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Let's laugh on it: ideas for Very British Banners for the march next Saturday.

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Valentine2 Fri 17-Mar-17 23:56:35

I might be there. Or might not get the energy to go. But let's have a laugh, shall we? Let's mate the good old British humour with the endearingly cool Mumsnet slang.
Please do bring it on.

IamWendy Sat 18-Mar-17 06:52:29

"How will Tarquin have his gap year now?!?"
"Luvvies united against democracy!"

MakemineaGandT Sat 18-Mar-17 07:00:12

I might go for:

"I Remoan For Britain" grin

notaflyingmonkey Sat 18-Mar-17 07:02:17

We're fucked

Figmentofmyimagination Sat 18-Mar-17 08:02:18

Maybe just "FCUKED" - in big letters against a st George's cross - that could work.

mrsquagmire Sat 18-Mar-17 08:29:16

It’s a bit literary (and probably elitist) but how about “Saxon and Norman and Dane are we”? It’s from Tennyson’s poem “A Welcome” making a point about English mixed genetic heritage. No one will get it though … I can’t be there but I’ll wear my EU-Union Jack badge.

Peregrina Sat 18-Mar-17 08:42:09

Your Saxon, Norman and Dane is good! I was really saying much the same on one of the other threads - that England is really 3 countries, North, South and West, which more or less corresponds. Amazing really that things go back so long.

Back to the topic. I thought of:
You can't count Mrs May - 17 million does not equal 65 million.
My son told me that was too wordy and not snappy enough.

So I have downloaded a poster with a picture of Farage, May and Johnson, with the caption Never was so much ruined for so many by so few

Breadwidow Sat 18-Mar-17 09:07:26

Peregina, I like that - do you have a link?

Breadwidow Sat 18-Mar-17 09:08:28

Iamwendy: take it you want us to be totally fucked FOREVER by the will of a slim majority on one day?

Peregrina Sat 18-Mar-17 09:15:34

I have lost the link now, but here is the jpg I downloaded.

boredofbrexit Sat 18-Mar-17 09:28:07

'Please Release Me'

walruswhiskers Sat 18-Mar-17 09:32:07

Though I love Tarquins gap year I'd go with summat simple.

EU brexiters don't speak for me

Valentine2 Sat 18-Mar-17 10:35:32

You lot are awesome. grin
I am thinking along the lines of posting a puffed up and red faced Farage, May and perhaps BoJo with somerhing catchy like "Immigrationitis: a stomach congestion" with smaller letters underneath saying "symptoms: chewing facts, licking Trump's, suicidal plans"

Valentine2 Sat 18-Mar-17 10:39:39

Your son is right. It's about making it fun, simple and very catchy. That's how they swayed the vote. That's where it hurts.
i will keep thinking on it.

PlacesToSee Sat 18-Mar-17 10:42:17

I love 'Saxon and Norman and Dane are we'!

Olympiathequeen Sat 18-Mar-17 10:43:21

Can't understand the 'never has so much been ruined by so few' reference. Last time I looked there was a majority for Leave 😀

IamWendy Sat 18-Mar-17 10:43:26

How about a picture of a pram, with dummies and toys being thrown out of it? Or a simple white tee-shirt with 'this is my tantrum tee-shirt' written in it?

Valentine2 Sat 18-Mar-17 10:45:49

Mind your own thread. grin and the sentences of your post don't have a connection anyway
I invite Leavers to post here too on the condition that it's funny.
Places yes, it's really good.

Valentine2 Sat 18-Mar-17 10:48:16

Then you will have to bring on a march to suit that poster. grin

PoundlandUK Sat 18-Mar-17 10:53:55

How about a picture of a pram, with dummies and toys being thrown out of it?

Good one. With the slogan:

"How could 17 million have neglected their kids' futures and got away with it?"

Not snappy enough? hmm

jaws5 Sat 18-Mar-17 10:56:29

How could i make Orwell's Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act? banner friendly?

Valentine2 Sat 18-Mar-17 11:00:12

I think we can work on it. 🤔 I am on it.

twofingerstoEverything Sat 18-Mar-17 11:13:04

Brexshit means Brexshit

twofingerstoEverything Sat 18-Mar-17 11:16:55

...will also be wearing my Citizen of Nowhere t-shirt.

Smashedinductionhob Sat 18-Mar-17 11:17:22

"Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act?"

Struggling with banner friendly though.

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