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The Brookers will get their BFP's by any means necessary, thats the definition of Brooking No Argument!

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Your last thread got somewhat derailed so I thought I would treat you to a lovely shiny new place full of real open fires, fluffy blankets and an aga for baking bread and warming soups and stews. Back on with the job in hand ladies, lets have a round up of who's doing what and when.

RubberBullets Wed 25-Sep-13 17:10:55

<Comes in to mark place bringing buns, thinks about it and scoffs all the buns just to be on the safe side> grin

grin Rubber I think you're ok over here, now share the buns! grin

Fox82 Wed 25-Sep-13 18:09:10

Nice to meet you stacks! Exciting you're ttc again! How old is your dc1? And hi to dino too! I don't think we've met! Best of luck with dc4!!

Me and DH are on cycle 11 of ttc #1. I went to the docs tonight about something unrelated, and mentioned that me and DH are ttc. He gave me the name of the female doctor "that deals with all that" (?!) and I have an appointment with her mid oct. It feels nice that something is booked in, as waiting each month only to be faced with disappointment is getting tiring (although I know lots of ladies have been trying/have tried for much longer).

Hope everyone's had a good day

ControlGeek Wed 25-Sep-13 18:20:13

musical the time will fly by between now and the end of November December. It's only 91 days til Christmas, I am reliably informed! Hope you managed to rescue the cat (and the clementine!)

boo shock

rubber oy, you could have saved us a bun or two, I'm starving after having the worst meal out EVAH at lunchtime (18 of us, pre-booked a good couple of weeks ago, took almost 40 minutes to finish taking our orders - at the bar - one at a time! The first meal was brought out and finished before the orders had all been placed. Half the people there had left before the last meal was even brought out, as they had already overrun their 1 hour lunch break)

fox that is fantastic that they are so proactive with you. I really hope they are able to give you a way forward quickly. It doesn't matter whether you've been trying for 6 months or 6 years, it's the not knowing when it's going to happen that is the killer. If it's any help though, our very own sparks was in a similar boat, and got her BFP on her 12th cycle!

AF has nearly departed here, so starting to feel a bit more human again at last. I was even nice to dink boss today wink

RubberBullets Wed 25-Sep-13 18:28:43

<Rushes down the shop, buys all the saffron buns and hevva cake and lays them out for everyone. Makes a pasty for Geek too>

Cornish goodies anyone?

Fox82 Wed 25-Sep-13 18:40:06

Thanks geek, that's really reassuring to hear sparks was in a similar boat and got her bfp! That's so bad about your meal today!! shock I hope you all got your money back! My mum met me for lunch today - good old weatherspoons!

I hope the doctor will get some tests done when I see her, but they don't tend to be very good there, so I'm not holding out much hope. But at least I feel like I'm doing something to move forward. DH is currently sat beside me looking up how much private healthcare is just in case! I didn't leave the surgery with much confidence in them today. I went in as we had a minor car accident on Saturday and I banged my head, but have had migraines for the last 3 days. The doctor just nodded and said its to be expected, and unless my vision is bad, I've got neck ache or feel dizzy then not to worry. I said actually I have been feeling dizzy and had neck ache, and he just said yes that's fine take ibroprofen shock

BlindKitty Wed 25-Sep-13 20:42:53

<falls through door in vest and berbudas, it was that hot in the last thread>

Withalittlesparkle Wed 25-Sep-13 20:50:11

Fox Boo is absolutely right smile we were TTC for 12 months exactly at about the 11 month mark we were referred for testing, after an internal scan they diagnosed me with PCOS. We were booked in to the fertility clinic for treatment as I was told that natural conception was unlikely due to the state of my ovaries.... 4 weeks later.... BAM!!! BFP!!! That was almost exactly 12 months ago, my beautiful little brooking baby was 12 weeks on Sunday!!

I agree that the first couple of months TTC are exciting and fun, its just a shame anyone has to go beyond that!

And agree with Dino Its amazing how quick you do forget everything!!

I'm currently holding AF hostage (first one since Twinks) sooooo that means theres a BFP due for someone!!

<looks round for anyone hiding a ramekin> grin

ControlGeek Wed 25-Sep-13 21:22:54

Crikey sparks I'd forgotten all about your diagnosis! Just goes to show, eh?! Can't believe AF has the cheek to show up so soon for you. That's just not on. Poor show, I say. But 12 weeks, where the hell have they gone?

Not hiding any ramekins here boo, but MrG actually asked me today when AF will be leaving the building shock looks like the 5:2 diet has given his libido a bit of a shake up!

GenericDietCola Wed 25-Sep-13 21:38:25

I've only just caught up and I want to hug you all! It's so hard, this journey of TTC, and fraught with anxieties and sensitivities and made all the harder because most of us don't discuss it with people in RL, so things build up. So sorry about what happened on the last thread. It is a very emotive subject.

I am not TTC, but I am going to carry on living vicariously through you lot, if you don't mind! I am still, of course, brooking like mad for every single one of you.

PS Still not had AF since E was born 9 months ago, but when she comes, I will teach that bitch witch a lesson, you mark my words. And of course, when that day comes, that will be the day a brooker gets her BFP. Cos that's how it works!

<Leaves hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream to calm us all down before bedtime>

keepitgoing Wed 25-Sep-13 21:40:25

Good on Mrgeek! smile I'm sorry you're in limbo at the moment geek. Were you talking about donor sperm iui if next ivf round doesn't work? Which it will.

fox the year mark is really tough. Great that you have a gp appt. Do not let them dont you off - you should get day 2 tests, day 21 tests, sperm analysis to start. It's still most likely you'll conceive in the next few months though, so don't panic....s,

keepitgoing Wed 25-Sep-13 21:43:13

dino I like your style of ttc, though not sure I could ever pull off the trying but not trying thing. You're spot on. I'll be 31 weeks on Friday, and still remember your support in the middle of the night the day of my bfp smile

Lovely to see gen and others.

Withalittlesparkle Wed 25-Sep-13 21:44:03

Geek Its crazy mental right?! which means its been well over 12 weeks since I last saw you!! Must fix that sharpish!!

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 25-Sep-13 21:48:01

<runs in for a Gen hug>

Geek how is the diet going? Is it very hard to not eat on those days? Am brooking for the 11th.

That's great news Fox it's such a relief to know the ball is rolling isn't it. But that ironic BFP is now well on its way wink

Sparks where is the time going? Scary Mary.

Fox82 Wed 25-Sep-13 22:25:06

Awww sparks that's lovely! What a happy end to your story smile Well fingers crossed the same will happen here!

Thanks for the reassurance that my bfp is on it's way keep and maybe. I'm really going to try and be firm with what I want the doctor to do and make sure I get what I need. 31 weeks keep! Not long now smile

<snuggling down with some of gen's yummy hot chocolate and ignoring the fact that I should be following mrgeek's dieting example>

ControlGeek Thu 26-Sep-13 08:13:43

Gaaah just lost a long post sad Will try and repost from the train or work as I've run out of time now.

<leaves an entire kitchen, waves hands frantically saying help yourselves>

ControlGeek Thu 26-Sep-13 08:41:21

Right, try again - have had to norrow mrg's phone as I left mine at home grrr

keep yes, my pct allows funding for up to three iui cycles and two ivf. Apparently there is no insistence on what order these must be used so I am glad we didn't try iui before ivf.

sparks af appears to have left the building here - will factor her stoopid self in the next time I make plans! We def need to have coffee soon. I need my fix of not so newborn snuggles.

maybe the very first day we fasted was incredibly diffocult. Now it's just a background thing I don't even think about. Mrg is still finding it quite hard though. We have some lovely recipes and treats saved for our fasting days to help us look forwarrd to them more.

Oops train about to arrive!

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 26-Sep-13 10:48:57

Hello Brookers!

Sorry I've been absent, I've had my first AF since my miscarriage so I've been feeling sorry for myself and busy eating chocolate.

I hope everyone is ok.

Nurse I've not got anything to add as such apart from to say I've been there. DH and I lived about 200 miles apart for the first 18 months of our relationship. To say it was rocky when we first moved in is an understatement! Things will get better it just takes time to get used to it all. With you starting your first job as well its no wonder your stressed. How's it going? I found the first 3 months of my first nursing job so hard, there is so much to learn. It will get easier I promise smile

Fox that's promising you've got an appointment booked, you sound a bit like me. I always need to have a plan. Like everyone has said odds are you won't even need it. I know how tough it is getting to that year mark, ill be keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be telling us of your BFP in a few weeks.

Maybe I'm going to come down there and have a word with Fin! I really hope you start feeling better soon. I may join you in a nesquik later smile

Stacks and Musical I'm happy to see you both back and I truly hope it's a short stay for you both x

As for me I'm cracking out my CBFM, not that I think it will help me get a BFP. I'm sure I still haven't ovulated after my miscarriage. I've had no cm since IVF (I've just learnt via google that can happen after IVF) so I just want to use it to keep an eye on my cycle.

No news from my appeal to the pct yet, it's only been a week but I can't stop checking the phone for messages. I even picked it up earlier to check it was working as we had no calls yesterday. I feel like I'm waiting for a guy to call grin

NoMaybeAboutIt Thu 26-Sep-13 10:55:54

Cups you are entitled to as much chocolate you can fit in wink. What's your chocolate of choice?! I can thoroughly recommend a nesquik. It's fortified with vitamins and minerals don't you know? Am brooking so hard for your appeal. Did they give you an idea of how long it would take?

Scarlett where the flippity flip are you? Have you had your final interview yet? Have you heard back over your appeal? Hope all is good x

Geek I'm pleased your new diet is working. Richard Wilson does it. Interesting fact of the day wink

We are off to look at a house today. It's not exactly what we want, but house prices here are crazy, and we can't afford a 10% deposit, so are going for another new build as you only need 5%. We can always move again when we need more space. I'm just very excited at having a proper house! And a garden for the dog to terrorise the wildlife play in!

anactualnurse Thu 26-Sep-13 11:25:57

Thanks everyone for your support. I'm feeling a bit better, and managed a lie in this morning, which I think has helped. I just need to be patient I suppose (not one of my strengths). Sorry I'm not replying to you all individually, please know that I read your kind words, and they are really appreciated. Your kindness makes me feel less alone and less mental. I will be a better brooker once I get a bit more settled, and have a bit more time on my hands. Am thinking of you all xx

musicalmrs Thu 26-Sep-13 11:27:04

Ooh Maybe that's exciting! Are you looking at staying in the same kind of area? We've just started looking tentatively at houses around your way.. no immediate plans to move but our current place is only a stepping stone. Where you are would be closer to both our families... grin

Cups lots of hugs coming your way. You're allowed as much chocolate as you want. My chocolate of choice today would be one of those Cadbury creation jellybean things. Not impressed by the new curvy blocks mind!

Fox, I was lucky to never get to the 12 month mark last time, but it must be so hard. Lots of hugs and chocolate for you too

When's your next cycle Geek?

Sorry for forgetting lots of people. The problem with the MN app is that you can't go back and check the Fred..

NoMaybeAboutIt Thu 26-Sep-13 11:53:41

Yes Musical, Chelmsford it is! Whereabouts are you looking? If you need any advice on areas, give me a shout. I've been here and around here all,y life smile

Nurse I'm glad you're feeling a bit better lovely. Just take things as they come. You really will fall into a routine before you know it x

ControlGeek Thu 26-Sep-13 11:59:23

v quick message - MrG passed! His job is safe!!!

NoMaybeAboutIt Thu 26-Sep-13 12:05:57

Oh yes Geek!! That's made my week.

<dons too-tight hula skirt, and shimmies away>

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