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What's your favourite salad?

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Lostinbooksandcoffee Mon 08-Jun-20 20:59:37

I'm looking for some inspiration for some different, interesting salads for lunch?

I love nuts, olives, most cheeses, etc. Don't fancy fruit in a salad. Vegetarian, not fussy.

What Are your favourite salads?

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Bertucci Mon 08-Jun-20 21:07:46

Chicken mixed with mayonnaise, fresh tarragon, garlic powder, onion powder and toasted almonds on a bed of rocket.

I am obsessed with it.

howdidigettobe50something Mon 08-Jun-20 21:10:10

My favourite salad is definitely Greek salad but I made a great chicken caesar salad with left over roast chicken today and it was lush! So easy to make the dressing too! 😁

CanIHaveAPenguinPlease Mon 08-Jun-20 21:17:03

This!! My Turkish friend adds green peppers as well. It’s heavenly.

mrsbyers Mon 08-Jun-20 21:20:39

Im sure there was a thread over the weekend with some great suggestions if you scroll down

Carrotcakeforbreakfast Mon 08-Jun-20 21:48:31

Greek Salad

So much better in Greece though..their tomatoes actually taste of tomato!

howdidigettobe50something Mon 08-Jun-20 22:02:48

Definitely... And their olive oil!

Muddlingalongalone Mon 08-Jun-20 22:04:53

Watermelon & feta with red onion. It's a Jamie Oliver recipe.
I add Parma ham but obviously that wouldn't be suitable for you.

CanIHaveAPenguinPlease Mon 08-Jun-20 22:09:18

In Cyprus watermelon is usually served with halloumi or kefalatouri a Greek cheese.

FrankiesKnuckle Mon 08-Jun-20 22:09:50

Baby spinach, beetroot, toasted pumpkin seeds and crumbled feta.

Ylvamoon Mon 08-Jun-20 22:22:47

Cucumber- dressing with dill & sour cream,
French beans with red onions and vinaigrette
Simply tomato & mozzarella
Green beans, new potatoes & chicken (or not) with a lovely honey & mustard dressing.
I always served with an interesting bread like crusty or sourdough.

Harrykanesrightsock Mon 08-Jun-20 22:24:50

Courgette, pea, feta cheese and mint.

Luzina Mon 08-Jun-20 22:28:03

Pea shoots, tomatoes, cucumber, black olives, avocado with dressing made with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and dijon mustard

Littleshortcake Mon 08-Jun-20 22:29:26

I love a good Caesar salad. My favourite is one I don't know how to make but I but it. It's a pineapple salad with raspberry dressing. It has red onions and sweetcorn etc.

WinWinnieTheWay Mon 08-Jun-20 22:29:53

Finely chopped red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, spinach, avocado oil, salt and lemon juice.

Emma330912 Wed 10-Jun-20 02:39:16

Salad leaves with lots of tomatoes, cucumber and fresh coriander leaves, pan fried sweetcorn (sometimes pineapple too) no added oil though just fried gently, with warm asparagus on top, merchent gourmet chestnuts & sainsburys herb & garlic olives, I squeeze lemon and pour some olive oil over it.

Pickles89 Wed 10-Jun-20 05:40:01

Pasta salad! My mum makes the best one with red pepper, green pepper, red onion, sweetcorn, kidney beans, pasta shells and a home made vinaigrette dressing.

Angbunnyboo Wed 10-Jun-20 21:09:20

Lentil, preserved lemon and beetroot - so tasty! I usually use a mustardy vinaigrette to flavour and some of the lemon liquid.

Harissa green beans and chickpeas with a quick homemade tomato sauce - cook it up and serve cold with crusty bread.

Southwest salad - sweetcorn, black beans, chopped tomato, avocado, red pepper and red or spring onion. Flavour with fresh coriander and lime juice.

LakeFlyPie Sun 21-Jun-20 22:41:37

Goats cheese, toasted walnut, apple with dark leaves (watercress / spinach) with a vinaigrette dressing

LakeFlyPie Sun 21-Jun-20 22:42:06

Giant cous cous and sun dried tomato

chubbyhotchoc Sun 21-Jun-20 22:43:23

Greek salad but try baking the feta in the oven with oregano and olive oil and adding to salad last minute.

brumblebee Sun 21-Jun-20 22:46:13

Spinach, walnut, pear, avocado, fine sliced salad onion, crumbled Stilton, honey mustard dressing. Delicious!

BellyDancer124 Sun 21-Jun-20 22:48:01

I adore this salad! We can't stop making it... we have tried adding prawns and salmon to it as a nice main meal and it's just lovely.

Peta11 Sun 21-Jun-20 22:50:43

Fattoush and tabbouleh salads are a firm favourite here!

HathorX Sun 21-Jun-20 23:43:44

Broad beans (removed from their little jackets, ideally), peas, fresh mint, lemon juice. Sometimes I add feta or parmesan, sometimes I add cubes of courgette or new potatoes.

Serve it like warm. It is fantastic.

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