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Niko Niko running technique experiences

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slowrun Sat 09-Jun-18 16:46:06

Has anyone tried it? Does anyone want to try it and report back? I would love to hear of your experiences. Here is the technique:

Personally, I ran for 27 minutes outside today using this technique after only watching the above clip on Wednesday and the following days practising it, doing 30 minutes continuous laps on carpet inside, each day, our house!

I didn't feel fit to drop, either.

I'm amazed!

slowrun Sat 09-Jun-18 16:47:23

Here is an article with some of the science behind the technique:

What do people think?

slowrun Sat 09-Jun-18 16:48:54

Oh, I forgot to add, I was a previous non runner. Hated cross country at school which was decades ago and have not run since until this week.

HarryLovesDraco Sat 09-Jun-18 16:57:24


I've completed couch 2 5k before and gone from a <it hurts after 1 minute of running> runner to a <can run 5k very slowly> runner but I lost motivation and stopped for ages so I was starting again on week 3.

Tried this this morning without the app running, just keeping an eye on my heart rate and time taken using my Fitbit. I ran easily for 30 minutes without needing to stop and could have run more. I also felt my gait was better and my feet and ankles didn't feel tired.

I'm not sure how they achieve that heart rate without actually strolling though. Mine was up by 140 the whole time.

slowrun Sat 09-Jun-18 17:06:08

Yes, I thought that was very intriguing too, Harry. I don't want to work with a pulse monitor particularly, myself, I get terrible white coat syndrome and know my pulse can go up terribly when measured by HCP/ I try to focus on bringing it down. I know I could happily talk to my DH who came with me today and I was singing along to music when I tried this technique indoors. I am really interested regarding other people's experiences or any explanations, though.

ChipInTheSugar Sat 09-Jun-18 18:23:04

Just place marking to add my two-penn'orth later 👍🏼

slowrun Sat 09-Jun-18 18:29:14

Look forward to it Chip. Happy running!

NotARegularPenguin Sat 09-Jun-18 18:30:17

I haven't tried it but am very interested. I run with my PT who is all about tabata training. When I occasionally run on my own I go much slower but can run much further.

slowrun Sat 09-Jun-18 18:32:20

Maybe try it and report back, Penguin. I'd love to hear what your coach says about it, too.

UnaOfStormhold Sat 09-Jun-18 19:52:01

Interesting! I've hated running for ages - for a long while I tended to throw up but now I don't even reach that point because I get nasty shin splints very early on. I've tried forefoot strike but never really got comfortable with it. But running slowly might give me the chance to get used to better technique. Hmm.

slowrun Sat 09-Jun-18 20:17:20

I initially tried it barefoot on the carpet, inside Una. Was a nice introduction. Just did circuits of lounge and hallway for half an hour to music. Barefoot with a soft landing is a good way to hone the technique IMO as you get real bio feedback. My DH then showed me an article which stated runners do this to retrain to forefoot/midfoot strike.

Twerking9to5 Sat 09-Jun-18 20:23:59

Interesting! Thanks for the link. Those of you who have tried it-have you got the thin soled shoes?

slowrun Sat 09-Jun-18 20:27:19

My trainers are not really really thin sole but they are quite flat. The toe does not curl up much neither is the heel built up. This site shows you the styles to look for:

RapunzelsRealMom Sat 09-Jun-18 20:55:44

This is so interesting.

I have literally just bought new running shoes to get back into running after about 5 years. I have hip problems and been advised not to run but I miss it so much, I really feel I want to try.

This looks very gentle on the joints, thank you for sharing. I'm trying this tomorrow

slowrun Sat 09-Jun-18 21:09:54

Hope it works for you, Rapunzel🙂

EmpressOfSpartacus Sun 10-Jun-18 10:26:29

This is really interesting, thanks slowrun. I'll give it a go round my flat later.

slowrun Sun 10-Jun-18 10:29:04

Empress, great! Let us know how it goes, 🙂

B1rdonawire Mon 11-Jun-18 11:09:19

Gave this a try today after reading your thread and links. Am beginner (wk 7 of c25k but spread over about 12 weeks). Couldn't get the hang of it at first, so left it and then tried once warmed up a bit - loved it. I think it's much gentler on my knees and hips, though I had to really concentrate to avoid shin pain. Seemed to cover much the same distance as usual but much more quietly as feet not thudding and breathing not gasping grin Will definitely keep trying it.

slowrun Mon 11-Jun-18 12:03:03

B1rd, yes I think it can sometimes take a while to retrain yourself if you are used to doing something a different way. The dropped knee position reminds me of skiing and it is the way I tended to walk about when I hurt my back! So I was used to the positioning.

Great that it is better for your breathing and joints. Keep reporting back! I had a rest day yesterday and will have an indoor run on carpet today. I'm planning another outdoor run early tomorrow morning (less people about) grin!

Surfingwhippet Mon 11-Jun-18 15:34:51

I used to run like this when i read somewhere that the optimal heart rate for fat burning was quite low. I enjoyed running then.
I stopped for some reason. When i tried running again a while back i tried one of the couch to 5km plans and hated it, but i ran much faster than this.
What I'm trying to say is thanks for reminding me of the enjoyment of running slowly. I think I'm going to give it a go again

slowrun Mon 11-Jun-18 15:40:13

You're welcome, Surfing. I completed a 35 minute indoor run today. Barefoot on carpet with music blaring. Was very enjoyable. Even sang along to some of it!

slowrun Mon 11-Jun-18 15:45:30

Surfing, regarding fat burning I discovered I've actually lost between half a pound and a pound (scales were hovering) since starting this last Wednesday. Even though I stuffed my face at the weekend! Which is good. smile

Surfingwhippet Mon 11-Jun-18 19:58:08

Yes i think it works well.
Do you have a big room to run around then? I tried this morning but the dogs kept getting in the way. I may venture into the garden tomorrow and try there

slowrun Mon 11-Jun-18 20:05:43

We have a biggish lounge which I run round and then into the hallway. But garden would be great too. We have lots of wild garden birds and a motion sensor wildlife camera set up in ours so I didn't want to disturb them! grin

I'm planning to actually run to the park, around it and back tomorrow again, though. I'll go very early before breakfast. It's cool at that time and not many people about.

Belonger Tue 12-Jun-18 06:51:40

Just wanted to thank you for posting this - I love it! Am doing Cto5k, am on week 7 and this has helped hugely - have managed to do an extra 5 mins on top of my 25 mins!

Really like this approach - I know that for me, because I don't actually enjoy running, the main thing is always to try and make it less horrible so that I am willing to keep doing it! If I can master this technique and get my head round allowing myself to be slow - to be slow on purpose - I can imagine making running/jogging something that I want to integrate into my life long term.

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