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November 2017 #4: Bump botherers, nesting and maternity leave!

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GingerHanna Mon 21-Aug-17 13:18:56

In which we swat away unwanted hands, perform military operations every night to roll over in our sleep, clean the kitchen cupboards for the eleventy billionth time and count down the days to our maternity leave!

Previous thread here.

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theotherendofthesockportal Mon 21-Aug-17 13:44:16

Thank you for the new thread @GingerHanna.

I have a rare day off work together and my cleaning has commenced. I have taken a few breaks to write extensive lists of things to do/buy.

GingerHanna Mon 21-Aug-17 13:53:29

Haha! I did the shopping list over the weekend... dare not do the To Do list.

The 'nursery' is lacking skirting boards and acting as part foster cat room part storage room so lots to still do there!

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izzibee29 Mon 21-Aug-17 14:12:22

Loving the name for the new thread 😂

NerdyViking Mon 21-Aug-17 14:42:38

Been slowly doing up the nursery - found out I was pregnant about 3-4 days after we moved into a new house winkgrinblush been gradually accumulating bany stuff as well - gumtree and mum2mum markets are a godsend, as well as generous family members that have had babies in recent years 😝

lydiangel83 Mon 21-Aug-17 14:51:07

Thanks @GingerHanna we bought nursery paint in a rush one night last week and got in laws over to paint today - turns out paint is bright, banana yellow so stopped them after one wall! Back to drawing board on that one!

Not got in to nesting phase yet but think DH has hence rush to get nursery decorated.

I agree to buy lists are easier than to do lists!!

butterybollocks Mon 21-Aug-17 15:07:15

Thanks for the new thread.

We finally finished DD's new room this weekend and she's moved in - which frees up her old room for the baby! So we're starting to plan paint colours etc and went on a trip to ikea to look at furniture. And we're starting to look at what else we need to buy... This is the fun bit of pregnancy!! grin

stuckinny Mon 21-Aug-17 17:42:57

Thanks for the new thread.

After what seems like a crazy few weeks I finally feel like I can focus on this pregnancy and get stuff done.
The house we'd found had a termite problem and we withdrew our offer. We've since found somewhere else and awaiting inspection this week. Fingers crossed there are no problems.

Started packing up my apartment in preparation. Blimey, I can't believe how much stuff we've accumulated. Moved only three years ago after losing a bunch of stuff in a fire but we've got so much stuff!

Decided to stay with my original doc and found a doula who services the hospital should I decide to go down that route.
Also finished hypnobabies although have been given the option to attend a few of the classes in the next session should we want to.

DP also became DH at the end of last week. Just the two of us and a friend there. We'll let parents know when they are altogether in November and then do a ceremony next year. Having family spanning 4,000 miles has its problems as we now can't decide where to do it.

lydiangel83 Mon 21-Aug-17 20:20:59

Congrats @stuckinny that's a nice thing to do and at least you can take your time planning a celebration. Fingers crossed on house front.

Maybe it's because of a busy/ dramatic weekend but my energy levels are shot. I wanted to go swimming tonight but just couldn't make myself go. I'm 29+5 today i can't believe time is flying!

Going to try on my pregnancy summer clothes instead - may regret that decision!

Topsyloulou Mon 21-Aug-17 20:59:46

Thanks for the new thread @GingerHanna Can't believe the third trimester is here already!

Congratulations @stuckinny, lovely news. Hope the inspection on this house goes ok. Do you think you'll get in before the baby arrives?

Just got back from a weekend in Vienna with DP. Had a lovely time & fortunately not too hot. Just starting to find it tiring walking round all day. Got my glucose tolerance test tomorrow, not looking forward to it one bit but needs must.

stuckinny Mon 21-Aug-17 21:06:39

Goodness I hope so @Topsyloulou. I'm due 10 Nov and my parents arrive less than two weeks after. I can't imagine where I'll put everyone in my tiny apartment. It's already cramped with three of us in there.

The glucose test isn't too bad. I have to retake mine tomorrow morning as they didn't do it after fasting and I'd eaten a terrible lunch just an hour and a half before.

NiceCuppaTeaAndASitDown Tue 22-Aug-17 03:20:57

Thanks for the new thread, I'm going to try harder to stay active on this one as I missed most of the last one.
We have just started the baby preparations and I have a mamas and papas personal shopper appointment booked for Saturday. I'm really hoping we get a decent discount and they have a bank holiday sale on!

I've not had the GTT mentioned to me but I'm going to ask my midwife about it next week as I've gained far too much weight and I'm thirsty all the time. Not sure if either of those would mean I need one or if hey will just look at 28 week bloods when they take them next week - I guess that's what they're for!

I have a wedding to go to on Sunday and really don't want. My skin is horrendous at the moment and I can't get it under control at all, plus I look like a total mess most of the time. Will book in to have my hair put up on the day in the hope I feel a bit more presentable.

Congratulations @stuckinny, that's lovely news! I have no idea how you've had the energy to plan a wedding when I can barely be bothered to attend one but I bet it was an amazing day.
Vienna is one of my favourite places @Topsyloulou, at least you went before your GTT so you could enjoy all the cakes and pastries wink

Sakura03 Tue 22-Aug-17 09:35:17

Hi everyone, I'd like to join you all. My edd is13 Nov (ftmtb). I've been on a beach holiday for the last two weeks and flying home tonight. Tomorrow I've got my 28 week MW appointment and on Friday morning I'm off to the hospital for th GTT and bloods. The paperwork for the GTT said to eat a healthy and varied diet 3 days up to the test and I completely forgot this morning at breakfast where I had a croissant with Nutella and orange marmalade!!! So I'll stick to healthy options from now on.
We've been talking about what we need to do in terms of preps for the baby, so this weekend we'll be doing the list of essential baby purchases to be done. We live in a a one bedroom flat so we'll have be abut creative with the space🤔

Hazandduck Tue 22-Aug-17 10:23:12

Hi Nov gang! Found you, phew smile

Thanks for the new thread @Ginger I love the title haha.
Congratulations @stuck, new home, new baby, and now married! How exciting.
I officially became a Mrs yesterday too, it was meant to be a non-wedding as we are having our proper wedding with everyone on Saturday at my parents' place, but yesterday was actually really emotional and wonderful with just our parents at the registry office and then a cafe with about 15 really close friends/siblings/partners for brunch smile
We have bought nothing for baby apart from a couple of outfits. Next week once the wedding madness dies down we will finally start 😄 Xx

prettygirlincrimsonrose Tue 22-Aug-17 10:49:10

Glad it seems like everyone's feeling excited.

We were hoping to move house just before baby arrives but doesn't look like it will happen. House we want gives us extra room for the baby, so I've been putting off actually changing things here (we currently have our room, a study I used while doing degree/still use to work from home sometimes and which stores a lot of stuff and a guest room in the attic which isn't that practical as a nursery). I guess I should pack up some of the study stuff and set up room for baby things, but as it's not where we want to be long term, it's hard to be excited about having to rearrange things. Haven't done any shopping yet and feel like I'm missing out a bit on the excitement of getting things ready, but been focused on trying to sell/buy house and don't want to spend too much. Also been making the most of being able to just go out and do things, or relax at home, so not really nesting yet.

How's everyone feeling? Last couple of weeks I've started being in pain most of the day. Just normal I think (aching ribs, slightly burning pain at the top of my bump from ligaments stretching or pressure from baby) but hurts when I'm sitting at a desk and only relieved once I've had some time lying down in the evening. Finding it quite distracting at work, and making it difficult to do all the things I want to in the evenings. Any tips for coping with what's probably normal discomfort when it lasts all day?

lydiangel83 Tue 22-Aug-17 11:39:01

Awww congratulations @Hazandduck you look lovely smile

Zampa Tue 22-Aug-17 11:59:15

Congratulations on your nuptials stuckinny and Haz!

Looks like we're going to be (finally) moving house at the end of next week. Fortunately we need to do very little to it (although DSS's room is currently papered in a very girly pattern). Second baby means we don't get to buy very much this time around (boo!) so will focus purchasing energy on the new place!

Why are so many of us getting married, moving house and redecorating whilst expecting?! It's not as if we haven't got enough on our plate!

Clementine posted some good advice at the end of the last thread, in case you missed it.

Hazandduck Tue 22-Aug-17 13:35:22

Haha I don't know it's strange isn't it @Zampa! All these huge life changes! We've even been talking about buying my grandparents' old cottage in recent weeks (proper fixer upper)! Are we mad?! We will all be bored next year lol. Or maybe too busy changing nappies?

Thank you everyone smile it feels so weird to be a Mrs smile DH (first time I've written that) keeps calling me "Wife!"

@pretty I've been having pains this week in particular in my side and lower abdomen, I got told off by my midwife just this morning at my 28 week apt because I've been overdoing it. Today I am sofa bound and just counting our change for our wedding bar and painting some signs on the sofa, nothing else physical! I've found sleeping really uncomfortable too, sitting up, everything has got worse the last couple of weeks. I think it is normal, our babies are about 14inches now aren't they?? That's pretty huge and a lot of strain on all your muscles. Hope you are ok, only advice I can give is to try and put your feet up when you can xx

GingerHanna Tue 22-Aug-17 13:42:11

@Zampa you are completely right... my wedding is in three weeks and I just cannot deal with it all right now!

Still a ton of work to do on the house, but we have broken the back of it. We've decided that rather than break ourselves trying to get it all done before Limpet arrives we'll just take the attitude that what is done is done, and what is doesn't will get done. He won't know! It's all habitable just a mess and unfinished... although the more we can get done the better of course, we just need to give ourselves a break over it all.

Been waking up in the night the last two nights. Not sure if it is stress (house, baby, work, wedding) or just being six months pregnant. Bloody shattered now and feeling fed up and grumpy. Growth scan on Friday plus gynie consult which I'm both keen on and not looking forward to as first scan since my hospital admission... will see if the myoma has changed size at all...

Right, back to work I guess. Boo.

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Hazandduck Tue 22-Aug-17 13:45:47

@Ginger absolutely, you do need to give yourself a break over it all. That's a hell of a lot to contend with, and like you said, your little one won't know any different! Our house has been a neglected mess and I usually am so house proud but am too shattered and busy doing wedding prep. I am one of those DIY obsessives but even I feel like we've taken on too much 🙈!

I hope everything goes well with your gynae and scan on Friday xx

theotherendofthesockportal Tue 22-Aug-17 13:51:41

Congratulations @Hazandduck, lovely photo smile

I like a loon decided it was a good idea to venture to town on my own to go to primark to buy a a few things. I still haven't managed to get black pyjama bottoms which all the websites tell you to get for when you have just had a baby.

I'm in my way home on a boiling hot bus sad my bump feels sore today. Will be getting on the sofa and not moving for the rest of the afternoon.

stuckinny Tue 22-Aug-17 14:00:47

Congratulations @Hazandduck. You look lovely.

Lol @NiceCuppaTeaAndASitDown. There was zero planning. We'd spoken about it for a while then decided two weeks ago to do it. There were some problems with paperwork so had to go to the city to get the license then called the town clerk of a nearby town to have the ceremony. It was just me, DH and a friend who acted as witness. We plan on having a 'ceremony' exactly a year later where family and friends will be present.
I will say, if you're ever bored and fancy a bit of people watching the goings on in the registry office in NYC make for good entertainment.

Went for a retake of the glucose test this morning to find the lab couldn't find my paperwork and I had drunk the yuck stuff for nothing. I don't have time to schedule another for at least a week so am going to push not to bother doing it unless I'm measuring big at my next appointment on Thursday. I didn't have the test with DS.

I had a miserable night last night. I think the baby was inside my ribs and there was nothing I could do to get comfortable. Thankfully he moved during the night and I'm feeling much better today.

Topsyloulou Tue 22-Aug-17 15:48:11

Congratulations @Hazandduck, lovely photo. Hope you have a great day on Saturday.

I didn't have my glucose test today either @stuckinny but for a very different reason. Woke up at 4am to the delightful sound of DS being sick, something he repeated several times over the next few hours. DP is away & I couldn't ask anyone else to have him so had to cancel & rebook it for 4th September. Of course DS is now right as rain & driving me mad while I try & work at home. I'm taking holiday to look after him tomorrow, no way I can work when he's 100%.

Also been getting lots of rib pain. Partly cause by all the coughing but also think there is a foot up there at times too. Going to try the exercises suggested to see if it helps. Lying down is definitely preferable to sitting at the moment. I've asked DP to get my gym ball out of the loft at the weekend as that is a lot more comfortable to sit on in late pregnancy than a sofa. Someone at work has a standing desk so going to see if I can use that when she's not around.

lydiangel83 Wed 23-Aug-17 08:32:31

I got called heavily pregnant for first time today, at 30 wks, by a ticket inspector charging me an excess fare for not having a ticket hmmI've also officially started to waddle but this is due to thighs chafing not belly weight!

GingerHanna Wed 23-Aug-17 08:44:55

PS congratulations @Hazardduck!

@lydiangel83 heavily pregnant??? I hope we've got a couple more months until that's really true... please tell me it is and that I'm not deluding myself. I'm deluding myself aren't I?

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