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Self isolating and food shopping

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Lockheart Tue 08-Sep-20 13:35:55

I returned to London this weekend. My housemate instantly came down with a cough (I should have stayed at my parents!) and so now as a house we are self isolating as best we can in a house share, whilst we await test results. She is fine in herself so we hope it's negative and we get the test results by Friday.

The problem is as I came back very recently I have very little food in the house. I have looked at online delivery slots and can't get any til Saturday. I have tried local NHS volunteer numbers but haven't yet had any response. I do not have any friends or family nearby who could come and drop some shopping off - the closest friend to me is isolating too and my brother / parents are quite a way away.

Could anyone please point me to any other resources which may be able to help? No financial issues, I just need to get some shopping! If not, I will have to go out either very early or very late but would rather not risk it unless it's an absolute last resort.

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superstar84 Tue 08-Sep-20 13:37:43

Have you tried amazon pantry?

Lockheart Tue 08-Sep-20 13:40:35

I'll have a look but it was all booked up before! Given the supermarkets still seem busy I'm not hopeful but certainly worth a go, thank you.

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Butterer Tue 08-Sep-20 13:41:59 to ask for help or find volunteers in your neighbourhood
Deliveroo do quite a few convenience store and supermarkets (morrisons, co-op and m&s in my area) co-op online also offer slots same or next day for some stores.
They will all leave your delivery at the door.

Augustbreeze Tue 08-Sep-20 13:42:42

Bad that you haven't had replies from help numbers. Maybe ring local council's main switchboard and ask? If they put you trough to an unanswered number ring them back and tell them that!
Or community groups will have a local Fb page which you can message?

Augustbreeze Tue 08-Sep-20 13:43:58

Or try a local church, especially if it has younger members who won't be staying home still. Many have been helping people in lockdown.

gettingusedtothelimelight Tue 08-Sep-20 13:44:54

I think coop might deliver via Deliveroo. Not sure though

AriettyHomily Tue 08-Sep-20 13:46:26

Are you in London? Deliveroo m and s or co op

TeddyIsaHe Tue 08-Sep-20 13:48:04

Deliveroo/Uber Eats/Just Eat. Bit more pricey, but you can get enough food to see you through until you can get a delivery slot.

I’m in a small city and have Morrison’s, M&S, Co-Op, Lloyds Pharmacy and tons of little corner shops so you’ll probably have a huge selection in London!

Butterer Tue 08-Sep-20 13:48:15
^ direct co-op delivery service

Ynwa1234 Tue 08-Sep-20 13:49:29

If you have amazon prime now it's an app for prime users you can get same day delivery

Lockheart Tue 08-Sep-20 13:51:01

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I hadn't thought of deliveroo / Uber doing shopping! I don't think I could live on takeaway three times a day so hadn't thought of them before.

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Alfiemoon1 Tue 08-Sep-20 13:52:40

Deliveroo amazon prime now

Lockheart Tue 08-Sep-20 13:53:44

I do have prime but like I say it was all booked up previously! Annoyingly I have to get back to work in a few minutes but will definitely take a look later.

Thanks everyone! Sods law will dictate that my housemate is fine but better safe than sorry smile

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EmilySpinach Tue 08-Sep-20 13:59:19

Deliveroo in our area has Morrisons, Aldi, and M&S simply food.

MintTpls Tue 08-Sep-20 14:00:05

Try Amazon Prime NOW app it's different to the normal Prime/Fresh
failing that, deliveroo and uber eats I think now do deliveries from local shops.

AntiHop Tue 08-Sep-20 14:04:58

Deliveroo in my area is doing m and s, coop and morrisons. Sainsburys have an app called chop chop which is for small deliveries.

If you're brave enough, can you tell us where you are? Maybe one of us is nearby.

viccat Tue 08-Sep-20 14:09:43

Uber Eats and Deliveroo have the local Co-op, M&S and also some smaller convenience stores and bakeries etc. in my area in London.

namechange34 Tue 08-Sep-20 14:09:47

Amazon prime now release slots constantly through the day but you need to have already filled your basket to see them

SexTrainGlue Tue 08-Sep-20 14:09:52

There's Waitrose Rapid too.

Do you know any neighbours at all? Even if you can't ask for a full shop, they might be able to get enough to tide you over for a couoke of days until you can get an online delivery.

Your council may well still have a Covid volunteers service, so worth calling to find out.

movingonup20 Tue 08-Sep-20 14:11:06

When dp became symptomatic I went and did a big shop later in the evening masked, hand gel etc as I knew we had no other choice, no Deliveroo here and then it was impossible to get food delivered. If you have only just got back you cannot be shedding virus even if you have it, buy a week or mores worth of groceries in case she is positive, then stay home

Marmaladey Tue 08-Sep-20 14:13:11

If you have Co-ops near you they do their own same day deliveries as well as being on Deliveroo. M&S has left Deliveroo since teaming up with Ocado sadly.

2bazookas Tue 08-Sep-20 14:18:26

Look up your local Next Door group online.

ColleagueFromMars Tue 08-Sep-20 14:22:34

Book the Saturday slot, because that's actually not that far away and if you find a better resource you can always cancel it or just do the next shop with it. What does your housemate (and others if there are any) have in the house - if they have stuff that won't cause cross-contamination issues eg tinned goods they could share some with you, especially if they're reassured that you can replace on Saturday. Can you make some meals with whatever you have, even if they are weird ones? You could do things like order a large pizza and eat half/keep half (or more) for tomorrow.

Or send a request out to your local Facebook group(s) - that's where most people in my area find out about food parcels and available help.

I think I'd do an amazon prime order from a few different companies- cereal bars, crackers and the like, see if i could get at least one of them to land on my doorstep quickly.

ColleagueFromMars Tue 08-Sep-20 14:26:34

your brother or parents could get a small parcel in the post to you - hermes will pick up from their door the next day and deliver the day after - again, if you book that saturday slot that would mean you only need take aways until Thursday.

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