Guessing Game V

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finallychangedmyusername Sat 26-Dec-20 11:10:22

Guessing game V!

Merry twixmas! fgrin

We have reached thread 5(!) of the baby names Guessing Game.

This was the (brilliant) brain child of @scotstar back in March 2018. smile

All are welcome, rules of this game are pretty straightforward - someone describes a name. Whoever solves the clues is then in charge of describing the next name. Simple! Make the clues as fiendish or straightforward as you like. grin

Previous threads are here:





Names described so far just as an FYI (it's fine to repeat them, just for info):

Andrew, Serafina, Eli, Verity, Juliet, Agatha, Phoebe, Frances, Rebecca, Thomas, Cecilia, Leonard, Bianca, Donald, Peter, Niamh, Lucifer, Demelza, Nevaeh, Alexander, Christopher, Miranda, William, Robert, Jack, Jude, Rachel, Margaret, Basil, Hyacinth, Aurora, Jessamine, Nicola, Kerry, Susan, Seren, Julia, Meredith, Bernard, Arthur, Ross, Blanche, Amy, Alicia, Stephen/Steven, Talitha/Tabitha, Ruth, Noah, Rowan, Lucille, Kit, Alice, Lydia, Beatrice, Mary, Jennifer, Keith, Aurelia, Aram, Oliver, Anouk, Heidi, Seth, Rose, Herbert, Sadie, Florence, Niall, Primrose, Ellis, Jordi, Hannah, Hermione, Johnny, Angelina, Frieda, Adam, Gandalf, Poppy, Hazel, Jane, Afton, Susan, Roxanne, Barbara, Stewart/Stuart, Philomena, Isaac, Rufus, Elsa, Morris/Maurice, Ken, Iona, Mark, Roger, Wilfred, Darren, Geraldine, Pascal, Harriet, Russell, Alfred, Nora, Scott, Enid, Jonathan, Nelly, Arlo, Pearl, Beverley, Dana, Toby, Clifford, Cecilia, Lisa, Tallulah, Liam, Declan, Kenneth, George, Rayna, Kezia, Annika, Chantilly, Quinn, Sally, Cornelius, Darcy/Darcie, Peter, Nina, Gabrielle, Marcus, Bruce, Rod, Joshua, Luke, Eve, Belle, Sabrina, Ariadne, David, Martin, Theresa, Breda, Nicodemus, Samuel, Hector, Shiloh, Phryne, Gordon, Cora, Gregory, Aurora, Meghan, Dermot, Paige, Urban, Carter, Ludovic, Harvey, Kristin, Laurence, Cecil, Richard, Penelope, Deborah, Felicity, Melanie, Owen/Owain, Caroline/Carrie, Abigail, Esmeralda, Christabel, Aneurin, Earl, Christine, Clare/Clair/Claire, Jeremy, Tina, Aria, Byron, Patrick, Casper, Imogen, Victoria, Percy, Jean, Sterling, Belinda, Jared, Yael/Jael, Sarah, Scarlett, Zoe, Elspeth, Holly, Gene, Ruth, Sylvester, Erwin, Gladys, Bethany, Fabian, Damian, Helen, Autumn, Venus, Hayley, Ferdinand, Michael, Portia, Katy, Linus, Timothy, Viola, Jacob, Holly, Donna, Ivy, Kevin, Clarence, Nicholas/Nick, Howard, Natalie, Naomi, Max, Calliope, Aaron, Yolanda, Adelaide, Edie, Oscar, Olivia, Charlotte, Morag, Sebastian, Stacey/Stacie, Matthew/Matt, Cameron, Theresa, Jeremy, Simon, Edward, Stanley, Flora, Daisy, Polly, Asher, Douglas, Solomon, Dan/Daniel, Louise, Regan, Viola, Petra, Rupert, Dougal, Geoffrey, Tamar, Hector, Julian, Austin, Cheryl/Sheryl, Emily, Bobby, Felicity, Joel, Gavin, Elliot/Elliott, Berengaria, Neville, Honey, Edmund, Benjamin, Kirsty, Thomasina, Lucy, Bryn, Niamh/Neve, Balonz, Hermione, Jessica, Marilyn, Alexandra, Sandy, Tom, Annabel/Annabelle, Nina, Humphrey, Boris, Dominic, Rowena, Malcolm, Roger, Sebastian, Graham, Morgan, Adam, Kelly, Rodney, Monica, Winifred, Tristan, Tuppence, Brandon, Alison, Joy, Kristen, Eliza, Ellen, Belle, Clementine, Vita, Judith/Judy, Robin/Robyn, Sibyl/Sybil, Amy, Beatrice, Phoebe, Aloysius, Vera, Coronata, Leona, Adrian, Michael, Orlando, Diana, Melusine, Nicole, Marianne, Jonah, Lila, Quentin, Terry, Ernest, Fiona, Lara, Martha, Karen, Lionel, Violet, Blair, Madelief, Colin, Charles, Iris, Joe, Ariadne, Isis, Tiger/Tyger, Monty, Manuel, Vivienne, Enid, Jasper...

And I'll post regarding the current name below!

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finallychangedmyusername Sat 26-Dec-20 11:15:51

Clues so far for this next name have been:

- Infant photographer/Shirley + paste + taste + vehicle.

- The infant photographer/Shirley is also a princess and a literary sister.

- She's a little pickle.

The first syllable has been correct guessed - it's Anne. (The infant photographer is Anne Geddes, Shirley is Anne Shirley of Green Gables, the princess is Princess Anne, and Anne Bronte is the literary sister.)

But what is the full name?! grin

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LadyGAgain Sat 26-Dec-20 13:58:45

Well done and thank you @finallychangedmyusername grin.

finallychangedmyusername Sat 26-Dec-20 15:09:06

Thanks @LadyGAgain. fgrin

One more clue - this name is sort of seasonal (festive).

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LadyGAgain Sat 26-Dec-20 16:02:41


finallychangedmyusername Sat 26-Dec-20 16:28:02

Yes indeed, Angelica! grin

Anne + gel (paste) + lick (taste) + car (vehicle).

Angelica Pickles was a character in Rugrats (and she was quite a little pickle/madam as I recall!).

And yes, meaning "angel". fgrin

Over to you, @LadyGAgain!

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TheRealBoswell Sat 26-Dec-20 17:00:02



LadyGAgain Sat 26-Dec-20 23:49:40

Ooooh!! Thank you for the extra clues! I'll have a think and be back smile

LadyGAgain Sat 26-Dec-20 23:56:57

This name is a name in its own right. And also a shortened version of the female December baby.
Part of a close family who drove the nation crazy in the mid-90’s.

DrWard Sun 27-Dec-20 02:28:16


This name is a name in its own right. And also a shortened version of the female December baby.
Part of a close family who drove the nation crazy in the mid-90’s.


TheRealBoswell Sun 27-Dec-20 07:46:55


LadyGAgain Sun 27-Dec-20 10:37:22

Neither of those

TheRealBoswell Sun 27-Dec-20 12:40:51

Ok. Any extra clues?

finallychangedmyusername Sun 27-Dec-20 22:05:58


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LadyGAgain Sun 27-Dec-20 22:33:17

Tia is close!

finallychangedmyusername Sun 27-Dec-20 22:44:16


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LadyGAgain Sun 27-Dec-20 22:45:28

She might feel shackled or near a flowing body of water.

finallychangedmyusername Mon 28-Dec-20 21:38:03

Tatiana / Tanya?

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htbzllhcR Tue 29-Dec-20 01:49:10


htbzllhcR Tue 29-Dec-20 01:53:25


htbzllhcR Tue 29-Dec-20 01:58:49


LadyGAgain Tue 29-Dec-20 08:04:16

Yes @htbzllhcR it's Tina!

Tina is a name in it's own right but a female version of Christ/ina.

Tina was a member of the Dingles in Emmerdale.

Tina Arena was in chains and Tina Turner was rolling on the river in Proud Mary.

Over to you!

finallychangedmyusername Tue 29-Dec-20 09:37:58

Well played @htbzllhcR! Looking forward to the next one. grin

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htbzllhcR Tue 29-Dec-20 11:41:21

Yay! I was pretty sure of it once I'd written Tina. Next clue upcoming..

TheRealBoswell Tue 29-Dec-20 11:59:01

I thought it might be Christina/Tina but then this clue threw me off:

Part of a close family who drove the nation crazy in the mid-90’s.

I’ve never watched Emmerdale so I initially thought:
This name is a name in its own right = Jo/Joe
And also a shortened version of the female December baby. = Josephine as the feminine version of Joseph
Part of a close family who drove the nation crazy in the mid-90’s. = Joey from Friends (they’re sort of like a family?)

And then I had no idea about the last clue.

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