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what time can i complain about my neighbours noisy diy?

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chamaeleon Mon 31-Mar-08 19:44:10

we have complained when they have been drilling into joint wall and demolishing stuff at gone 10pm, but we have very small children and they are really really annoying us. have already complained tonight, but what time do you think is reasonable to ask them to stop?

cornsilk Mon 31-Mar-08 19:45:06


avenanap Mon 31-Mar-08 19:45:21

6pm. Anything past this time is unreasonble, you are entitled to peace and quiet.

Nicecupofwine Mon 31-Mar-08 19:46:52

10 pm is quite late enough if they are considerate people. Do they have children? If they persist in making a noise then get your own back at 8 am and do DIY/strimming under their bedroom window wink

WowOoo Mon 31-Mar-08 19:51:45

Afraid legally they are allowed to make noise from 7am to 11pm. We had property developers next to us and had 6 months of it. Drove me mental, quite literally!

nickytwotimes Mon 31-Mar-08 19:52:46

My neighbour's got his chainsaw out tonight. Fortunately ds is a heavy sleeper.

WowOoo Mon 31-Mar-08 19:53:22

Our council says that anyway.

Wisteria Mon 31-Mar-08 19:55:13

We have always agreed 9pm with neighbours, six is too early as most people only have the evenings and weekends.

avenanap Mon 31-Mar-08 19:56:09

I'm sure it's supposto stop at 7pm but 6pm would be reasonable. I don't think 7-11pm is correct Wowoo, having studied noise pollution for my MSc. I'll check though and report back later.

squimlet Mon 31-Mar-08 22:16:51

sadly I know the feeling. the inconserate tools next door thought it was a good idea to do theirs till....wait for it.......2 am!!!

Yes they are being unreasonable and inconsiderate

cory Tue 01-Apr-08 09:41:30

I would think 9 pm reasonable. 6 pm totally unreasonable, loads of people work that late and would never get anything done. And children small enough to go to bed at 6 can usually be trained to sleep through a lot of racket.
Besides, in years to come, these same neighbours who are told to put the drill away at 6 will not doubt take great delight in coming round to tell our teenagers that their parties must stop at 6 too wink. What goes around comes around.

Ledodgy Tue 01-Apr-08 09:43:00

I can understand how annoying it is but I think legally they are allowed to do it until 11.30 pm. shock

FioFio Tue 01-Apr-08 09:43:02

Message withdrawn

Psychomum5 Tue 01-Apr-08 09:50:32

blush......we go on until 8.30pm some nights....but when DH doesn;t get home until 7pm also some(most) nights, and works all weekends too, when else could we do it???

that said tho, we have no neighbours one side and on the otherside is a lovely oldish lady who is very understanding.

we don;t have very small kiddies near us anymore, and when OURS were tiny, we had no such consideration from anyone elseangry, so my feeling is "what goes around comes around" for all those wankers other people here that didn;t care about us!!

elliott Tue 01-Apr-08 09:52:47

I would say up to 10pm. Depends on HOW loud really - if it is all pervasive then maybe 8pm would be reasonable. Agree with others that they may not be available in the daytime.

FranSanDisco Tue 01-Apr-08 09:59:19

I would put up with it until about 11.00 pm. I had to knock at new neighbours and ask them to stop at 11.30 one night. They did but haven't acknowledged me since. I don't care really as they are selfish twats!

tensmum Tue 01-Apr-08 10:02:18

When next door neighbours were renovating, you could guarantee that as soon as we sat down to eat they would start drilling and if it wasn't then, it would be as we put ds down to sleep. And its not as if we always eat at the same time every night either.

madmuggle Tue 01-Apr-08 13:09:12

We had a period of time one summer where our next-door neighbours were DIY-ing at all hours. I had a chat with them and it turned out they were going at it all hours so they could be done quicker and could enjoy the summer and let others do the same. I thought it was, in a roundabout way, quite well thought out, so didn't complain for the two weeks he was stripping plaster and re-arranging brickwork until ten at night

fledtoscotland Tue 01-Apr-08 13:12:59

off the top of my head noise pollution officers will only consider it an offence after 10pm and before 6am unless its over a certain level.

i think 6pm is a bit early but certainly 9pm is acceptable for both sides ie they can get DIY done after work and you do get some peace.

quint Tue 01-Apr-08 13:14:32

We have a noisy neighbour - more music than DIY though. I am happy for him to play it until 10pm, then I'm pissed off. Twice now I've called the council and they;ve sent someone round. The 1st time, the music went off anout 5 mins before they got here, the 2nd time it was still going so they went and had a word with him, been quiet for ages now!

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 01-Apr-08 13:19:04

Drilling its really really not fair after 8pm for young school aged children. When our neighbours drill everything in our house vibrates. But its give and take really. When neighbours didnt have kids and did diy I used to get really upset (and sometimes unreasonable) They always seemed to time it for naps or just when we had put dd down for bed at night. Drove me bananas. However if they'd started at 7am or so would have been really happy cos we were all up then.

Communication is the key on both sides wink

doggiesayswoof Tue 01-Apr-08 13:19:44

After 9 I would be a bit irritated and after 10 I would ask them to give it a rest.

Our next door neighbour does DIY at quite random odd times but we're lucky because he's always willing to stop if we go round and ask.

Thing is, I can see both sides - he usually comes home after 7pm and he has to do it sometime. It's just a different perspective for those without young dc.

burstingbug Tue 01-Apr-08 13:28:59

Banging, drilling, sanding, sawing, using sickening strong glue, strimming and lawn mowing, smoking dope, snorting other drugs, people coming and going doors slamming, music etc etc I could go on. That was just the downstairs neighbour. From the moment he got home to the moment he left his house literally there was some kind of constant noise or waft
Upstairs had laminate flooring where you could hear every move and loud parties and fireworks most weekends.
The neighbour across from us was always banging doors, screaming at her DD's and sometimes you could hear them getting a smack shock!

Soooo glad we moved, now we are in between 2 empty houses

burstingbug Tue 01-Apr-08 13:31:45

Are they approachable Chamaeleon? Could you try talking to them during the day?
Our nutter just didn't talk to us, always hiding behind his front door til we'd gone or hiding in the shed hmm.

avenanap Tue 01-Apr-08 13:42:38

Where are you? What is the name of your local council?

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