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Help me put together an amazing cheese board from cheese available in supermarkets.

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PorridgeIsYummy Mon 17-Dec-18 19:21:34

Who wants to help?

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ikltownofboothlehem Mon 17-Dec-18 19:23:27

Sainsburys have a gorgeous caramelised onion mini truckle. I think I've gone through about three already.

A Mexicana for a nice change.

Rufusthebewilderedreindeer Mon 17-Dec-18 19:24:41

Im going to lurk a bit

But we have this cheese and its a lovely brie

Bluesheep8 Mon 17-Dec-18 19:27:03

Aldi extra mature cheddar is really good. I prefer it to cathedral city.

MartaHallard Mon 17-Dec-18 19:27:59

Stilton. Wensleydale. Cheddar or another English cheese. Brie. Jarlsberg. Something else with a strong flavour. Maybe another soft cheese.

Grapes. Chutney.

Rufusthebewilderedreindeer Mon 17-Dec-18 19:31:09

Tescos have a port infused stilton

And cambazola is nice

chemenger Mon 17-Dec-18 19:33:37

People seem to like goats cheese for some unfathomable reason, it tastes of the smell of a goat pen to me. Otherwise something blue like Stilton, something soft like Brie, something hard like cheddar. I don’t like cheese with stuff in it but I do likes smoked cheese. Add some grapes, some chutney and some quince jelly and there you go. Nice crackers and oatcakes and some soft butter to go with it as well.

flugelhorn811 Mon 17-Dec-18 19:35:30

I second Cambazola.

Waitrose do a nice one in the shape of a heart with a kind of ashy rind (!?).

I also like the Capricorn goats cheese you can get in Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

Sainsbury's is doing a good truffle cheddar.

You could also get a Camembert to bake - any old supermarket one in a box should do. I stud mine with rosemary and garlic and drizzle a bit of balsamic or truffle oil. A friend did a really nice whole Brie cut in the middle and spread with apricot jam and then baked.

veggiepigsinpastryblankets Mon 17-Dec-18 19:35:54

I've just had a lovely Cornish brie (didn't even know there was such a thing!) from the deli counter in Sainsburys.

ggirl Mon 17-Dec-18 19:36:28

Wookey hole cheddar is gorgeous , is in waitrose

flugelhorn811 Mon 17-Dec-18 19:36:32

Sorry to clarify my second sentence - Waitrose do a nice cheese in the shape of a heart, it's not a cambazola.

Rufusthebewilderedreindeer Mon 17-Dec-18 19:36:48

Cornish brie is very nice!

Rufusthebewilderedreindeer Mon 17-Dec-18 19:37:24

I was going to do a baked camembert

A freind did one with apples and cranberries and something else...ill try and find it

OhTinky Mon 17-Dec-18 19:37:51

Tesco do a small Christmas brie with truffle centre. Delicious!

Nowisthemonthofmaying Mon 17-Dec-18 19:40:46

Pie d'Angloys is a good soft one - I'd add a goats cheese (capricorn or soft roll), a cornish cruncher or a gruyere/comte, a blue (gorgonzola types tend to be better than supermarket stilton) and then maybe a Somerset brie.

Supermarket camembert can be a bit crap but baked is lovely, as a pp said. Avoid the weird novelty cheers with fruit in them!

Taffeta Mon 17-Dec-18 19:41:51

It’s Christmas so you have to have Stilton

My favourite soft blue cheese is Montagnolo Affine. Waitrose sell it

A very good extra mature cheddar eg Lye Cross Farm

A hard mild cheese like Manchego, Gouda or Jarlsberg

A small log of goats or shoot me! a barrel aged feta

Also like Cambozola, Rocquefort, Gorgonzola.

You must have good crackers. I like a mix of Peters Yard sourdough, Millers ones with nuts, plain water biscuits and Crosta & Mollica Bolli

Plus celery sticks, fig and almond log, walnuts and black grapes

Nowisthemonthofmaying Mon 17-Dec-18 19:42:29

But it very much depends on which supermarket you're going to and how big it is. If you're near a big waitrose then you'll have a great choice of lovely interesting cheeses, tesco metro less so...

Bowchicawowow Mon 17-Dec-18 19:43:10

There are some fantastic ideas on here. I tried Snowdonia Black Bomber recently and it is absolutely delicious so I think that will feature on this year’s cheeseboard.

SymphonyofShadows Mon 17-Dec-18 19:45:04

I love Manchego with some olives. I’m not a fan of blue cheese but I do love a nice extra mature cheddar like Tickler or Cruncher and the Diablo cheddar with chilli from M&S.

Madbengalmum Mon 17-Dec-18 19:45:39

For soft cheese either Vignotte, Eppoises or the simply amazing Mont D'or if you can get it!

Ballbags Mon 17-Dec-18 19:45:45

Ocado is your best bet: Tunworth is excellent. Alex James cheeses are good (despite him being a twat). All the 'top tier' cheese.

Rest of the supermarkets are crap but if desperate look out for: cashel blue, dolcelatte, taleggio, aged gorgonzola, cheddar in a wedge (rather than a block), brie de meaux, cropwell blue.

Mayrhofen Mon 17-Dec-18 19:45:46

Morrisons do a Rutland Red which looks like a dried up old cheese but it's lovely, it has a really creamy nutty aftertaste and rather unusual. You can buy small pieces from the deli bit.

Peachypips Mon 17-Dec-18 19:49:06

Don't forget the chutneys- we like the Otter Vale ones and as a bonus they are also made close to us. The best one for me is the Devon Fire, which is amazing with blue. My husband's fav is the onion and pineapple. We both like caramelised onion chutney too of any brand.
Dried figs also work well.

We tend to have a ripe Brie (normally Sharpham), Jarlsberg, a crunchy very mature cheddar, a soft blue eg Gorgonzola, and a hard blue eg Cornish blue. My husband likes a pineapple halo! In addition we have something slightly more unusual like Yarg or Applewood.

Aldi cheeses are actually very good - if you buy the cheeses separately (not as a ready-made board!). Other than that, a good independent deli or cheese shop and Waitrose.

Phew! Just realised how important the cheeseboard is!

Peachypips Mon 17-Dec-18 19:52:14

Agree re dolcelatte. Yum.

thismeansnothing Mon 17-Dec-18 19:54:54

I don't do cheese. 🤢 But DH came home very excited about a Wensleydale he got from Aldi yday that has fudge peices, raisins and rum in it 🤔

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