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50 Shades of Sore Bits

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Fairygodmother1 Sat 07-Jul-12 20:16:56

Hi ya chavettes - new Fred & this one has gotta bring me a baby for keeps!!!

Make yourself comfy in your velour trackies, sparkly thongs & fake tan. Just nipped out to the offie & got us some B&H and WKD to christen the place with.

Long may the sore bits continue!!! grin

Fairygodmother1 Fri 20-Jul-12 20:38:05

Fingers crossed!

HalleLouja Wed 25-Jul-12 20:20:08

Good luck.

HalleLouja Fri 27-Jul-12 20:43:59

How did it go?

Fairygodmother1 Sat 28-Jul-12 00:45:26

Tubes all clear - even the left one was behaving & not kinky! wink
Fingers firmly crossed 4 this month!!!

HalleLouja Sat 28-Jul-12 11:14:48

Fingers crossed....

HalleLouja Sat 28-Jul-12 11:20:47

Luckily your tubes aren't crossed too.

UmBongo Sat 28-Jul-12 20:57:21

Hooray for clear tubes! Fingers and eyes crossed - but not tubes or legs grin

HalleLouja Sun 29-Jul-12 09:46:16

Legs crossed SWI-ing would be interesting and unlikely to work.

Fairygodmother1 Sun 29-Jul-12 20:29:19

PMPL at you all! Neither tubes or legs crossed & by the looks of it, am ovulating early! Hope we've caught it!

UmBongo Tue 31-Jul-12 20:47:33

Go Fairy, Go Fairy, GO FAIRY, GO MR FAIRY! grintorchgrin

Fairygodmother1 Wed 01-Aug-12 10:39:01

Oooh torch I want a gold medal if we do catch it lol

UmBongo Thu 02-Aug-12 06:18:24

You can have more medals than the British team, cos you have been training just as long or longer than they have! torch

HalleLouja Thu 02-Aug-12 20:40:34


Loving the games.

HalleLouja Fri 03-Aug-12 14:44:52

We are going to the paralympics. Should be fun. I am v v excited.

Fairygodmother1 Fri 03-Aug-12 22:19:18

My sister got tickets to the p-equestrian for my niece for her b'day - shes v v excited too! She's the next Zara Phillips

HalleLouja Sat 04-Aug-12 19:59:03


Fairygodmother1 Mon 06-Aug-12 20:27:13

So sad to hear the news about Gary Barlow losing his baby girl! sad

HalleLouja Mon 06-Aug-12 20:51:45

Really sad sad

UmBongo Mon 06-Aug-12 21:47:49

sad for the Barlow family. Horrendous thing to have to deal with.

Fairygodmother1 Tue 07-Aug-12 11:21:35

I feel really 'periody' today! I'm only on day 23! It feels heavy if you get what I mean? No other symptoms. Have been exercising hard so maybe its to do with that?

How is everyone?

UmBongo Tue 07-Aug-12 22:21:40

Doing Ok thanks FairyG. Surviving the school holidays, very glad it is not raining as much as it was before they broke up, ds is not easy when he can't get outside and it is hard to go out togged up in waterproofs with mini-bongo unless she needs a snooze under her raincover! We sat out this afternoons rain with the olympics and cbeebies games on the laptop grin

I know what you mean by heavy, but day 23 is a bit too early for your cycle isn't it, put it down to too much exercise. What have you been doing? I am looking forward to getting back to some exercise, not sure what or how or when. I am hoping that the relaxin is working its way out of my system cos I did a bit of running round chasing ds on his bike a few weeks ago and my groin got very sore and made it hard to walk for 2 days. Harumph.

Fairygodmother1 Wed 08-Aug-12 10:04:23

Knowing my luck it'll mean I come on early!!! Doubt it's late ovulation as my OPK showed up positive 11 days ago! Prob the exercise - my lower back is hurting!
I've been running, Wii Active, Just Sweat on Just dance 2, Yoga & aerobic DVD! Been doing an hour a day! osing inches but still not mass. Gonna join Rosemary conley on saturday!

UmBongo Wed 08-Aug-12 20:38:04

Wow Fairy! That sounds like a serious exercise routine - lots of different things too, that should help stop you from getting bored and keep you motivated, sorry no weight loss yet, but inches are good too, remember muscle weighs more than flab and looking slimmer and feeling fitter is great. I mowed the lawn today and am knackered, so really am looking forward to being fitter. (but possible not the hard work needed!) I also need to stop eating so bloody much - I believe that may help grin

HalleLouja Fri 10-Aug-12 21:29:00

Food glorious food. Yum.

Did some boot camp yesterday and it was good fun.

UmBongo Sat 11-Aug-12 08:21:23

What is boot camp? It sounds like hard work and painful!

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