nuchal translucency result 6mm

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Absc Sun 14-Mar-21 17:12:13

I had my 12 week scan today which showed an estimated of 6mm nt. The baby was in a awkward position and she said she couldn’t get an ideal measurement. My scan less than 10 days ago was normal no concerns. They said they would be referring me to St Michael's Hospital in Bristol for more tests. They didn’t say anymore just for me to wait and see the specialists. This is my 7th pregnancy I’ve had six miscarriages over the past few years. Feeing heartbroken.

Would people be able to share their experiences?

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MilkshakeandChips5 Mon 15-Mar-21 10:06:09

Hi! I've shared this on another post recently so apologies to everyone who may be reading the same thing but I didn't want to leave you stranded as these forums were a lifeline for me during the horrendous waiting period!

At our 12 week scan (13 weeks) our baby was diagnosed with a NT of 7.0mm and hydrops. We were told to expect the worst and it was extremely unlikely that the baby would be okay. Our bloods came back as 1:5 for Downs, Edward's and Pataus.

We were referred to the Fetal Medicine Unit within 48 hours for a more in depth scan (both abdominal and trans-vaginal) as well as CVS. The scan confirmed a high NT but the specialist sonographer found no sign of hydrops and was also able to check the anatomy in much more detail.

After a couple of days, we received clear results for all three chromosome syndromes and subsequently clear results for the full microarray.

I'm now 23 weeks and baby is still with us. Her NT is still a little high but we've had four subsequent scans and nothing else can be found.

I know we are extremely lucky. I read ALOT on this in the awful days after the 12 week scan and whilst there are some positive stories, there are also many crappy ones too.

It's a really horrendous time - worse than i thought possible so I feel your pain. If you have any questions that I can try to help with (as a non medical professional) please ask!

duchessrose Mon 15-Mar-21 22:12:02

Our NT measurement was 6mm as well and it wasn't good news in my case - we got a diagnosis of T18 and I had a TFMR. 6mm is on the high side (I think 3.5mm is the threshold for concern) although it sounds like they weren't confident with your measurement? Did you get any blood tests done?

I'd already had my bloods taken when I had my 12 week scan and the figures were low, so they could tell me on the day of the scan we had a 1 in 2 chance of T18. Then we got our Harmony results (I'd done that a week before) and that gave a 99% risk of T18, so it was a pretty confident result (although technically it was all screening tests). I had a CVS done a few days later which confirmed it.

I hope you can get your tests done soon. It's a really stressful time and it can be confusing with all the medical jargon. There is a website with useful information.

Absc Tue 16-Mar-21 09:29:41

@duchessrose they did take bloods at the scan. It’s not been done as an urgent 48hr referral so just waiting now for the appointment.

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jmm499 Tue 16-Mar-21 22:53:46

Hi @Absc so sorry to hear of the worry you’re going through and in pregnancy after loss too sad Sending you lots of love.

At our 12 week scan, our baby had a NT measurement of 4.7mm but before he settled in to an optimal position, the reading was 6mm. After all the various tests, we have a positive story to tell - he arrived safe and sound last summer 🙏🏻 He is also our rainbow baby.

I really hope things turn out well for you and your baby, will be thinking of you. Have you heard when your next appointment is? Xx

Absc Wed 17-Mar-21 19:23:51

@jmm499 the fmu saw me today structural the baby is fine, but there’s too much fluid around the neck. They couldn’t do the cvs as I’m on blood thinners due to PE. I’m booked in for an amniocentesis on the 6th of April. It’s a 50/50 chance of baby being ok and he said even then we may not know with all the tests.

My blood results came back with a higher chance of downs but the rest were ok.

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jmm499 Thu 18-Mar-21 14:42:24

@Absc sorry to hear you’ve got another wait for the amnio - we too couldn’t have the CVS and had to wait for an amnio. I hope you are coping ok - I will keep everything crossed that things go in your favour 🙏🏻 Take care Xx

Sunshine1982flowers211111 Mon 05-Apr-21 16:36:34

Hey xx I’ve nothing to add other than I also have concerns about my little baby too so wanted to share some love and prayers that all will be ok hun xx flowers

Absc Mon 05-Apr-21 19:19:03

Thanks you I hope your ok it’s such a scary time when you have concerns.

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Absc Tue 06-Apr-21 17:28:37

I had my amniocentesis today so now waiting for the results however when they rechecked everything the Nt is down to 2.8. Baby is growing and the fluid they found on the chest has now nearly gone.

So next week I will know if it’s downs / edwards etc however it’s looking more positive than the 12 week scan.

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Sunshine1982flowers211111 Wed 07-Apr-21 11:18:17

That sounds so positive! Have everything crossed for you xx

Absc Mon 12-Apr-21 13:11:38

I’ve been really lucky all my results are clear and fluid has gone from baby. My little boy is healthy and growing smile

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Marmaladeagain Mon 12-Apr-21 13:18:13

smile what a fabulous update, very good news!

NiceTwin Mon 12-Apr-21 13:23:56

That must be a massive relief Absc, I hope you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy without worry.

jmm499 Mon 12-Apr-21 13:25:29

@Absc this is wonderful news! Amazing that the fluid has gone - our little boy’s had gone too by 16 weeks when we had the amnio and it’s such a relief isn’t it? He is a happy and healthy 9 month old now! Love to you and your rainbow 🌈 xxx

Passthewinebottle Mon 12-Apr-21 16:19:11

Fabulous news OP! 🎉🎉🎉

MustStopSnacking28 Mon 12-Apr-21 17:50:13

I’m so happy to read positive stories like this as I am currently waiting for my combined screening results after raised nuchal fold at 3.5mm. Thanks for sharing your positive result, I hope I can report similar in a few weeks as I have been very down waiting over the weekend.

Absc Mon 12-Apr-21 18:18:12

@MustStopSnacking28 the wait is the hardest part , it’s hard not to think the worst I know it’s easier said than done.

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LSaraf Mon 12-Apr-21 19:13:03

That's great news! I was also referred to st.michaels in Bristol after a 4mm NT measurement at 13 weeks. Had my amnio on 26th March and had a call to say clear for Downs, Edwards and Pataus but still waiting on the second set of results. How long did it take for you to get your full results?

Absc Mon 12-Apr-21 19:59:24

I didn’t have bloods etc so will not be getting full results due to them being unable to get bloods. But it can take 5 weeks in total. The main concerns around my baby was the fluid which has now gone and nt is normal.

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MustStopSnacking28 Mon 12-Apr-21 20:03:21

@Absc yes I was really hoping to hear back today but the wait continues! Just trying to focus on positive stories like yours although I know that might not be case for me...

Absc Mon 12-Apr-21 20:07:36

@MustStopSnacking28 it’s worth calling them, the first results should be back around day 3 depending on what time they were sent to Southmead.

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MustStopSnacking28 Tue 13-Apr-21 10:22:33

Hi @Absc I took your advice and called, the blood results were quite normal but combined chance for downs is 1 in 110 so we have decided to pay for NIPT before getting any invasive testing. Thanks for your advice as I think I would still be waiting otherwise!

Absc Tue 13-Apr-21 10:32:21

@MustStopSnacking28 try not to worry my down was 1:20 and came back normal

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AleMc Sun 02-May-21 20:32:08

@Absc I’m glad that everything went fine!

I had my 12+6 scan today, and the NT was 4.5mm. I was not expecting that, I got devastated at first. But I’ve been reading so many positive stories on this forum, so I’m feeling much better now.

I was referred to St. Michael’s Hospital in Bristol as well. I’m 38 and this is my first baby.

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