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Tell me how to make delicious soft flapjacks please.

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mawbroon Sun 30-Jan-11 19:44:19

And also, they are not allowed to fall to bits!!

I use the recipe out of the Good Housekeeping book and they turn out ok, but I know they could be better!

Any good recipes or top tips?

And quick please, cos I want them later tonight smilewink

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 30-Jan-11 19:46:00

you need soupdragon's recipe
i'll have a searcg for it.

SoupDragon Sun 30-Jan-11 19:47:10

Sadly, these need condensed milk which you may not have, thus rendering them useless for tonight. It is the condsnsed milk which makes them soft though.

250g porridge oats (the cheap type, not large ones),
150g Butter,
2 generous table spoons Golden Syrup
half a tin condensed milk,
100g demerera sugar NB: reduce this or leave it out entirely. IMO they are too sweet with this amount of sugar in.

baking tin, no bigger than about 18cm x 28cm


1. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees c
2. Line the baking tin with baking parchment.
3. Melt the butter in a large saucepan over a medium heat and add the sugar and syrup. Keep gently heating and stirring until all is melted and mixed. If it starts to boil take it off the heat!
5. Add the condensed milk and mix. Bring to the boil for about a minute.
6. Remove from the heat and gradually add the oats, folding them in. All the oats should be coated, and the mixture quite dense, but still sticky. Don't add so many oats that the mixture becomes dry.
7. Pour the mixture into the tins and spread about so that it lines the tin to a depth of 2-3cm. Don't squash the mixture in, just spread it evenly.
8. Bake in the oven for about 15mins. You should take them out when they just start to go brown round the edges, don't leave longer than this. If they're still squidgy in the middle that's fine, they set on cooking.

SoupDragon Sun 30-Jan-11 19:47:22


CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 30-Jan-11 19:47:45

i like to add sultanas to the recipe, but it's otherwise perfect

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 30-Jan-11 19:48:23

LOL at x posts
you do need to try the sultanas though.

RamblingRosa Sun 30-Jan-11 19:48:32

I always just make it up as I go along and they're always delicious. Just melt loads of butter, pour in golden syrup, add oats then press into tin and bake but not for long.

mawbroon Sun 30-Jan-11 19:52:21

Ah bugger, you are right re the condesed milk. I don't have any in the cupboard. I could make my normal recipe tonight though for a taste test comparison for some that I could make tomorrow with condensed milk in grin

Right, so when you say the cheap type of porridge oats, what exactly do you mean? I have rolled oats in the cupboard, or do you mean oatmeal? Oh, terminology. What about the pack with the bloke in the kilt on the front?

So many

WickedWitchSouthWest Sun 30-Jan-11 19:52:22

Condensed milk! I never thought of adding that, instead I use obscene amounts of syrup grin

I'll give that a go!

WickedWitchSouthWest Sun 30-Jan-11 19:54:20

I use Tesco Value oats, we make so many flapjacks if I used the posh ones all the time we'd be bankrupt!

mawbroon Sun 30-Jan-11 19:54:23

Yes, it all makes sense seeing that there is condensed milk in them.

Maybe the other recipe I have been using is just too dry.

SoupDragon Sun 30-Jan-11 20:01:10

Just bog standard porridge oats. Nothing fancy. If you look at the ingredients for shop bought flapjacks, they often have condensed milk in them (hence my original search for a recipe with it in).

I lke them with raisins in but DS2 hates raisins. They are also nice with about, um, about 100g or so of dark chocolate stirred in so it melts. They are also nice with a teaspoon of ground ginger. Or with honey instead of syrup. And mixed seeds instead of some of the oats.

Not that I"ve experimented.

DanJARMouse Sun 30-Jan-11 20:02:41

am marking my place on this as Dh has just DROOLED over the thought of condensed milk flapjacks. Guess Ill be in the kitchen tomorrow!

mawbroon Sun 30-Jan-11 20:03:35


mawbroon Sun 30-Jan-11 20:04:19

LOL DanJARMouse at synchronised drooling grin

How are you doing anyway?

SoupDragon Sun 30-Jan-11 20:04:34

I have to confess to ensuring there is a fair bit of condensed milk left over (not half a tin, obviously) so I can eat it with a spoon.

Incidentally, condensed milk doesn't freeze solid.

mawbroon Sun 30-Jan-11 20:07:21

I ate a whole large tin of condensed milk one time blush

I needed 2/3 of a tin for the recipe so thought I would just eat the first 1/3 so I had the right amount left over.

And then I couldn't stop eating.

1500 calories!!!!! blushblush

Boy it was delicious though....

SoupDragon Sun 30-Jan-11 20:08:55


My mother used to have condensed milk sandwiches as a child

I am now feeling guilty as I have just remembered that DD has been waiting all day to make flapjacks. She went to bed 20 minutes ago blush

PorkChopSter Sun 30-Jan-11 20:10:07

5 minutes in the microwave.

senua Sun 30-Jan-11 20:14:34

"And quick please, cos I want them later tonight"


Make up your mix. Leave for half an hour. Then cook. Think of a scotsman making his porridge - he leaves it overnight to soften. No need for condensed milk.

"Quick" is so not what you want.

HighlandTea Sun 30-Jan-11 20:15:06

baking made easy has flapjacks on, they are, I quote, totally devine. Might be worth watching. Skip to 13:45 mins in for the recipe

mawbroon Sun 30-Jan-11 20:21:32

Never heard of leaving porridge overnight to soften, but it makes sense I suppose.

<admits that porridge gies me the boak, despite my scottishness blush>

campion Sun 30-Jan-11 20:30:43

Don't overbake them - just until light golden - at about 170 - 180c. Use bog standard oats, as someone said, - posh ones are brittle- and enough syrup to get a soft, gooey mixture.

Leave the lid of your storage container off slightly and they'll stay soft ( if there are any left)

250g porridge oats
125g butter
60g sugar ( soft brown is nice)
1 very heaped tablespoon syrup

PorkChopSter Sun 30-Jan-11 20:32:09

Did you not see my link? five minutes finished

mawbroon Sun 30-Jan-11 20:47:47

Yes, very tempting, but then I got a row from PorkChopSter for wanting them quickly wink

Now I don't know what I want!! LOL

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