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Mouth ulcers on the side of my tongue

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KatyMac Sun 29-Jul-12 18:28:01

I had one, it healed and another moved in next to where it had been

Now I'm getting another one on the other side of my tongue

I know I am prone to them but never here before.....they are invading aren't they?

chinley Sun 29-Jul-12 18:32:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatyMac Sun 29-Jul-12 20:25:36

In lots of pain - I'm seeing the dentist tomorrow - I'll see what he says

TheFarSide Sun 29-Jul-12 20:27:18

I get these - in my case, caused by whitening toothpastes and too many polo mints. I think it's the sorbitol in both these products. When I switch to Sensodyne, I don't get ulcers on my tongue.

changeforthebetter Sun 29-Jul-12 20:27:47

Try a saltwater wash to help the pain plus lots of painkillers. Glad you are seeing an HCP.

I hate mouth ulcers - so painful. Are you run-down, stressed?? <<un-MN hugs>>

EmmieA Sun 29-Jul-12 20:39:07

If get them a lot get tested for auto immune issues, i used to have them a lot until i took it seriously

KatyMac Sun 29-Jul-12 21:37:14

As a child/teenager I had them loads - treated with anti-biotics & eventually steroids

I now have Fibromyalgia & CFS so I guess they will put it down to that

KatyMac Mon 30-Jul-12 07:34:07

My tongue was so swollen last night I couldn't eat or talk

But it's gone down this morning & I feel a bit more human wink, hopefully it's getting better

KatyMac Mon 30-Jul-12 16:52:06

The dentist said it's "one of those things"


Extrospektiv Wed 01-Aug-12 08:08:37

<sighs sympathetically and marvels at such professionality, which only 5+ years training produces>

zen1 Wed 01-Aug-12 10:10:21

I get a lot of ulcers on the sides and tip of my tongue as well as having a sore tongue generally. In my case it is caused by vitamin b12 deficiency. I've found since taking supplements it's helped somewhat. Maybe you could ask your GP for blood tests to rule out anaemia /b12 problems? Hope u feel better

KatyMac Wed 01-Aug-12 12:41:40

How odd I started taking a B complex supplement just before these started hmm

cupcakelover1983 Wed 01-Aug-12 12:47:16

I had lots of mouth ulcers too just before my DS started showing symptoms of hand, foot and mouth. I am convinced I had it too. Anyways I asked the pharmacist for some advice and she gave me some mouth wash. I can remember the name of it but it did the trick. grin

shumway Wed 01-Aug-12 12:52:59

Eating pineapple is meant to help a sore tongue. Got some enzymes in or something. And you can get a corsodyl spray from Boots.

HauntedLittleLunatic Wed 01-Aug-12 12:59:57

Do you suffer coldsores? A lot of people don't realise that you cam get coldsores inside the mouth (not that you can do anything about it, unless you can convince gp to prescribe oral acyclovir).

Try a medicated mouthwash. - like cordosyl or dentinox.

KatyMac Wed 01-Aug-12 13:07:45

I don't get coldsores & (again oddly) Corsadyl gives me mouth ulcers (as do almonds)

KatyMac Mon 06-Aug-12 22:01:52

OK I am now into another week of mouth ulcers

I am so fed up........tomorrow will be 2 full weeks

I have lost so much weight sad

brightermornings Mon 06-Aug-12 22:04:26

I think it's time to see the doctor. Especially with the weight loss.

KatyMac Mon 06-Aug-12 22:31:01

Do you think?

I suppose I've only lost 5lbs or so; but I'm just not hungry

brightermornings Tue 07-Aug-12 21:46:54

I had a massive ulcer on my tongue. We have a doctor at work who recommended a blood test. It turns out my b12 is low.
I'm not saying that is what is wrong with you but there must be a reason why you keep getting them.

KatyMac Fri 10-Aug-12 20:57:46

I went to out of hours as I thought it was infected (I took the afternoon off work & I slept for 5 hours)

It was closed sad

GrandPoohBah Fri 10-Aug-12 22:34:44

Poor you, I used to suffer terribly from mouth ulcers.

I read an article in a magazine somewhere which said that ingredients in some shampoos can cause them - particularly sodium laureth sulfate. I decided I had nothing to lose so switched my shampoo and body wash, and within a week they had cleared up - I used to have at least one all the time. Now I get them maybe once a year, when I'm particularly run down. I also told my dad about it, who suffered the same, and he hasn't looked back either.

I know it sounds a bit full of quackery, but what have you got to lose? Pantene shampoo is without the foaming agent, as is Palmolive body wash.

Oh, and I was suffering badly (bedridden) from CFS at the time. I had them before that, and have made a complete recovery - but if I use the wrong shampoo I get ulcers.

IvanaNap Fri 10-Aug-12 22:48:59

For the short-term some superficial relief can be got from those anti septic throat lozengers - they give a numbing effect? Sugar can exacerbate though sad

There is another mouth wash too, sainsburys do it, and one from the dentist. will Google...

IvanaNap Fri 10-Aug-12 23:04:32

OK so, Oraldene is the one I was thinking of not sure if this link will work from sainsburys.

Will take a bit more digging to find which one I have in mind from the dentist. I know they don't treat the root cause but hopefully give some relief in the meantime, ulcers are miserable sad

IvanaNap Fri 10-Aug-12 23:13:14

Hmm there is this one from boots but not the one I had pictured. It depends what you are sensitive to- if it's the alcohol in Corsodyl that worsens them, they do a no-alcohol one? I got an amazing one on holiday once, Tantum zum Gurglen or something, German brand I believe - cracking stuff, very numbing. <unhelpful> Hope you get something that suits you soon just to take the edge off.

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