget, and before the thought slips out of my brain I hope you are feeling better WTF. I found this thread really comforting the other week when I was having a wobble so hope you do too knowing we are all thinking of you.

I was diagnosed same month as you meercat. One morning in March I woke up with a red, sore breast. By that evening I was in hospital talking to the surgeon who would eventually be the one who would cut my breasts off! Three days, and various tests, later I had a diagnosis of Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast cancer, a rare (2%ish of bc cases) and particularly aggressive cancer. I had a tumor in one breast and it had spread to some lymph nodes under the arm. I had eight rounds of fortnightly Chemo, a double mx on 1 August, and I am just about to start my fifth and final week of radiotherapy. I have been lucky in that I responded well to Chemo - not always the case with IBC - and post surgery pathology results were good so my treatment team are happy. The only good thing is that I am HER 2 negative so don't need Herceptin but I will start hormone treatment (Femara) a few days after Rads end.

I am 56 and live in Sydney with DH, 16yo DD and 20yo DS2. DS1 is 26, married and living nearby with my lovely DIL. I am very blessed in the support I have from my family but it's been a tough year!

SnowsInWater Sun 22-Sep-19 03:20:02

Oh wineoclock I meant to add that I love hearing from people who have been through this and are going ok 😊

whythoughh Sun 22-Sep-19 04:57:00

Hello. 👋 I'm 29 life in the Peak District and was diagnosed with bowel cancer stage 2 on Tuesday. After a routine colonoscopy I had to beg for as I was worried about symptoms I've had for months and my gp eventually relented after saying your know this will be clear but okay I'll refer you' took 16 weeks for the appointment and then immediately as they put the scope in the atmosphere changed. My gp rang on Friday afternoon and apologised after the surgeon had rung him. I've had a pet scan and mri scan and thank fuck it's no where else.

I have to have chemo and surgery. I can opt to have an colostomy and I think I might do that. We also have to do fertility treatment before chemo as I might be infertile afterwards so I start that on Monday.

It's all happened so fast. I've also been told i do qualify for the teenage cancer trust ward as I'm under 30 so that's 'nice' I went to visit there on Friday.

foofooyeah Sun 22-Sep-19 05:14:44

I haven't posted for ages but a touch of insomnia has bought me here. I remember wineoclock x I was diagnosed in 2013 as well. I'm still on tamox as still not fully gone through menopause(although not had a period since 2013). Did have blood tests this year but still not fully menopausal.
I had BMX and node clearance with immediate reconstruction. Was Stage 4 briefly but that turned out to be hermangiomas and not liver mets. I suffer from lymphodoema in my left arm, which has also hospitalised me a couple of times over the past year with Cellulitis.

Sending best wishes to all on this thread

catnidge Sun 22-Sep-19 05:53:29

I'm relatively new here and have endometrial cancer. I'm due to have everything out including ovaries very soon. I will go straight into surgical menopause but will be unable to have hrt.
Its hoped my cancer is stage 1.

Due to my young(!) age, 48 for this type of cancer. I will be investigated for lynch syndrome.
Both my father and grandfather were diagnosed with lhighly advanced lynch related cancers in their 50's.

I have been made very welcome here.
Hoping most of you are still sound asleep. I did take zopicone last night. I woke at 4am which at least is a big improvement on my usual 2 amsmile

I live with my husband, we have four children, teens to mid twenties. I work full time in a school and am dreading how much time I'm going to need off post op even though work have been absolutely fabulous about it all.

Bloodybridget Sun 22-Sep-19 08:46:29

Just wanted to say a very warm hello and welcome to whythoughh - you must be completely in shock, I'm so sorry. I see you were awake at silly o'clock. Sounds like you have a DP, I hope you have lots of loving support around you IRL, you will get plenty here.
And hello and thanks to everyone else who has introduced themselves - Minxmumma sending you very good wishes in the run-up to surgery (have you got a date?).

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Skap Sun 22-Sep-19 10:33:08

whythoughh Hello and welcome. I'm sorry you are going through this at such a young age but I'm sure you'll find support on here. I see you were posting at stupid o'clock, inability to sleep seems to come to many of us as you will see by the times of the posts.

Snows One more week of radiotherapy, how are you feeling?

catnidge Are you still working up until surgery? You have enough to contend with without worrying about time off work, will it cause you financial difficulties?

ellenanora5 Sun 22-Sep-19 12:11:10

Hi all, sorry haven't been posting much lately, I'll catch up on the old thread soon.

I'm 51, I have two sons ds1 late twenties, ds2 late teens, I'm his full time carer so life is busy.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in July, had lumpectomy and lymph node removal, I'm her2 positive and being treated now with Anastrozole, one tablet everyday for five years. waiting to start radiation which will be for five weeks, getting a bit fed up waiting to be honest, just want it started so it can end.

Thanks for the new thread Brassica, the support here is amazing.

I haven't been posting much but will get my act together and catch up with everyone soon.

Have a good Sunday everyone.

redspook Sun 22-Sep-19 17:52:49

Hi all,
I was diagnosed with cervical and endometrial cancer at the end of May, and had five weeks' combined chemo (cisplatin) and radiotherapy immediately followed by four sessions of high dose brachytherapy.
My treatment finished on 29th August, and it almost broke me to be honest. I said at one point near the end that I couldn't imagine ever feeling ok again, but just over three weeks later I am so much better and going in to work for a short time tomorrow.
I have just received a copy of a letter sent to the GP summing up my treatment, which says that I had "an eventful time" (referring to the sickness and exhaustion which led to being on a syringe driver for two weeks).
I don't know what the future holds and am just concentrating on getting stronger now. These threads have been an enormous source of support to me, and I hope that all new posters also find help here.

meercat23 Sun 22-Sep-19 19:33:11

Hi Redspook Really good to hear that you are feeling a bit better. 'Eventful time', well that is one way to put it!

Doublethecuddles Sun 22-Sep-19 20:03:06

I am a lurker, and don’t post much.
I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid in March, in April I had it removed along with 31 lymph nodes in my neck. In August I received radioactive iodine therapy which hopefully has killed off the remainder of the cancerous cells. I will find out in October
I am 49 and have 12 year old DT and live with DH.

catnidge Sun 22-Sep-19 20:50:04

whythoughh hello and welcome. How awful, well done to you for persevering and not being fobbed off. It's still a shock even if you suspected it. I'm pleased the Dr apologised to you.
Sending good wishes your wayflowers and will thinking of you.

skap Im going to work up to surgery, hopefully. I enjoy being with the children smile. I'm a sen TA I'm luckily not worried about pay etc. Work have been fabulous. It's just more that they will probably have to get cover staff in, some are lovely but some just babysit. My colleagues will also cover as much as possible but they have an enormous workload.

redspook good luck with going back to work. 1I hope it gives you a little normality without being too much like hard work! It's good to hear you are feeling a little more you.
I've been thinking of you a lot and the amount of treatment you have gone through. Cervical was ruled out for me last week as the cancerous cells found in my cervical biopsy were actually cells shed by the endometrial cancer.

doublethecuddles hoping you here some positive news in October.

Thanks for starting the new thread bloodybridget

Have a restful evening all.

iVampire Sun 22-Sep-19 22:10:49

Hi everyone! Thank you for shiny new thread

I’m an intermittent poster here - usually every three months or so, in synch with my monitoring cycle.

I have leukaemia (CML) diagnosed nearly 2 years ago. It’s incurable (other than by bone marrow transplant, which carries a distinct risk of death, so one is never put forward for that until all other options have failed).

It is however one of the most treatable forms of cancer, and I’m living what is meant by ‘one day cancer will be an annoying chronic disease’ as I am in functional remission, having had a complete response to a targeted inhibitor drug, which I will now need for life (though I might occasionally get a few months off, because it is quite hostile/cytotoxic). Hence there is 3 month monitoring of liver/kidney/bone function, plus a state-of-the-art test to check that the leukaemia remains nigh-on totally suppressed. I had bloods taken last week, and can be sure that the main markers are OK (because I’d have been called immediately if they weren’t) but have to wait for outpatients next month to find out about the suppression.

I’m in my 50s, with two teen DC. And I’m the perfectly annoying twat who runs half marathons etc (but only post about that occasionally - even though people are usually fine about it, even when utterly wiped out themselves. Lovely bunch you all are!)

mrsed1987 Sun 22-Sep-19 22:29:31

Hi all,

I lurk, but my mum has stage 4 ovarian cancer, diagnosed in 2016. She is currently coming towards the end of a trial that she has had a partial response too.

Since her diagnosis i have suffered terribly with health anxiety, particularly around cancer

WTF99 Sun 22-Sep-19 22:52:43

Day 7 of 6th chemo cycle and have felt utterly crap today. Many loo stops overnight which fortunately eased up today but I've had that flu like steam rollered feeling, total absence of appetite accompanied by disgusting mouth, and a drunk disconnected sensation.
Thank goodness I haven't been on my.own this weekend. Have binge watched Madmen on Netflix but even the delectable Jon Hamm hasn't been able to distract me from the grimness of it. Ive felt like i just don't know where to put myself.
In bed now and hoping for sleep and a gradual improvement over the next few days. Holding onto the fact that day 7 was the worst last cycle.....and it's nearly over.
Night all ..

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