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RedToothBrush Fri 21-Jun-19 10:51:35

It seems inconceivable that Hunt can beat Johnson. And whilst we are all considering the horrors that Prime Johnson can bring...

Let's not forget Brexit, whats Brexit?

Already there is talk that Boris has gone soft on 31st Oct as an absolute. But he's also promised the earth to the ERG.

So what suits Boris best?

What does his ego demand?

What does Boris want his legacy to be?

Our fate rests on Boris's whims and personal desires.

And if you are Scottish, Muslim or otherwise not rich, white and male you might have reason to be concerned.

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GeistohneGrenzen Fri 21-Jun-19 11:45:38


Songsofexperience Fri 21-Jun-19 11:46:15

BJ is certainly a 'blow' to the UK economy.

(Looks at 1tisIleclerc with fake shock... ) That is a bit below the belt now, isn't it?

Judashascomeintosomemoney Fri 21-Jun-19 11:46:35

Can we agree never to call him Boris?
Call him Al (for that is his name smile)
Al Johnson. Bet he’d really hate it if everyone started referring to him by his first name.

WhatWouldScoobyDoo Fri 21-Jun-19 11:47:07


Songsofexperience Fri 21-Jun-19 11:47:26

Al Pfeffel

DGRossetti Fri 21-Jun-19 11:50:17

Leavers these days seem strangely quiet

I thought that's because they kept being "bullied" by people asking them questions all the time, and refusing to swallow their bullshit ?

Who gives a shit what Leavers have to say ? They've had 3 years and not a word they have said, typed, or imagined has advanced the betterment of a single person in the UK one iota. All we get is whinging, moaning, contradiction and exclamation. The other four hoarse men of the apocalypse.

Fuck 'em, I say. Fuck them, fuck their delusions, fuck their hubris and fuck them some more.

Nurse ! More coffee !!!!!

Songsofexperience Fri 21-Jun-19 11:50:19

Another warning by one of those evil experts:

BigChocFrenzy Fri 21-Jun-19 11:55:19

we'll have a by-election at Brecon and Radnorshire !

Tory majority further reduced, at least until / if they win the by-election

Peregrina Fri 21-Jun-19 11:59:28

I wondered why Farage hated Johnson. Farage isn't stupid - he knows that when the shit starts flying around he needs to make himself scarce.

Glad to see the recall petition was successful in Brecon and Radnor. Since a junior office worker would have almost certainly got the sack for fiddling a couple of invoices like that, I fail to see why an MP should get away with it.

bellinisurge Fri 21-Jun-19 12:01:43

Brexiteers should be privately scared that Johnson will bail on them and quote some shit from classical Greece as his basis for doing so.

LouiseCollins28 Fri 21-Jun-19 12:01:58

"I really want to know whether Leavers thought there would be more detail by know"

I thought we'd be somewhat further along the whole process by now, so yes, I expected more detail. If we are really going "no deal" I would expect more detail about our plans in quick order.

Regrettably, Parliament have seen fit to "stall" the thing, as I see it. What I believe our Parliamentarians are actually trying to do it not to "stall" but to "stop" it.

There is little prospect of more detail about the future under any "deal" if Parliament continues to refuse to indicate what sort of Brexit deal it will support. Our Parliamentarians have refused to do this even on an "indicative" basis.

If I were to predict, I'd say that Boris Johnson will handsomely win the leadership election and there will then be some very cosmetic repackaging of the PD so it can be 'sold' to the country and offered to Parliament as a "new deal".

Will Parliament accept this "son of WA?" It has steadfastly rejected WA multiple times and also rejected a host of alternatives, so who knows!

yolofish Fri 21-Jun-19 12:02:13

sigh. shit/fan, yet again.

Peregrina Fri 21-Jun-19 12:02:54

Who gives a shit what Leavers have to say ?

They had strong words to say about democracy, I thought they would have some contributions to make.grin

Even when the party I support wiped out the Tories in the Local elections we were prepared to admit that one party dominance is not good for democracy. So nor is a PM who is elected by a relative handful of white, mostly elderly, moneyed men.

Peregrina Fri 21-Jun-19 12:05:59

Regrettably, Parliament have seen fit to "stall" the thing, as I see it.

Or the ERG saw fit to throw their toys out of the pram. Instead of getting behind May and supporting her. Still what did anyone expect - she wasn't a bloke, and even if she had been, she wasn't an old Etonian.

ContinuityError Fri 21-Jun-19 12:08:04

Brecon and Radnorshire petition result:

Electorate 53,032
Signed 10,005 (18.9%)
Spoilt 41

It’s my DM’s constituency (although she still believes Davies “made an honest mistake” and it’s a left wing witch hunt hmm) and she says the Lib Dem’s have been bombarding everyone over the last month.

Iambuffy Fri 21-Jun-19 12:08:17


1tisILeClerc Fri 21-Jun-19 12:10:39

{Not seen surferjet for absolutely yonks on these threads.}

You have to remember that Remainers are in an echo chamber (well at least it has a few cats, dogs (WTH continuity)?) and a bit of music.
Maybe leavers repeating the mantra of 'we won get over it' has finally blown their minds after 3 years of repetition?
Maybe we are heading towards more 'gallows humour'?

UK gov certainly doesn't appear to have listened to Mr Tusk suggesting the UK uses it's time wisely, as it seems to have been translated as 'bugger around and go on holiday'.

LouiseCollins28 Fri 21-Jun-19 12:11:04

The way the ERG have treated TM is appalling, I agree. However, that this is true in no way absolves other MPs of their responsibilities.

The ERG number 80ish I understand,100 at absolute maximum. Even if they ALL voted against any deal, every time, there would be enough non-ERG MPs from across the house to secure support for something!

Icantreachthepretzels Fri 21-Jun-19 12:19:21

I thought we'd be somewhat further along the whole process by now, so yes, I expected more detail. If we are really going "no deal" I would expect more detail about our plans in quick order.

So you admit you didn't know what you were voting for? You admit those details weren't there at the time and you voted on the faith they would emerge and be to your liking? And now they haven't ...

HesterThrale Fri 21-Jun-19 12:21:16

I wonder if the Brecon by-election will be before the summer break?
And will Davies still be allowed to vote in the HoC till then?
And will Greens/ Plaid stand down to help LD?
It’s desperate measures-time. That Tory majority is getting slimmer...

Basilpots Fri 21-Jun-19 12:23:02

Continuity animal representation of Brexit negotiators. A dog called ‘Dominic’ and a cat called ‘Sabine’ !

LouiseCollins28 Fri 21-Jun-19 12:23:51

Where have I said anything like admitting that I didn't know what I voted for? I know very well what I voted for, thank you.

Iambuffy Fri 21-Jun-19 12:26:34

Can you tell all the other leavers what Brexit is then, please?
Because they dont seem to have a clue...

OhLookHeKickedTheBall Fri 21-Jun-19 12:27:37

Thanks red

Peregrina Fri 21-Jun-19 12:31:13

However, that this is true in no way absolves other MPs of their responsibilities.

Their responsibility is to represent their constituents and do what they think is right for the country. If they genuinely think Remaining is the better option then they can hardly do other than support Remain and tell their constituents why they think so. This fact does rather seem to escape Leavers - XXX is a Remain MP in a Leaver constituency and they are not representing their constituency. YYY, like Rees-Mogg and a good few others, are Leave MPs in Remain constituencies and there is not a squeak from Leavers about their dereliction of duty.

Years and years ago my MP was a Tory John Patten. It was the time that there were debates about the Death penalty and I duly wrote to him. He wrote back saying please forgive this more general reply, he had had a lot of correspondence on the issue, this was his position and why. He was a Catholic and against it in principle if I recall correctly. However he also became Education Minister, fluffed that job, and was relieved of his position by his constituents. To disappear almost without trace.

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