Adele’s single-boring and self absorbed ( and slightly cringeworthy)?

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TheReluctantPhoenix Sat 16-Oct-21 07:16:11

Firstly, I love Adele’s music and very much admire her character and was very much looking forward to her new music.

However, her new song never goes anywhere. There is nothing, musically, to make your hair stand on end or really want to listen. If I were having a conversation in the car, I would not notice it in the background.

Of course, her voice is, as ever, sublime, but many of the ornaments sound forced and some good clear long notes would have been far better. In addition, after about 90 seconds it is , effectively, ‘on repeat’.

As for the words, I can just imagine her child listening to them as a teen or young adult and cringing.

Of course, the professional reviews love it, but I suspect they would not review Adele badly regardless of what she put out.

So AIBU or do I just not appreciate what is being done here (open to any opinions)?

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ivykaty44 Sat 16-Oct-21 07:19:25

So much marketing and hype, you need something big to live up to it and to me it’s another song…

Andrewthecharminbumwiper Sat 16-Oct-21 07:22:46

I'm not a huge fan (of her music, she is a brilliant singer and seems a top lass) but have seen a few reviews saying the same. I think the guardian described it as 'Adele doing business as usual' or similar, as in Adele by numbers. It would be great if she used that voice for something a bit more innovative than more of the same.

marykitty Sat 16-Oct-21 07:23:19

The new single is nothing compared to Hello, I had big expectations, I was really underwhelmed, listened to it once and that was enough. It is not a bad song but did not give me any goosebumps or such...

Bumblenums1234 Sat 16-Oct-21 07:24:47

Just listened to it for the first time for your thread. It's not the best, easy listening but no where near as good as her other stuff and I agree never really goes anywhere. Yanbu

ItsAlwaysThere Sat 16-Oct-21 07:24:51

I find her songs so boring. It's a shame, she sings nicely.

Geamhradh Sat 16-Oct-21 07:27:39

According to the other multitude of threads about this yesterday, people agree.


TheReluctantPhoenix Sat 16-Oct-21 07:29:50


If you find a thread boring, leave it alone!

I was working (hard) yesterday, so did not see the multitude of other threads (and don’t lecture me on how to use the ‘search’ function, please).

Never understand this type of post…

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AlphabetAerobics Sat 16-Oct-21 07:38:48

The nicest thing I can say is that she has great PR.

ChrissyPlummer Sat 16-Oct-21 07:45:51

I don’t find any of her songs amazing TBH. I had her first album but it’s same old, same old after that.

I remember seeing a meme that was something like ‘What do people do at Adele concerts? Just stand and cry?’. She has a good voice but man, release something cheerful!

Chicchicchicchiclana Sat 16-Oct-21 07:48:04

Touchy op! Pp was saying that loads of people agree with you, as do I (about the quality of the song). I seem to remember saying the same about her previous single. It's all rather samey.

If you want to talk about insufferably DREADFUL music being churned out by musicians who should know better at the moment, I give you the latest offerings by Sting, Rod Stewart, Roger Taylor and Diana Ross. Never has my working day been more interrupted by having to leap up to turn off the radio!

Looubylou Sat 16-Oct-21 07:48:04

Now that you mention it, it came on TV, and thinking about it now, I listened for maybe 30 seconds and then my attention wandered. One for the hard core fans.

insancerre Sat 16-Oct-21 07:48:04

It’s boring and nit worth listening to
I’m actually sick of hearing it after watching bbc breakfast yesterday where they played it every 15 minutes

JuneOsborne Sat 16-Oct-21 07:49:24

Aren't Adele songs 'growers'? They grow on you.

TheReluctantPhoenix Sat 16-Oct-21 07:49:55

I adored Skyfall, with its vocal leaps and interesting dynamics, ditto ‘Fire to the Rain’, pop but brilliant pop, and ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

Not a fan of ‘Hello’ (another dirge), but I do like her music.

Hence, my disappointment at this one.

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Toooldforthis321 Sat 16-Oct-21 07:50:11

I watched it on the early morning bbc news and didn't think it was anything special. She has a fantastic voice though and the song was easy to listen to.

marmitegirl01 Sat 16-Oct-21 07:54:05

Loved Hello, but this is just Adele sound Adele.
Totally agree with pp cannot stand either Rod Stewart or Sting’s latest songs

Monkeytennis97 Sat 16-Oct-21 07:54:24


The nicest thing I can say is that she has great PR.

Agree. I've never liked her voice or songs though.

Bunnycat101 Sat 16-Oct-21 07:58:26

It’s ok but nothing special. I love some of her others. I was more perplexed that she featured on the news at 10 in the night an mp was murdered. Didn’t feel quite right to essentially be doing a massive advertorial on the bbc on an evening when there was some actual news to be covering.

Tabitha005 Sat 16-Oct-21 08:03:30


The nicest thing I can say is that she has great PR.

Same. I've never got the hype about Adele, but then I just reason that she's 'not for me'. Same with the current fascination with 'Self Esteem', she's another one who gets raved about, and I must hear her music every twelve seconds on 6 Music, but I can't hum a single thing she's done from memory or recall any lyrics.

I think music, for me personally, either resonates in my marrow or is instantly forgettable. There's no middle ground.

I usually turn Adele off if I happen upon her - she always sounds like she's straining.

nothingbutthetruthsohelp Sat 16-Oct-21 08:05:36

Don't like her since she lost weight

Bettyboop3 Sat 16-Oct-21 08:08:20

What on earth has her weight got to do with anything?! The talk was about her song. Do you generally dislike people for their body sizes?

HallowStripes Sat 16-Oct-21 08:08:36

Go easy on me, baby

Not exactly a sophisticated phrase.

Plus, it reads like "I do what I want to do but go easy on me so I don't have to face the consequences of my actions".

Adele is the baby.

MiniCooperLover Sat 16-Oct-21 08:09:15

I loved the album that had Rolling in the Deep and Someone like You. The performance of Someone at the brits was amazing ... after that it all got a bit boring

BathMatToe Sat 16-Oct-21 08:10:01

Her and ed Sheeran should Collab.
Would be a dream for insomniacs.
He just steals other people's music, allegedly, and she produces "too rich to put effort in" drivel.

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