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Due March 2007 - Heading for the third trimester

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Booboobedoo Wed 08-Nov-06 17:48:39

Thought I'd start a new thread as the other one's about to run out.

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TheBlonde Wed 08-Nov-06 18:15:20

Haven't caught up on the other thread
Hope everyone is okay
Can't believe Piff has had her appendix out

Rainbow - keep your chin up girl

morocco Wed 08-Nov-06 18:59:57

oh no - poor piffle! I couldn't find that on this thread - guess she is not up and about yet? when did all this happen?

hope you feel better soon jay

like the name, rainbowgirl

how awful eva - and so upsetting at any time, never mind when pregnant when it's a whole extra worry- teengae girls are so bl**dy awful sometimes. I'm glad you're both physically Ok anyway

no news at all here, baby grows, kicks sometimes, most of the time I forget all about her poor love.

onilly Wed 08-Nov-06 19:04:43

hellooo all.

Whew, have tried to catch up and must be honest boggled my brain a bit, but sounds like a usual week or two with us!

I have been so incredibly busy at work - I wont bore you but something quite interesting has happened.. I dont know if its coz I know I will be off to pop soon, but work is starting to feel so terribly unimportant...
I was sat at the board table with all the big wigs from our US parent company going through the usual crap and just thought... WTF am I going to miss ? (only the money? ) Anyone else feel the same - I am blown away as have been very career driven.
Have also had huge pressure from big wig to come back after or BEFORE six months (US get 12 weeks) ..... frankly, at this stage am staying away as long as I need to. Whilst I was passively aggressively thinking this, LO gave a good old kick as if to say 'yup mum, you hang with me' -

Oh bugger - its official I am soft in the head...

There is some nasty virus going round DH and I have been desperately sick lately too - I dont think I have ever been so violently ill, Dr diagnosed as virus and must be honest has flattened us both. Nasty. Upload in Zinc and Vit C all....

I am so glad to see new bodies join us, and that all our scans are going well.

Kitty a boy - sweet, and Foxie you are back from hols (distant memory now)Your name is a scream, cant wait for Chrimble then?

Diva - fab news on the house, sounds great if esp with your entertaining opposite neighbours ! Who needs telly ?

Boo are you still feeling ill ?

LunarSea Wed 08-Nov-06 20:18:11

News on piffle here

harktheheraldfoxessing Wed 08-Nov-06 20:20:12

Onilly - its good to hear from you, I missed you

I feel exactly the same re. work - have lost all interest and momentum with my work (which I normally hugely enjoy). Just kind of counting the weeks really.....and totally knackered.

I took 5.5. months maternity leave with DS and it didn't feel quite long enough. Took 12 months with DD and it felt like too long
I reckon somewhere between 6-10 months is good. But of course, iIts your perogative to take what you feel is right for you (bearing in mind finances etc)

What kind of package do you get? We get 18.5 weeks on 90% pay. In my old job it was 19.5 weeks on full pay!!

Just a question of stretching it for as long as poss. Will you deffo return to work afterwards?

ps. how is your stalker?

Booboobedoo Wed 08-Nov-06 20:21:41

I feel like that about work too. Trouble is, there's no-one else except me! Must try harder...

I haven't been sick for a couple of days thanks Onilly.

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harktheheraldfoxessing Wed 08-Nov-06 20:24:13

Boo - how long do you plan to take off?

Booboobedoo Wed 08-Nov-06 20:26:55

Well, it's tricky...

Should be able to pretty much stop in Jan, but I'll have to keep popping in as it's my school, and I need to make sure the parents are happy with the cover-staff.

I'll have to start back in September, but it's only 9 hours teaching a week. Not sure how I'll hndle the paperwork yet...

How about you?

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LunarSea Wed 08-Nov-06 20:27:01

- just statutory minimum here! Still at least it's more than the 18 weeks which was all it was when I had ds. Even if I can persuade the MW (who I don't get to see for another month yet!) to change edd to 1st April to get the 9 months I probably won't take it all, as April to December wouldn't leave any time to use all that accrued holiday, so it would just get lost. Maybe about 7 months, and then have a whole year's holiday to take spread over the next two which would only work out about half time.

I've just spent all day with clients and seem to have taken on a project which is due for completion end of March Guess I'd better make sure it's either completed earlier or has someone else well up to speed to take over the latter stages!

LaidbackinAsia Wed 08-Nov-06 20:34:40

Evening.. Hope everyone OK. Piffle - get well soon hun - what a total and literal pain

Hi Onilly .. glad work is feeling less central stage !

Boo - glad you're not puking .

Rainbow - Whatever the emails say - at least you might be clearer when you have read them - either way . I really feel for you at the mo... the unknown can be a very uncomfortable place. I split with my first DP a few years ago after we had been together 10 years and the absolute worst bit was the 6 months when neither of us was sure what was going on. As soon as the decision had been made it got much easier.

Glad everyone likes the name Oscar as it is my DS1's name . He is 10 in 2 weeks time and is no longer a little boy ... he wants a Razorlight album for his birthday !!!( and a cyberman voice changing mask which is totally sold out everywhere !!!.)

Back to Sri Lanka tomorrow - there for 9 weeks and then back to UK after Christmas to get ready for the baby !!

22 + 3 boy

eidsvold Wed 08-Nov-06 20:42:10

haven't bothered to try and catch up on old thread. Just missing out on a day puts you so behind.

Had a fabulous Melbourne Cup Day ( horse race that stops the nation - literally) Big hats - luncheons etc. I went to a pampering morning tea put on by our local Down syndrome Association - fabulous food, great chats and a wonderful massage that had me almost snoring to top it off.

Then it was off to get dh and we saw U2 kick off their Aussie tour. Baby liked it too.... was very active during Beautiful day ( perhaps it knew it was a footy theme !) and at other times very still.

However was a long day - left home around 9am and got in around midnight. Was so knackered for Wed then.

Dds were fab - they stayed with my mum for the afternoon and night. Although dd2 did tell me she missed daddy when I asked if she had missed mummy. Did not really see them much on Tues.

All well here. Halfway tomorrow. Off for consultant's appt next Tues.

20 weeks Fri.

divastrop Wed 08-Nov-06 20:52:17


onilly-i was wondering where you were.dont worry,by the time the baby is in junior school you will find you have had every bug going and it takes a mutant super-bug to get through your immune system

dd2 is ill again,she's got a slight temperature atm and her cough has its back to my 2nd home(aka the doctors surgery)tomorrow.

i havent been in paid employment since i was 16 weeks pregnant with times have changed!i personally have never been in a situation where i had to consider putting a small baby in childcare,it must be difficult.i find things change when lo gets to about 18 months-2 years and they start needing to be around other kids.that sort of 'i dont want to leave my baby' feeling gets replaced with 'i want my life!'IME anyway.i dont know how my mother managed not to go insane spending 8 years at home looking after me and my sister.

divastrop Wed 08-Nov-06 21:00:52

just read the thread about piffle,glad to hear everything went smoothly.i had my appendix out before keyhole surgery was introduced and i remember how much pain i was in even with morphine
get well soon piffle

LunarSea Wed 08-Nov-06 22:17:02

Laidback - if you mean the Dr Who voice changing mask thingy's, I saw them in a shop near the office I have to go to tomorrow last week. I can look to see if they've still got them if you like?

harktheheraldfoxessing Thu 09-Nov-06 08:51:05

Lunar/Laidback - DS wants one of those masks for Christmas too! My friend who works for the BBC offered to get us one (20% discount) but even the BBC can't source them. There is currently a waiting list of BBC staff wanting Cyber masks!!

Lunar - where do you live? Probably too far for me to come to your shop, but I might be able to get them to send one and pay the postage.

Eids - your life sounds lovely!! I reckon your baby liked all that lovely food. I often find myself thinking of your DD with Downs, as my brother has it. How is she? Did you find out the sex of your bump (sorry I can't remember, my brain is complete mush at the moment)?

Boo - I can afford to take about 6-7 months off, but we are due to review our mortgage in Feb (when its discounted rate ends) and I plan to try and release £5k, enabling me to stay off until New Year 2008. We have a really mega mortgage!! As its my third kiddo, there won't be much financial outlay for the baby anyway, and hope to breastfeed as well.

Diva - IKWYM about babies and childcare. When I went back to work after DS (6 months old at the time)I felt quite anxious and when I returned after DD (1 year old)I had a new job closeby but had to drive past a Catholic primary school (just like DS's) and cried every day for about 3 weeks. They were both placed with child minders as nurseries seemed to big and scary for my teeny babies.

ps. anyone read the November Prima Baby/Pregnancy? I'm on page 101 talking about work life balance

I don't think I'm cut out to be a full time mum but would dearly love to be able to afford to work part time (which I could have before we got the mega mortgage - ho hum...)

How is everyone else today? :O


LunarSea Thu 09-Nov-06 09:20:12

Foxy - The shop is in Milton Keynes, which isn't where I live, but I'm visting our office there today for various meetings. I should have time to pop out for a bit a have a look for you later. If they've still got them I can get one and post it to you if you like?

Rosybumpily Thu 09-Nov-06 10:02:27

Lunar, I reckon you should buy all they've got, you could make a tidy profit

Onilly, great to have you back. Nice to hear your brain is turning to baby mush like the rest of us Nature has a funny way of turning us into our babys willing slave!

Piffle your man sounds a honey and just as well you've got that support under your nightmarish circumstances! you've got a massive fan club on mn!

Eidsvold you've been having fun!

When do the babys start hiccuping? I think I've been feeling hiccups. Mine usually hiccup all the time by the end.

22wks 4 (boy)

muppetisacat Thu 09-Nov-06 10:06:26

Laidback - look on ebay for the cyberman masks - last time I looked there were quite a few! Most of the shops have sold out - always the way and a few entrepreneurs make their buck by buying out the shops and flogging them on ebay! It's the same with tamagotchi's whenever they bring out a new one - or these blessed mini winnies that my dd is obsessed about!

Take it easy with those emails rainbow! Don't go firing too many back too soon if you can help it!

Quick question that suddenly popped into my head in the wee small hours (or should that be multi-weeing hours. If you have a low-lying placenta and it's also anterior - what would they do should you need a c-section???


Booboobedoo Thu 09-Nov-06 11:08:38

Hi everyone!

Very, very happy today.

Had a great scan, and it's a boy. Little Jonny.

Could see his willy flapping about - unmistakeable.

EDD 3/3

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LunarSea Thu 09-Nov-06 11:13:28

Foxy/Laidback - success!!! I bought two, and they'd got about 6 more. Hope it's the right one - just under £30? I'll find out tonight how much the postage will be - but it won't be more than £6. Looks like as rosy said I could sell them on ebay for that anyway. Can you email me on gill AT (ignorthisbit) gmx DOT co DOT uk please if you want one?

rainbowgirl Thu 09-Nov-06 11:22:19

boo - many congrats

eidsvold - nice to see you again

muppet - i already sent 3 couldn't help it was so and . he just thinks it is all about him. it's on that other thread . i don't know what the f* to do about any of it but it is really, really dragging me down

just took dd to her music group and she had a massive tantrum and said to me in the middle of it 'i want to hurt your baby!'. should i be worried? she's not yet 4.. she did say sorry later and that she'd only said it because she was angry, but still, it shocked me.. she has some anger issues herself lol

fox - will go and buy prima today

harktheheraldfoxessing Thu 09-Nov-06 11:28:14

Lunar - we would deffo like a mask - thanks for that. Will try and e-mail you our address later and I'll send you a cheque when you know the postage etc.

you star!! DS will be so happy!

BooBoo - a little boy how lovely

Boys are deffo outnumbering the girls so far aren't they?

eidsvold Thu 09-Nov-06 11:55:35

came back to earth with a bump - poor wee dd2 - has a vomiting bug - I have a very touchy gag reflex and anything like that can send me off puking as well. I managed for most of the day and then lost it tonight - poor thing - she is not under the weather - just chucking everywhere. Finally got her to sleep - she has been dozing in the loungeroom tonight with dh and I.

lots of sheets to wash as well as towels - and we finally have rain - sod's law isn't it....

dh and I have a rather eclectic mix of concerts to attend - started with Dixie Chicks(a few thousand) , then U2( 45 - 50 thousand people), then Paul Kelly ( 400 people)finishing the year by taking the dds to see the Wiggles lucky us....

LunarSea Thu 09-Nov-06 12:02:06

foxy - Amazon reckon it weighs 2kg which would be £5.31 by Royal Mail Parcels. They want £52.49 for it!!!

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