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First time TTC?!! Let's get through this together!! Part 2

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bluestarlavender Fri 08-Aug-08 08:11:27

Hi guys, new thread for us to carry on!


heverhoney1 Fri 08-Aug-08 09:32:29

helloooo Thanks for the new thread BSL. How are you doing???

eth37 Fri 08-Aug-08 09:33:57

Oooooo lovely new thread!!! How are we all this morning? I have my parents arriving this morning for the weekend... Just madly cleaning....

DawnAS Fri 08-Aug-08 09:38:36

Hey all - please make sure you go back and read my last message on the last thread - it'll make you laugh (if you remember....).


summerbird Fri 08-Aug-08 09:39:07

woo hoo well done bluestar

welcome wildfig and crushagrape we truly are a good bunch, i havent seen the nasty threads but have seen a couple of cheeky comments from people, i think we are all lovely.

and oh my god at 35 i remember the old programmes all too well, i also used to love Saturday Swap Shop - did anyone buy the single they released 'Brown Sauce' - 'I wanna be a winner' blush

Had a lovely glass of wine at the pub last night, but seems that i missed loads on this thread!! and yes we did have the post AF BD!! blush

I told DH about us all sharing pictures yesterday and getting the mental images of eachother completely wrong - i told him that you all thought i was either a curly brunette or a tall blonde lass - he replied that he often imagines me as a tall skinny blonde too wink

Happy friday everyone! x

summerbird Fri 08-Aug-08 09:40:17

haha Dawn we crossed posts there - i always wanted to go on swap shop!!

DawnAS Fri 08-Aug-08 09:40:44

PMSL Summerbird, your DH must have a fab sense of humour (tell him that's the reason you're with him - right back at yer Summerbird's DH!!).


summerbird Fri 08-Aug-08 09:42:07

s'okay i told him i imagine he is Daniel Craig!!! wink

saz007 Fri 08-Aug-08 09:53:49

Thanks for the sparkly brand new new thread BSL

Ooooooh Daniel Craig, he's gorge!! grin

I remember Swap Shop. I also remember phoning up Saturday Superstore....after asking my mum's permission of course!

I also went to see Bros when they were on Get Fresh in my hometown....Saz hangs head in shame blush

DawnAS Fri 08-Aug-08 09:54:00

Ok all, just in case you missed this on the last thread - I'm not typing it all again!!

But the best has to be "Timmy Mallett" with "Wacaday". "It's Saturday, no school today, so what you gonna do? There's no excuse to stay in bed we're waiting here for you! SO! Wide awake, your show, CAN'T REMEMBER THIS BIT, join us, get it together, get set, LET'S GO, (dur dur dur) IT'S WACADAY!!"

Oh yeah - I can be as sad as the next person!!

<Dawn [blushes] and stops singing the song....>


saz007 Fri 08-Aug-08 09:57:03

LOL Dawn Timmy Mallet and his crazy clothing!!

Bonifacio Fri 08-Aug-08 10:09:40

I have no idea what you are all talking about!! Though I do remember the number 018118181 I can't remember what it is from!! This is all clearly before my tim!! lol grin

heverhoney1 Fri 08-Aug-08 10:13:57

ah by your time bon it would have been a little more complicated than that following the telephone codes changing - 0181 811 8181 [geek is me emoticon]

summerbird Fri 08-Aug-08 10:19:11

and on Saturday Swap Shop you had to send in your 'answers on a postcard' instead of that new fangled email thingy which hadnt even been invented by then!

DawnAS Fri 08-Aug-08 10:20:16

Ahhh yes, phone numbers.... I remember the days when my home phone number was just "2812". Nowadays you need to write them down to remember them!

Who remembers saving your glass "Corona" fizzy drinks bottles to take back to the local shop so that you can get 5p?! If they did that now, recycling would be much more efficient!!


PS: Mmmmm crisps full of additives tasted much nicer than they do today - BRING BACK ADDITIVES!!

Bonifacio Fri 08-Aug-08 10:20:56

Ahhh yes so it was!! never knew the short numbers!! Does anyone remember funhouse!

"Funhouse, whole lotta fun, prizes to be won, its a really real crazy show, where anything can go!!"

It had some floppy haired man as the presenter!!

Bonifacio Fri 08-Aug-08 10:22:40

Bloody hell! Glass bottles but what about the health and safety of us poor children drinking out of them!!! wink

And for 5p!! I wouldnt have got out of bed for less than 20p!!

heverhoney1 Fri 08-Aug-08 10:23:57

I believe you will find that the crazy floppy haired man was a Mr Pat Sharpe!!!

heverhoney1 Fri 08-Aug-08 10:27:07

on a more serious note does anyone want to give me any ideas on what I should be thinking with opk results - Cheepie internet ones = nothing but the fainteds of faint lines

Boots own brand = big fat dark line!!

Had this both today and yesterday but haveint used boots ones before so hmm is 2 days normal??? dodgy batch???

saz007 Fri 08-Aug-08 10:27:13

We used to have a "pop wagon" that used to come round our area weekly when I was younger, you got 10p back for each bottle you returned - early recycling - they should bring that back!
Thinking back, my parents probably only thought it was a good idea as they'd never run out of mixers!! My mates and I thought it was great as pop was brought to your door and the boys on the wagon were lovely grin

Bonifacio Fri 08-Aug-08 10:28:59

Thanks heverhoney

Anyway, shouldn't you lot have been out playing and not cooped up inside watching TV like the generation of today!! Even I played out more than I wathed tv!!! grin

saz007 Fri 08-Aug-08 10:32:14

Sorry heverhoney I've never used opk - altho I am intrigued by it (it must be the scientist in me coming out!!)

My DH used to love fun house...not for Mr Pat Sharpe I hope you understand...but the cheerleading twins!

crunchynutter Fri 08-Aug-08 10:36:01

I lost you all!! I had a watch on the other thread And it looked a little quiet LOL found you now smile

I remember funhouse and pat sharpe! Don't really remember the others-I'm glad B is with ms on that!

So I had a phone call at 4.15 this morning-my lovely DH ridiculously drunk and throwing up angry he is working away on Ireland and bumped into An old friend frOm the army! I have tried to stay calm as he is usually so sensible And they haven't seen each other for years but we haven't BD'd all week cos he's been and his little swimmers will probably be too hungover too move later tonight angry

I'm so glad I have you girls to vent to! I'm being very calm to him instead of having a good shout! Xx

bluestarlavender Fri 08-Aug-08 10:36:57

Heverhoney - I think you can have a few days of positives!! Thanks for saying about the Boots ones...I am completely confused by the cheapie ebay ones...the lines I got were so faint I thought they were negatives...still could be for all I know! If AF comes this month, then I'll give the Boots ones a go next month.

crunchynutter Fri 08-Aug-08 10:39:40

sorry-I don't know about the Opk sticks either sorry I ca t help!

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