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Cooking club July, Anna Jones and all things Spanish !

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whatareyoueatingNOW Sun 01-Jul-18 09:10:27


Hope it's okay that I've kicked off the new thread!

For anyone new- Welcome to cooking club. Here every month we chose a cuisine ( this month is Spanish) and a chef/ food writer , and then aim to cook and share recipes from those categories. Feel free to join in with recipe recommendations, reviews or just food chitchat grin

After the success of Greek Cypriot last month, I'm happy to stay in the med with Spanish , here are some good Spanish blogs/websites and food writers if anyone wants them here is a blog which includes Spanish recipes that cover a lot of the regions Traditional Andalusia recipes here this has some recipes from a brilliant baleriac cookbook elvissa Here are some basque inspired recipes by Spanish food writer Jose pizzaro

Spain has so many regional dishes and areas that I could carry on listing recipes from all, so do search out what you fancy.

We are also covering Anna jones, who's vegetarian food is inspired. She's my absolute favourite vegetarian author and I can't wait to make more of her recipes. She has a website above, and her recipes are all over the net as well as her books so she should be easy to cover.
Anyone with her book , modern way to eat, should try the sweet potato dhal- it is THE BEST DHAL EVER and is now the only dhal I make.

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Pantah630 Sun 01-Jul-18 11:44:26

Signing in, thanks for the new thread What. smile

Very tempted by lots of the spanishsabores blog, particularly the croquettes and Canarian potatoes with the green sauce.

SneakyGremlins Sun 01-Jul-18 11:48:26

Hi! New here tbsmile

I've meal planned for next week but I'd like to try something Spanish for the week after if that's okay? I'd love to try new cuisines tbsmile

myrtleWilson Sun 01-Jul-18 14:43:19

Signing in! Love Spanish food but am keen to try new dishes... I'll do a write up of some of my go to recipes later.

I have A modern way to cook (or is it eat?) from Anna Jones - its the one with a fab black bean taco recipe anyway!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's dishes!

everythingstaken123 Sun 01-Jul-18 16:08:10

I'm so glad you mentioned Elvissa, What. I have had this on my shelf for ages so I'm finally going to get it out and cook some things from it. It all looks so good but the recipe that said "peel the walnuts" put me off previously! I'm liking the look of: Flao with Strawberry Mint Sauce, Orange and Honey Caramelised Figs, Figs with Queso Azul and candied walnuts, Aubergine Gratinada with Lemon Pepper Ricotta and Tomato Gratinado. Will plan for next week as have had my shop delivered for this week.

whatareyoueatingNOW Sun 01-Jul-18 16:58:40

Everything- I've cooked so much from it! The grapefruit curd and cake is amazing! And the roast tomato sauce. As is the lemon and thyme chicken , and the following two recipes (croquettes and a stew type thing) for leftover chicken- though those are winter recipes, they really should be tried!

I've also made the tostadas- rocket and Mozerella and courgette- both beautiful! It is a book that calls for preparation , and , annoyingly, often lists other recipes -that take 2 days advance notice in to make stuff, which put me off to. But whenever I make the effort, I'm rewarded.

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VanillaSugar Sun 01-Jul-18 17:02:50

Signing in to get ideas as DD Spanish/Texan BF is coming to stay for the summer.

whatareyoueatingNOW Sun 01-Jul-18 20:18:40

A Spanish tapas feast we had here today. A mix of recipes and just what I know

Iberico ham croquettes (I've never made a croquettes I don't like grin)

Potatoes bravas

Chorizo in cider and thyme

Mozzarella and herb tostadas

Pardron peppers

Goats cheese, ham and cherry salad (from hose pizzaros book- this was the highlight for me)

Sobrasada stuffed mushrooms

And a classic red wine sangria.

Spanish food is so celebratory and we ate over a few hours, it all took ages, but was worth it.

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everythingstaken123 Sun 01-Jul-18 20:37:06

OH. WOW. That looks and sounds amazing!

I'm hoping it's the taking part that counts now I've seen the high standard!

whatareyoueatingNOW Mon 02-Jul-18 15:38:06

Everything- thank you, but honestly I'm somewhat cheating because I have family in Catalonia and have been taught/ influenced by that. Spanish cooking is second nature to me , but really it's not usually that extravagant here grin

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Pantah630 Mon 02-Jul-18 16:27:11

It's too hot to eat here but my mouth is watering looking at that What, looks delicious, especially the croquettes.

myrtleWilson Mon 02-Jul-18 20:09:38

That does look amazing What

I've never made croquettes but I watched this video on Instagram and was hooked!

whatareyoueatingNOW Tue 03-Jul-18 15:55:31

I made a jacket potato for lunch today with a topping from Anna jones modern way to cook. Cannelini beans with thyme, cheese and a little chilli powder. Not a recipe as such, but a great idea and as I often forget the beans in my cupboard, it was a lovely lunch from nothing much.

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myrtleWilson Wed 04-Jul-18 08:23:40

I made Anna Jones' tomato tarts tartin. Really delicious and I picked up nice range of heritage tomatoes from fab greengrocer.

Photo isn't great! My pastry wasn't as crisp as it should have been, my fault as some of tomatoes were v big and still had too much water even after 4 hours of low roasting!

Definitely will have again as perfect for summer evenings. I served it with a rocket, goats cheese and walnut salad.

UrbaneSprawl Wed 04-Jul-18 09:16:00

The Ajoblanco (white gazpacho) ron that Andalusian recipes page is amazing - just the right sort of thing for this weather, even if it looks a bit weird written down. We had it for the first time on the Night Train from Paris to Madrid. I tend to use sherry vinegar, though.

whatareyoueatingNOW Wed 04-Jul-18 19:14:15

Myrtle- that looks lovely, I'll definitely give it a try.

I made this
Paella last night. It was what my Spanish family would call "fake " paella as it's partially baked, BUT it was one of the nicest paella I've made, as I usually end up stirring blushand therefore lose my crust layer. It was delicious and the crust worked well. -would have been better with mussels and calamari but I have a boring fussy lot

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Pantah630 Wed 04-Jul-18 19:38:29

Spanish lamb chops recipe here and patatas bravas here tonight. Chops were delicious, melting off the bones though very garlicky which may be a problem as I'm out later. blush The potatoes were much nicer than I had in a tapas restaurant the other day, will make again for sure.

myrtleWilson Wed 04-Jul-18 21:27:30

ooh What and Pantah both dishes look good! One of my favourite memories is when DD was about 6/7, we were on holiday in Orgiva and she devoured a plate of lamb chops like it was nectar from the Gods!

Tonight we had braised chicken with wild mushrooms (pollastre amb bolets) - Catalunya destination. It was from Brindisa: The True Food of Spain.

Very tasty, similar to French Chicken Forestiere. Sauce was enlivened by the picada.

Was amused by the recipe instructions to use a meaty mushroom but one that gave off a clear/golden sauce.... Suggested Chanterelles but said chestnut mushroom were okay if you couldn't find wild... (am not sure I've ever cooked mushrooms that gave off a golden/clear sauce - perhaps it is the way I cook them grin )

Runforwine Fri 06-Jul-18 17:02:48

Yah! I love Spanish food and currently supping on home made sangria! 🍷

myrtleWilson Fri 06-Jul-18 22:18:58

Tonight we did Spanish again and returned to Brindisa. It was pig theme night 🐷 I did Rancho Riojano. Pork ribs (unfortunately not iberican!), chorizo and potato pot/stew. Was very good flavours, "honest" cooking. There is leftovers for tomorrow!
Can I ask a croquetas question - what ham do you use/do you have taquitos or normal sliced Serrano ham?

BlingLoving Fri 06-Jul-18 22:46:53

Ooh, can I join? I have been wanting to widen my food options because although I love all kinds of food, I tend to cook same sort of things at home and I want the dc to try new flavours.

Love Spanish food too. Have the Jose pizarro book. Have made the fri3nd goats cheese a few times. And I think the tortilla recipe I make comes from his book. I often do simple fried chorizo with peppers and red wine.

Will take another look and at these links and see what I can find to try something new.

Xiaoxiong Sat 07-Jul-18 00:07:17

I made a salad by Anna Jones from the Guardian - new potato salad with capers and eggs. Described as a vegetarian salad Niçoise and it wasn't far off!! Ended up being the perfect dinner for this kind of weather since it has eggs, potatoes and beans and I loved the dressing. I did add some tinned anchovies though grin

myrtleWilson Sat 07-Jul-18 11:42:31

I'll have a look at that recipe xiaoxiong I'm with you - never turn down an anchovy opportunity!

whatareyoueatingNOW Sun 08-Jul-18 11:18:38

Myrtle- I use normal sliced Serrano -or Parma or anything with 30% off in Lidl fry it quickly to crisp and then crush. But my favourite croquettes are leftover chicken- best thing to do with any left from a Sunday roast

I made Anna jones red pepper and bean quesadilla yesterday from modern way to cook. Highly recommend it for a quick easy healthy supper with a beer. 😋

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myrtleWilson Sun 08-Jul-18 15:39:56

Thanks What - we are smoking a chicken today so I'll try the left over chicken croquettes tomorrow!

Have been browsing through AJ recipes online and from "a modern way to eat". Am tempted by her miso potatoes

or the chard and lentil gratin

Will update tomorrow!

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