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Adult ADHD Assessment

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JustMeAndMyTins Thu 08-Oct-20 13:09:16

Posting as previous threads were really helpful for me in terms of figuring out whether to get assessed, go private, etc.

Basically, I called Psychiatry UK ready to part with the cash for private assessment/treatment 2.5 weeks ago. The person I spoke to said that the process had changed for Right to Choose (NHS) referrals that very day and I should get referred by my GP because I wouldn't have to wait long for an assessment.

I have now completed the diagnostic forms and have my assessment booked for mid October - with my choice of psychiatrist (working through P-UK). End-to-end, that's less than one month!

Naturally, I can't comment on the assessment or anything beyond that yet but I've been having an extra hard time recently and this has been such a positive thing.

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ExerciseBeaver Thu 08-Oct-20 21:06:52

So positive to hear! Yes its amazing about Right to Choose and the waiting time, and you don't have to pay ££.

JustMeAndMyTins Thu 08-Oct-20 22:00:51

It’s really great! I was lucky to call when I did!

Previously, Right to Choose took a long time with P-UK because of their payment terms/process (with the NHS). I guess that’s why so many on here paid for an assessment through them.

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ColdCottage Wed 14-Oct-20 16:50:15

Thank you for sharing this.

I'm interested but not sure what I'd get from an official diagnosis.

ExerciseBeaver Thu 15-Oct-20 07:41:40

For me it was self acceptance. Also access to meds. I don't take them often only when my ADHD gets unmanageable which is certain times of the month when they are a godsend.

JustMeAndMyTins Wed 04-Nov-20 12:38:56

Updating to say that I had my assessment today. Psychiatrist was great, whole thing lasted just under an hour, and I am now formally diagnosed with ADHD.

We settled on a medication to try first (Elvanse) and I will now be referred to the nurse who will start the titration process. Apparently it'll be around a week until I hear back. I also need to get a BP monitor because Elvanse is a stimulant. I will see the psychiatrist again once we get the medication right and I think she said I'll be passed over to my GP at that point.

I feel really hopeful for the first time in ages. Really impressed with Psychiatry-UK.

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