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Has anyone else got ‘COVID toes’

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Twooter Mon 20-Apr-20 16:29:51

My DJ has had red swollen and ulcerated goes for the last week. Initially he thought it was athletes foot, albeit in the wrong part of the foot and not looking quite typical. Then he googled and found articles on Covid toes -mainly from the US, but the pictures are exactly the same as my DH’s toes.

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Twooter Mon 20-Apr-20 16:30:53

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YogaLite Mon 20-Apr-20 16:37:17

Oh gosh, that would worry mesad

slipperywhensparticus Mon 20-Apr-20 16:38:17

I've just done a footner so I've got footner feet

sluj Mon 20-Apr-20 16:40:22

My DS has had red toes with a few little red bumps on the top for the last week. Like a small nettle rash in about 6 toes. How strange

Fabuleuse Mon 20-Apr-20 16:45:56

Could it be chilblains? Does he walk around barefoot a lot? I had them quite badly over the winter due to walking around barefoot indoors, which I've always done but now it seems I can't get away with it any more! They were red bumps. Some small spot size and some larger swellings. Extremely painful when you knock your toe against anything. I now wear fleecy socks all the time and they've gone away.

MadamFlutterby Mon 20-Apr-20 16:50:25

Could also be gout?

sluj Mon 20-Apr-20 17:48:39

I do keep telling him to put some socks on !!!

TheProvincialLady Mon 20-Apr-20 17:59:35

Each and every one of those examples was someone who had not tested positive for Covid. One of them had no symptoms of Covid and had no positive Covid test. On what basis was “covid toes” diagnosed?!

Just because there is a pandemic doesn’t mean every unexplained symptom is covid.

Twooter Mon 20-Apr-20 18:26:48

I appreciate it may not be related, although it was widely reported in US media 3 days ago as a possible symptom.

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Twooter Mon 20-Apr-20 18:28:10

Doesn’t look anything like gout.

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Twooter Mon 20-Apr-20 18:31:14

Does look a lot like chill blains actually. That’s a relief.

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jomaIone Mon 20-Apr-20 18:31:22

I have an itchy right eye. Think it might be covid... Covid eyes. Pretty sure my Grannies friends mother's uncle had them 4 days ago too.

fabtasticmrpox Mon 20-Apr-20 20:47:48

I'm wondering if that's what dd1 had. A few weeks ago our family were isolating for some mild symptoms - myself high temp, nausea and generally exhausted. I'm NHS frontline and duly went back to work after a week and wasn't tested. Dh had similar to me and my children seemed to have no symptoms. Dd1 had painful feet which we attributed to chilblains but now I wonder if it was Covid .

FabulouslyFab Fri 24-Apr-20 11:28:48

Three days ago I thought I had burned my feet in the sun. I was telling my son in the phone that I had a sore toe that looked like chilblains. Before you know it the report about Covid Toes popped up in my news feed.
I don’t suffer from chilblains and haven’t had anything like this before. I actually feel fine but this is beginning to bother me a little.

picklemewalnuts Fri 24-Apr-20 11:35:39

I don't think COVID toes can be dismissed- there is quite a lot coming up about it. I don't think it's something to worry about though, in fact it's a relief if it means you've had it without severe symptoms.

YogaLite Sat 25-Apr-20 11:35:36

It would be interesting to know whether CV toes are a result of microscopic blood clots, which seem to be related to CV.

Pinkarsedfly Sat 25-Apr-20 11:38:04

Don’t know about Covid Toes, but I seem to have Covid Arse. It’s massive.

terrigrey Sat 25-Apr-20 11:42:02

An actor in the USA recently had a leg amputated because of complications with corona virus. (Sorry I cant do links, but you can google it).
He seemed young & fit and I don't think he had any other complications. His wife did a go fund me page to help cover his medical expenses. They have a young baby together.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Sat 25-Apr-20 11:46:45

I have had a resurgence of chilblains which I am assuming is a combination of me having abandoned socks too early and less activity than normal therefore poorer circulation. If this is a widespread thing I would think the general lack of exercise due to lockdown is a reasonable explanation.
My toes are better now I have gone back to wearing socks, anyway!

Twooter Sat 25-Apr-20 22:17:27

My husband is doing just as much exercise as usual, and is the one person in the house to always wear slippers. Does suffer from Raynaulds though.

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boomchikawowwow Sat 25-Apr-20 22:23:55

That's exactly how my feet have been the last week. I thought I had mosquito bites and sunburn on my feet but I have red dot on each of my toes on both feet and they've been burning just like I've walked through nettles or something confused

NeverTwerkNaked Sat 25-Apr-20 22:26:07

I've been messaged by a friend who is a very knowledgeable research scientist about Covid Toes, because my son's toes had weird blisters. So I wouldn't dismiss it out right.

NeverTwerkNaked Sat 25-Apr-20 22:26:41

(definitely not lack of exercise causing his!9

boomchikawowwow Sat 25-Apr-20 22:33:40

Freaking out here now as they've been driving me mad all week. Last night when I woke in the night my toes were on fire. Most of my toes on each foot have a little lump on them (like I've been bitten) but the end of my feet and toes have been bright red and burning all week b

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